Welcome to episode 7.

Irfan has caught up with Egeman. He has found out that Egeman was the one who told Suleyman he was leaving. They fight blaming each other for things going wrong. Irfan tells him he no longer has a brother called Egeman.

The police are visiting Ilay about her reporting the murder saying that Suleyman did it. She tells them he didnt murder anyone she was mad at him. The police are going to tell Suleyman but she begs them not to saying Suleyman would get his revenge on her. The police tell her to fit a tracking app to his phone. They say they will tell him she reported him for the murder.

Suleyman after hiding the guns in the Babil offices has arrived at Ilays house. While he is in the bathroom she manages to install the app in his phone.

Ayse is following Suleyman having dinner in a restaurant. As she is leaving she bumps into Kudret. She explains that she was looking for a friend. Kudret later tells Hakan that she has seen Ayse. Kudret asks her assistant to find out whatever she can about Ayse knowing that Hakan likes her.

At the offices Ilay arries and asks Ayse to call in both Egeman and Irfan. Egeman has a hangover from drowning his sorrows. However Irfan arrives and gives Ayse a present. She opens it. Its a literature book. He tells her that he was very wrong about her. When he leaves she opens it up and there is an origami swan with the words ‘ özür dilerim ‘ ( Sorry ) written on it. This makes Ayse smile.

Ilay meets with Egeman, Irfan and Mert. She tells Irfan that Suleyman says if he doesnt get the money he owes him in a couple of days then Irfan can forget his sons operation. He also has said that Egeman had better find a place to hide. They decide that they need more investors for the scheme.

Irfan has asked Mert to follow Egeman find out what hes up to. They go to a funeral where he meets friends. He sells them the idea of making a good return on their money. Mert is concerned and tells Egeman that these people are poor and reminded him its not a real scheme. He also points out that Irfan wouldnt approve. Egeman doesnt care.

Meanwhile Irfan is meeting with potential investors at an up market restaurant. and while selling the idea to them needs to go in the bathroom. He calls Deniz and asks him to sing him a song. Obviously this is hard for Irfan to cheat people out of their money.

Ilay meets her sister Nehir for lunch. On the way home she tells her about the explosion at her office and that the police are looking into it. Ilay who has Suleyman’s guard watching her manages to get away from him and goes to the police station after Nehir tells her maybe Kudret is behind the explosion.

As Ilay enters the station, Ayse spots her in time and manages to crouch behind the desk. Ilay tells the chief about Kudret and asks him to look into her.

Meanwhile Eda has found a letter to Ilay from Irfan. She isnt happy and wants to confront Ilay. However her sister warns her not to do anything until Deniz is well again. Eda agrees and says she will give Ilay to Kudret, she can sort her out.

Hakan again goes i his grandfathers safe. He takes out all the money. He arrives at Babil and waits to see Irfan. As he is waiting Ayse gets a call telling her that Deniz’s surgeon is flying in for the operation. Hakan tells Irfan he wants to put money into the business but Irfa says no. They argue and Hakan storms out telling Ayse he will show them both.

At home Deniz is playing outside in his toy car. Hakan approaches and tries to lure him away but a security guard sees and Hakan leaves.

Ayse tells Irfan about the news the surgeon is coming. Irfan is pleased and they hugs each other. Obviously Ayse really likes him.

Kudret has got information about Ayse. Everything seems ok. She lives with her father and sibling and no cause for alarm. She goes to her address.

Hakan has asked for Yalcin’s help to take someone. Deniz’s surgeon has arrived in the country and is met at the airport. Meanwhile at the party to raise more funds Ilay has loaned some clothes to Ayse as she doesnt want her looking like a teacher.

The evening is very successful and they ern more than enough to pay Suleyman. Eda calls Irfan and tells him that Deniz’s surgeon has gone missing.

We see that Hakan has kidnapped him and he is unconscious tied up in his grandfathers old factory.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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