Born 9th October 1987.


Baris was born in Switzerland. His date of birth is 9th of October, 1987. The future celebrity’s family had enough money to provide the boy a good education. In his return, the boy finished the school with excellent marks and began thinking about choosing a profession in which he could achieve great success. Barıs was fond of sport and decided to devote him to this industry. He entered the Academy of Sports after the school. Unfortunately, the future actor didn’t graduate the academy for he had been dismissed after the first year of studying.  Barris Arduc is fond of swimming, diving and football.

The young man has an attractive appearance and excellent acting abilities. That’s the reason why Barış  managed to obtain one of the roles in TV-series “Dashing Yedi” right after getting a diploma. His first proper breakthrough TV role was in 2011 he did various parts, then he appeared in Benim Icin Uzulme in 2012, this was more successful at boosting his career, which later helped him feature in Kiralik Ask. 

He also has a part in the film Sadece Sen In 2015 he got the part in Kiralık Aşk ( Love for Rent ) alongside Elcin Sangu. The series was and still is extremely popular, they both won a Golden Butterfly award in the first season, and Baris took Best actor Golden Butterfly for his season 2 performance. He met  girlfriend Gupse Ozay on the set of the film Deliha.

The young actor doesn’t hurry to speak to journalists about his private life and prefers to keep his love affairs in secret. Nevertheless, the actor’s fans and mass media got known about his close relationships with the actress Gyupse Ozay.  The young people have been going to dating for nearly a year. They spend their vacation together and attends tea parties, however nothing is official in the media nor has he ever declared anything, he prefers a private life in these matters.

He is a Goodwill Ambassador for a children’s cancer charity. I enjoyed Love for Rent (Kiralik Ask) . I would like to see him in something more serious. Baris is expected to feature in a new show this upcoming season, so watch your space as we will do weekly blogs on the show.



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