Welcome to episode 8.

At the end of last weeks episode we saw Eda calling Irfan to tell him that the specialist that had arrived to do Deniz’s surgery has been kidnapped. We also saw that the person who kidnapped him was Hakan.

Going into a room that he thinks is empty he gets the details from Eda. However Ayse is also in the room listening. Irfan goes to confront Suleyman but he denies its him.

Outside Irfan gets a photo sent of the doctor. He finds out the person that took him is Hakan. Hakan wants him to take the footage of him killing the man. As Irfan and Egeman leave, Yalcin is follwing keeping Hakan updated. Ayse is also following in a taxi.

Kudret has arrived at Ayse’s home after trying to find out more about her. They are questioning her dad. He secretly calls Ayse’s Chief who tells him to stall them. The chief calls Ayse and despite her telling him about the kidnapping he orders her to go home immediately.

Irfan and Egeman call at Irfans old house where they have hidden two copies of the video in the stove chimney. They take one not knowing that Yalcin has followed them. They take a copy and leave one there.

They meet with Hakan. He wants Irfan to confess that he cheated Suleyman out of the apartments and also that they were responsible for the death of the security guard. Hakan videos Irfan making the confession. He then tells them where the doctor is but it may be too late.

Irfan and Egeman arrive at a building that is well alight with fire. Unable to gain access Irfan drives the car through the doors. He and Egeman enter and find the doctor unconscious on the floor. They manage to drag him out and then drop him off at the hospital.

Yalcin tells Suleyman what Hakan did to Irfan. Suleyman will deal with Hakan but he says that Irfan also needs to pay. Yalcin says they should inform the police.

At the Babil office Egeman has taken a call that secures him some investors. He goes to meet with them. Suleyman is leaving to take Deniz to the hospital. Ayse stops him and gives him some blessed candy. Irfan remembers that she did this the first time they met in Suleyman’s offices.

Hakan arrives at Babil asking if his new office is ready. Irfan explains there is no such agreement and gets him to leave. Ayse asks Ilay if Hakan is a partner. Ilay tells her unfortunately yes and there isnt much they can do about it.

As Irfan and the family set off to the hospital, the doctor has just finished giving his statement at the police station. As he leaves he is stopped by Yalcin who takes him forcefully to one side. He tells him that he will get straight on his plane and leave. He wont do the surgery on Irfan’s son. He threatens his and his mothers life.

At the hospital Ilay hears that the doctor, Tahsin will not be operating on Deniz he has flown out of the country. Meanwhile the police arrive in Deniz’s hospital room and take Irfan to the police station. Ilay arrives after he has left to tell Eda that the doctor isnt doing the surgery. She tells Eda that they will go and being him back.

In the police car Irfan cant contact Egeman who has his own troubles with a gang trying to take money. His lawyer also isnt answering so he calls Ayse and asks her to call his lawyer.

Ilay and Eda go to Tahsin’s mother but she denies he is there and closes the door. Tahsin is there and wants to help bt his mother tells him he needs to think about his family and if he opens the door she will not give him her blessing.

Ayse arrives at the hospital. The lawyer is on his way. Irfan is agitated and wants to leave but Ayse talks to him and calms him down. They sit and Irfan tells her if anything happens to Deniz he wont be able to live. Ayse holds his hand and tells him Deniz will be fine and he is the best father she has seen.

Leaving the station, Ayse gets a call from Mert telling her that the surgeon has left and wont do the operation. She calls her boss who has been pestering her to get close to Suleyman by dating Hakan. She had flatly refused but tells him she will get closer to Hakan but with one condition.

At the airport Ayse and her boss stop Tahsin and ask him to go back. He refuses but Ayse asks him to think of his own son.

Arriving back at the hospital Eda tells Irfan that the surgeon wont be doing the operation. They pack up Deniz’s things but as they leave the room the surgeon is stood there. Obviously Ayse had persuaded him.

Deniz hasnt got his favourite toy dog so Irfan goes home to get it. Eda decides that she should call Egeman and let him see his son. The risks in the surgery are great and she wants Egeman to give Deniz his blessing but without revealing its his son. Egeman arrives and persuades Deniz to let the nurses cut his hair ready for the operation. He hugs Deniz and kisses him.

Later Egeman is stood outside the room and Eda thanks him for helping Deniz get over his fear. Egeman says he wishes he had known Deniz earlier its been 8 years since they were together. Eda tells him not to say anything like that again and not to open closed doors. Neither of them know that Ilay has overheard the conversation. Egeman after his interaction with Deniz and seeing Eda watching appears to have had some doubts.

In the cafeteria Egeman is sat and is joined by Ilay. She tells him she knows that he is in love with Eda and has been a long time. Egeman replies, what does it matter?

Its time for Deniz to go for his operation. Everyone is outside his room as the nurses wheel him away. Deniz shouts for his dad and Irfan accompanies him to theatre. On the way Deniz wants him to sing a lullaby. Deniz goes to sleep. As they take him through the doors his dog drops to the floor. Irfan picks it up and hugs it looking lost and devastated that his son is going in to a risky operation where he could potentially have severe disabilities afterwards or even die.

Irfan sits on the stairs. He talks to God, confessing his sins. He begs Allah to spare his sons life and he will pay for his sins when his son is back strong and healthy.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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