Beren Saat

Born 26th February 1984

While at University Beren entered in the acting competition Turkiye’nim Yildizlari. She was discovered by A Turkish director who helped to start her acting career.

Her first role was a minor acting part in the TV series Aşkımızda Ölüm Var. The role that got her more attention and really set her career off was the role of Bihter in the series Ask-i Memnu, opposite Kivanc. She got critical acclaim , won awards including 2 Golden Butterfly awards.
After this she went on to play a rape victim in Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? , a very powerful and well acted TV series. Her next role was in Intikam, which was a spin off from the US TV series Revenge.

In 2015/16 she played in Muhteşem Yuzyıl: Kösem and it was rumoured she was paid a large amount of money per episode. Much larger than her acting partners.. She has also starred in 7 films, and been the face of products for commercials including Rexona.
She also dubbed the voice of Barbie in the film Toy Story 3.
She started dating singer Kenan Dogulu in 2012 and they got married in Los Angeles in 2014.

I think Beren is obviously one of if not the most accomplished actresses in Turkey, a very talented lady who also takes time out to do her charity work.


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