Welcome to episode 6.

Irfan, Eda and Deniz at the end of last weeks episode were trying to leave the country for Deniz’s medical treatment and had no plans to return. They are stopped and put in a room. Irfan finds out its Suleyman that is behind all of this. As the episode ended we saw Suleyman thanking someone for telling him Irfan was leaving. It was Egeman.

Ilay learns from Suleyman that Irfan and the family didnt leave on the plane. He tells her what their plans were. He also tells her that it was Egeman who told him. She goes to Egeman and is really angry with him. She tells him Suleyman will kill both of them, however Egeman isnt concerned.

Eda and Deniz were dropped off home from the airport. However when Irfan arrives home that evening both houses are deserted. There is just a toy dog sat in the middle of a room. As he goes to pick the toy up its head comes off.

Irfan is frantic. Suleyman calls him and tells him that his son will stay with him until he pays back the money. Irfan finds Eda, Funda and Deniz in one of Suleyman’s apartments with their own furniture. The room covered by security cameras.

Egeman reveals his plan to Ilay. He has arranged for a surgeon to come to Turkey to treat Deniz, its all arranged and Egeman wants Irfan to think that Ilay is the one that has done all of this making her a heroine in Irfan’s eyes.

Ayse is trying to get back undercover in Suleyman’s office through Hakan. Meanwhile her boss wants to find things out about Ilay while she is working at Babil. Ayse goes early to the office. She is searching through the office and finds an envelope with Ilay on it. She is about to open it when Irfan walks in. She makes an excuse for being there. However Irfan accuses her of being the one that stopped Deniz getting treated.

Irfan thinks that she did it for the money, being close to Hakan. Ayse goes to slap him but he grabs her arm. They face each other tension between them and Ayse storms out. As she leaves she calls her boss telling him she cannot cope with Irfan. Her boss gets mad and tells her she needs to get back in there and concentrate on Ilay. She does go back in.

Egeman has arrived at the office. Irfan tells him whats happened and that the only person Irfan trusts his him. Ilay arrives. She tells him about the doctor that can do Deniz’s surgery in Turkey. As they leave to go and meet him Ilay has to go to her room leaving Irfan with Ayse. Some flowers are delivered for her from Hakan. He also calls to ask her to dinner. She declines. All this is watched by Irfan who tells her ” I wish I was wrong about you “.

Irfan and Ilay take Deniz to see the mother of the surgeon. They want her to contact him and persuade him to come and do the surgery. Meanwhile Egeman is having problems at the office. Two investors want their money back. He tries calling Irfan but he didnt take his phone. He calls Ilay who tells him to deal with it himself. He has to empty the safe and give them their money leaving only a small amount of money for them in the safe.

Ayse goes out for a meal with Hakan. He offers her a job hopefully at his mothers foundation but tries to give her some money to help out. Ayse isnt happy. When he drops her home. he waits to make sure she goes in the apartment. As he leaves she turns and walks away. Hakan is falling for Ayse.

Suleyman’s man has found the man that planted the bomb in Ilay’s house. Kudret overhears that they have found him and warns him to leave quickly. He threatens her saying if he gets caught she will go down too. Kudret falls ill as Hakan comes to her room. She confesses to him that she was the one who arranged for Ilay’s office to explode. She tells Hakan they can work together to sort things.

Irfan gets a call telling him that the doctor will come to Istanbul and perform Deniz’s operation. He hugs Eda and she says this is the only chance they will get do they have the money? Irfan tells her not to worry, its all in the safe at the office…

Irfan sees the money missing from the safe. He goes crazy with Egeman for giving the investors the money. He has to get the money for the operation. They decide to see if Cengiz will invest but after they visit him they are told he is selling the factory and has invested the profit elsewhere.

Eda takes Deniz to the office to see Irfan. Outside they see Ilay. Ilay makes a fuss of Deniz and Eda isnt happy. She warns her to stay away. As they walk away Deniz collapses. They put him into Ilays car and take him to the hospital.

At the hospital Irfan arrives with Egeman. Ilay tells Egeman this is his fault. Deniz recovers but Irfan and Eda are pressured for the money to be paid today for the surgeon. Egeman thinks they should take the video of Hakan killing the guard and demand money from Suleyman and if that doesnt work then go to Kudret. Irfan has another idea.

Hakan gets a call from his mum. She wants him to go to his grandfathers safe and get money to pay Melut off the guy who she hired to kill Ilay. As he is leaving the restaurant he is given photos of himself killing the guard. He looks up to see Irfan standing there. He gives Hakan 2 hours to get him money or he will release the video.

Hakan goes to a warehouse where he takes money from a safe. As he leaves he thinks about what he should do with the money. Irfan wants the money or he will release the images of him killing someone. His mum wants the money to pay the guy off who is threatening to expose her to Suleyman and the police. He sees Melut who has come for his money. He drives into him knocking him over.


Hakan takes the money to Irfan bumping into the back of the car as he arrives. He warns Irfan that this is just the start of things now. Meanwhile Yalcin has found Melut’s body. Suleyman arrives as they are burying the body. In the warehouse where Hakan got the money we see that this is where Suleyman stashes his weapons. He is scared now thinking Melut was left outside as a threat and he tells Yalcin that they need to be moved to another location.

At the office Ayse is checking Ilays phone records when Irfan arrives. He ignores her. Upstairs he goes to Ilay’s office to thank her for helping Deniz. As he leaves he hears Suleyman downstairs arrive and talk with Ayse. He realises now that Suleyman hadnt sent Ayse there. He messages Egeman to tell him and also that it wasnt Ayse that reported him to Suleyman for leaving the country. Realisation hits Irfan that it was actually Egeman.

As Irfan leaves the Babil officers, Sueyman is waiting with the truck full of arms and missiles. He takes them into Babil to store them.

Ilay gets a knock at the door. Its the police wanting to know why she called 155 and reported Suleyman for the murder of the security guard.

And finally Irfan calls Egeman to meet. He asks him why did he sell him out to Suleyman?

So it looks like Ayse will be the only one that Irfan will trust. Obviously there is that spark between them and now he knows that it wasnt her who told Suleyman. Will Ayse reveal she is a cop and get him to help her? Or will she carry on undercover risking her job for him?

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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