Welcome to the fifth episode.

Irfan having seen the building explode rushes to help Ilay. He lays her down away from the scene. She wakes an hugs him. Suleyman arrives and she is taken to the hospital.

The police take statements from Suleyman and Irfan. The police probing about Irfan’s business and why he was at Ilay’s office. He tells them a meeting about a client, but Ilay has told Suleyman the meeting was about new staff. Suleyman tells his man to check out what is the truth and also to try and find what caused the explosion.

Seffet having overheard Deniz is Ege’s son not Irfans isnt happy and thinks Iran should know. His wife begs him not to tell Irfan or he will leave and not find the money for Deniz’s medical treatment.

Arriving back at his office Irfan asks Ayse what she is doing there. He calls her up to his office. He gives her an envelope with three months wages and tells her she is leaving. Ayse asks him who he is? She thought he was a nice person. She throws the money back on the desk and tells him Ms Ilay hired me she can fire me and walks off. Irfan follows and tells her she is on a two week trial and doesnt stick her nose in anywhere and no asking questions.

Suleyman invites, ( well its more of an order ) Irfan, Eda and Ege to dinner. Ilay isnt happy. As Irfan and Eda arrive he stops her and asks her not to cause any tension tonight. He is working with them and doesnt want any issues. Eda agrees although she would like to Im sure.

The atmosphere at dinner is tense. Suleyman asks how Ege aand Irfan know Ilay. They immediately make up a story about doing business at a concert. This appears to appease Suleyman. Ilay and Eda keep having digs at one another and Irfan has a quiet word with Eda telling her if Suleyman finds out the history between him and Ilay Suleyman will kill him.

Suleyman gets a call. It confirms that Irfan wasnt lying to him about going to Ilays office however he now knows that the explosion wasnt an accident. He returns to the table and tells Irfan and Ege he wants to take them and introduce them to some people. He tells Ilay and Eda they can go home.

They meet with some men and while Ege is chatting up a woman, Irfan is concentrating on people he can get to invest. At home Seffat tells Eda that if she doesnt tell Irfan that Deniz isnt his son then he will. Eda begs him not to say anything. He relents and tells her to take Irfan a go away and not to see Egeman any more.

Hakan has been looking for Ayse. He went to the address that was on her resume but was told she didnt live there. Ayse gets in touch with him and they meet for lunch. Afterwards he drops her at the office. Irfan sees them arrive together. He tells her to be careful of Hakan and to find out more about him. She asks Irfan to tell her if he knows something about Hakan. However Irfan cannot answer as Egeman enters the room.

The detective, Seraf arrives at Irfans offices. He seems interested in their business, and tells them that he doesnt think the explosion was an accident. After he leaves Irfan and Ege panic. Suleyman on one side and the police on the other.

Eda calls Ilay and they meet. She asks Ilay to pay for her sons medical treatment. Ilay says she will have to talk with Sueyman. Eda agrees and says when Deniz is treated then Irfan can decide who he wants to be with.

At home Eda tells Irfan that Deniz had an episode today when he backed out. She tells Irfan they could ask Suleyman for the money. Irfan then comes clean and tells her he already owes him 20 million. She gets angry and reminds him that he said he would get the money for Deniz. She tells him not to make promises that he cannot keep.

Ilay appraches Sueyman about paying for Deniz’s treatment. He refuses but she cuddles him saying please. The next day Irfan takes the second payment he owes to Suleyman. That morning Irfan had a scare when he thought he couldnt wake Deniz up. He asks Suleyman for help. Suleyman says he had been waiting for him to be respectful. He holds his hand out and Irfan reluctantly kisses it.

Irfan arrives home with the good news that he has the money. Eda tells him that they should not come back after Deniz’s treatment. That evening Deniz asks his dad to take him to the park. He again has another attack where he cannot see. Irfan does some thinking. When he gets home he tells Eda that they will leave and never come back. He tells Eda not to tell anyone as it will put them at risk.

That evening Eda’s sister announces that she is pregnant. Eda cannot hold herself and tells her sister that they wont be coming back.

The next morning at the office Irfan gives Ayse a sapling to look after. He found the acorn at the side of the road months ago. He planted it and he now asks her to look after it.

Egeman arrives in a new car he has bought. Irfan tells him that they will be leaving to go and do Deniz’s operation. He has exchanged the money for diamonds as these are easier to carry and use as a currency without going through banks. He gives Ege a large amount of money and tells him that they will not be returning.

Downstairs some papers are coming off the printer. One is a ticket with a name on. Ayse quickly takes note of the name before Irfan comes down to collect the papers.

We see that Ayse is a cop and her real name is Nihal. She is investigating Suleyman and Ilay.

At the airport Irfan goes to passport control first. He is asked to wait and is handcuffed saying they have had a report of a fake passport. Eda walks away with Deniz. But Deniz shouts dad and the officials realise they are together.

They get shut in a room. Irfan urges Eda to take the diamonds and everything and go by herself with Deniz. The door opens and Suleyman’s man walks in. He holds the phone out so Iran can hear. Suleyman knows what Irfan is up to. Even with Irfan denying everything Suleyman tells him he wont get off as lightly this time.

We see Suleyman in the office thanking someone for letting him know about Irfan leaving….

So who was it? Who has informed on Irfan? Was it Ege? Ege also told Ilay. Was it her? Eda’s sister knew. Obviously Ayse/ Nihal knows as she will have traced the one way flight but did she inform on Irfan?

The ratings have been good and steady so fingers crossed this series should at least complete a season. Im enjoying it and love seeing Halit Ergenc back on our screens. Such a great actor, and singer.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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