BORN: November 22nd 1969

STATUS: Married

Bennu was born in Istanbul but her family are immigrants from Macedonia and Greece. Her father was a journalist and her mother worked in banking. She attended Erenkoy Girls High School and after leaving then went n to study Ancient Greek Language and Literature for two years at The University of Istanbul. Whilst attending university she also joined up to the Istanbul Theatre in 1988.

She graduated from the Theatre Department in 1990 and travelled to London. There she studied drama at the Westminister Adult Education Institute and also learned and improved her English.

Immediatly after this her film and TV career took off. In 1997 she played the part of Elif in the series Super Baba and got her much critical acclaim. In 1996 she appeared as a ” prostitute ” in the English drama Sharpe’s Revenge. alongside the actoe Sean Bean.

Her other series have included, Yaprak Dakumu ( 2006-2010 ) , Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari ( 2011-2014 ),  Gonul Isleri ( 2014-2015 ) and Altinsoylar ( 2016 ).

Her current role is in the series Kadin which commenced in 2017 and is just about to commence its third season. She plays Hatice the mother that has two very different daughters. Again Bennu has a role in a very popular and highly regarded series and her acting co-stars love working with her.

In 1995 she married Istanbul Theatre actor Bulent Emin Yarar. They have a daughter, Ada who was born in 1999. She wants to take after her parents and become a Musical Theatre Actress. Bennu says maybe in the future she could work alongside her daughter.

Bennu keeps up to date with her social media. Her Instagram account currently has 271 thousand followers. She posts a mixture of personal and proffesional images.

Kadin is now about to start its third season. Its a hit in Turkey and had great viewing figures. Bennu plays her role fantastically well and as her acting history atests she is a very talented lady.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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