BORN: 9th May 1984

STATUS: Single


Berk Cankat was born on May 9th 1984 in Ankara, Turkey. His full name is Ömer Berk Cankat. Berk studied and graduated from the Graphic Design Department at Bilkent University (Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture) in Ankara. Berk had no intention of becoming an actor. However, when he was in high school he did participate in his school theatre plays. After he graduated from university, Berk started his business as a graphic designer but it all changed when he moved to Istanbul. In Istanbul, he studied acting at Academy 35 Buçuk Sanat Evi (35 Acadamy which is a drama school). I remember watching him in his very first project ‘Sana Bir Sir Verecegim’.

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His acting career in TV began in 2013, a supporting role in the series Sana Bir Sir Verecegim. He played the character of ‘Savas’. He did a good job for his first series, his character is not the greatest but he portrayed the character well. He acted alongside Demet Özdemir, Ekin Koç and Murat Han. Then Berk acted a supporting role in Medcezir (2014). His first leading role was in 2014 in the series Güzel Köylü. He then acted in few theatre plays and then returned to act in different series. In 2015 he was a guest-actor in the fabulous series Muhtesem Yüzyıl: Kösem. In 2017 he played a leading role, the main actor ‘Aras’ in Yıldızlar Şahidim. He acted alongside Özge Gürel. They sang a song together which was beautiful. This was a very good series, unfortunately, it was cut short due to poor ratings. The quality, storyline and acting were great. I enjoyed his performance in that series. Earlier this year, he was the main actor in the series Gülizar (2018), he acted alongside Farah Zeynep Abdullah.

Recently Berk played the male lead in the series Bir Deli Rüzgar (2018). He acted alongside Pinar Deniz, Hatice Aslan and Erik Kaynarca. This was a really good series which premiered in September 2018 on FOX channel but it ended quickly due to ratings. Even though it had great social media ratings its TV ratings were not that good. Unfortunately, the series only lasted for a few episodes. I really liked his series and its storyline. Berk did a really good job portraying his character ‘Uğur’. He and his on-screen partner Pinar Deniz acted great together. Great connection and bond.

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Berk is currently single. He lives a quiet and private life. However recently there have been rumours that he is dating his Bir Deli Rüzgar co-star Pinar Deniz. They met when they began filming for Bir Deli Rüzgar. They had such great connection and chemistry in Bir Deli Rüzgar and they got along quite well behind-the-scenes. They would make a great couple. No one can deny that they have a great connection on-screen and off-screen as well. If they are really together, I wish them the very best. Berk also performs in theatre plays. He has done a few over the years.

Berk on a regular basis is active on social media. He uses Twitter and Instagram. He has a little over 630 thousand followers on his Instagram and over 264 thousand followers on Twitter. He does not post much but he is active. He is a very good photographer, he enjoys taking a lot of photos with a professional camera that he owes. One interesting feature about Berk is that he sings and he has a great voice.

Berk has an adventurous soul, he loves to travel in his spare time. Over the last few years, he has appeared in several photo shoots for magazines and done several interviews. His latest interview and photo shoot was with Pinar Deniz during the filming of Bir Deli Rüzgar.

Berk is considered to be a versatile actor who can portray any character that he is given. He is great at portraying different types of emotions and can be very convincing. I have seen him playing the ‘good’ character and ‘bad’ character really well. In 2016 at the ELLE Style Awards he won the award for ‘Actor of the Year’. I’m looking forward to watching Berk in his future projects.


Written by: Raghad A.K



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