Turkish showman, actor, talk-show host and comedian  Beyazit Ozturk was born in 1969 in Bolu and was the second son of a civil servant family. His father is originally from Artvin. Because of his father’s job( a police officer) he moved to different cities couple of times. He attended Eskisehir University the department of fine arts.

Alongside his show career Beyaz is a licenced basketballer. While his college years he was also interested in radio programs. He started working as a producer at one of the radio stations with his room-mate while radio programs were getting famous around Turkey. At this time he wanted to became a host at the radio he worked at but his request was declined because of his lisp. However he violated the rules and speaked up on the radio show and everybody liked his humorous personality. Later on he started hosting another radio program (Genc Radyo) which is established by his room-mate. He also published a political and satirical magazine with his friends “Gina” and he used his nickname “Beyaz” for the first time while he was drawing caricatures for this magazine. In 1995 he started working at a TV channel “Number One” and became a shining star. But the TV show that made him a popular comedian around Turkey was “Beyaz Show” , this talk-show’s first guests were Hande Ataizi (actress) and Yilmaz Erdogan (director,actor). He also performed in 17 movies and made an album (Beyaz Turkuler).

Beyaz is one of a few real comedians of Turkey, he keeps making people laugh till this day. He makes some sketches, parodies on his show. He makes fun of himself for the sake of the comedy for example he always make fun of his speech problem. He is not married but he manages to make this topic funny too.

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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