Welcome to the fourth episode.

We see that Eda is speaking with Suleyman and is just about to tell him who she is when Egeman appears. He manages to cover saying she is here to see him. He persuades her to leave.

Meanwhile in the office alone, Irfan and Ilay are arguing about the contract. She insists she wants to be part of the company. We see that she also agreed to help out after Ege asked her to, but she has a condition that she would be partners with them. Ege tells her that Irfan still has feelings for her. At this point she seems to be more about getting revenge for the way he treated her.

Suleyman enters the room with Ege and knowing that he doesnt have much of an option Irfan signs the contract as does Ilay with a smirk on her face. When they leave Irfan tells Ege this isnt a real company its not going to make money and he wants Ilay out of it as soon as possible.

At the hospital Ayse is with Hakan.She tells him she didnt know it was him who she attacked she thought it was some pervert. When his mum arrives he tells her he got the injuries when Ayse was being attacked by some men and he saved her.

Ilay goes to visit her sister who has lost everything since Kudret showed her lovers wife the photos. Ozgur wants nothing more to do with her and Nehir blames Ilay for it all. Ilay goes to the hospital where Kudret is sat outside Hakan’s room. Ilay tells her that she will ruin Hakan’s life if she carries on destroying her life.

Hakan takes Ayse to a restaurant. She is reluctant. In the same restaurant Irfan and Ege are meeting with Ilay and an architect. Irfan and Ayse meet at the toilets and he tells her he thought she would never go to dinner with someone like him. She replies she never thought he would be a thief. All the way through dinner they keep looking at each other across the room.

Suleyman has the video of Hakan being attacked. Even he thinks its a little funny he was beaten by a girl. He calls Ayse in his office and tells her that she is fired. Ayse appears upset. However when she returns to her desk she is furious. Obviously she needs this job, but not for the money Im sure.

At the new premises Irfan arrives to find one of Suleymans employees on reception. Ege tells him Ilay brought her but Irfan says she needs to go they dont want her watching things for Suleyman. A man has come to the office wanting his money back.

Mert and his friend Ismail are eating pizza that they stole. Ismail got the sack from the pizzeria where he was working and they picked some up as they ran out. They are both without a job and money. Met needs to support his family. He tells Ismail he is going to try somewhere he should have done before.

Kudret has asked a young woman to find out everything that Ilay does. Maybe even set up a camera at her home. The woman approaches Ilay’s maid, Demet and tells her she will be paid well if she can inform them of what Ilay is doing. Demet declines however I think the offer of money may change her mind. Demet later gets a notification telling her money has been deposited to her account.

In the meeting the man says he wants to take his money from the investment. Mert arrives and serves the coffee much to the surprise of Irfan. He takes him out of the room and tells him to leave. Mert explains he knows about the ponzi scheme but Irfan is adamanet he leaves.

Another investor arrives and Mert hears him say he will be taking out his money too. In that meeting Mert saves the day by mentioning Cengiz investing in the company. Irfan is still mad but when Ilay arrives Mert introduces himself as the new salesman.

Eda has gone shopping for a dress to wear for the party at the office. She wants to look special so she doesnt look frumpy next to Ilay. She finds a dress but its expensive. She gets caught trying to steal it. She calls her sister for the money but she cant help. She calls Ege. He collects her and then give her his credit card to get her hair done too.

At the party, Eda arrives with her hair all done and the new dress. Ilay is stood with Irfan as she arrives. Eda greets her husband with a big kiss obviously to wind up Ilay. She also meets Suleyman but she interrupts him before they say they have met before. Eda and Irfan leave early to see Deniz before bed.

When they arrive home Funda pulls Irfan to one side. She tells him that Eda isnt right shes messed up with Deniz being ill and the jealousy. She doesnt think she was in her right mind when she stole the dress. Irfan is shocked. Funda realise he didnt know anything about it.

At the office Ayse appears. She tells Irfan that Ilay gave her the job. He isnt happy and calls Ilay. She has made arrangements to meet a new client at her office and Irfan wont be put off says he will meet her there. He is thinking about Ege’s advice to tell her that what they are doing is a ponzi scheme.

Kudret furious that Ilay has now moved into one of Suleymans most valuable properties and also the fact that she lost her dog because of her. So she has arranged for something to happen when Ilay enters her office and turns on the lights.

Ilay gets out of the car as she is on the phone to Suleyman. She unlocks the door. As Irfan arrives he sees her enter and then there is a big explosion.

Still sadly Asli ( Ayse ) isnt playing much of a role so far. However now that she is working with Irfan. Im also sure that she maybe doing some sort of undercover work and just who was she talking to when she was reporting back what happened with Hakan. Desperate for her job and tearful when she was sacked, her demeanor changed when she was alone. Im hoping we will see more of her. I also like Mert’s character.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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