Born April 9th 1972


Baris was born in Turkey, his parents are from Bosnian descent. He attended Ankara. University and graduated in Theatre studies. He worked at the Ankara State theatre for a while before going to Izmir where he appeared in lots of plays including Hamlet, he also directed a few too.

He was also a teacher at the local theatre school. His first TV roles were in sitcoms…then in 2009 he was cast in the big TV hit Ezel playing the character of Ali. He said in an interview that he based a little of Ali’s character on his own Father.

This was probably the role that forwarded his career, and he won several acting awards for his performance. He then appeared in his third and final film to date Ya Sonra. Going back to TV, he was in Al Yazmalim and Medcezir also popular series. And finally he starred in the series we have on Platinum Paramparca. Another excellent series. Baris married actress Esra Ronabar in 2006 and they have one child Mavi Ruzgar.

In between his TV and films he loves to go back to work in the theatre.
I liked Baris in Ezel and again in Paramparca. Although never really gets the main lead he is a solid actor. Baris has been involved in many successful shows Ezel, Medcezir, and Paramparca just to mention a few, his older show Al Yazmalim is also brilliant.


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