Welcome to the second episode. The first episode had average ratings so I am hoping that this gets some interest to keep it going.

Last week ended after Suleyman caught Irfan and Egemen and wanted his money back. They begged for more time but Suleyman gave the order the kill them. We left it as Irfan grabbed Egemen and pulled them into the cement pit, Suleyman gave the order to pour in more cement.

They manage to escape when the police arrive to arrest Suleyman. They have been informed that his security guard is dead and they need to speak to him. Its Ilay that called the police. Irfan and Egeman get away and even manage to laugh about the situation.

Meanwhile Eda is at her sister’s house. She has told her that Deniz isnt Irfan’s son and that his father is Egeman. Her sister berates her causing Eda to take Deniz and leave.

Ilay arrives home to see Ege there. She tells him she was the one to call the police to save them. She said that Suleyman killed the security guard but in fact it was his son Hakan. Suleyman is released from the station for now and learns it was his son who did the murder.

Irfan finds Eda and Deniz sat at a bus stop. He takes them home. Realising that he still needs an answer to his financial situation for Deniz he calls Ege and tells him they will take on the giants.

They meet up and Irfan tells Ege that he will try and get into Suleyman’s building and find the footage of Hakan murdering the security guard.

Irfan enters the building disguised as a workman. He is finding it difficult to get away from the workman. Hakan and his mother are looking round the building for a suitable apartment. They are shown into the room where Irfan is. Kudret sees some flowers on the table. Suleyman arrives and tells her she cant have this apartment its sold. She opens the card on the flowers and realises that her husband has bought the apartment for his mistress.

Suleyman sends everyone out of the apartment. Irfan manages to escape but Ayse sees him. He grabs her and drags her to a corner when he hears Suleyman and Kudret. He covers her mouth with his hand. When Suleyman leaves Irfan pleads with Aysa not to say anything. There is a tense moment when they look at each other, obviously there is a mutual connection between them.

Irfan finally finds the security room but the guard wont leave the room so Irfan bashes him over the head with a drill. He then downloads the contents of the CCTV onto a hard drive. He manages to get out of the building.

The police call to see Suleyman. They tell him that they found the security guards body and they have found someone who said they murdered him. The police also start questioning him about the sale of the apartments. Suleyman tells Yalcin to find Irfan and Ege as they will cause more trouble.

Ege takes Irfan to an internet cafe to view the CCTV. As they are watching Ege sees Ilay and knocks tea onto Irfan to distract him. Irfan still doesn’t know that his ex-fiance is involved with Suleyman and Ege wants to keep it from him. They see Hakan bludgeon the security guard to death with the fire extinguisher bit are sickened and shocked at what they see.

Irfan gets a call. Yalcin has entered his hime and is with Eda and Deniz. He tells him that they are ok but he needs to come home. Irfan tells him to wait until he gets a call from Suleyman. He is going to show him the video of his son murdering the guard.

Irfan runs into the building dodging the guards and gets into Suleymans office. He shows him the video and tells him to let his wife and son go and he will pay back the money he took. Suleyman gives him a short amount of time to repay.

Ege hurries to Irfans house. The men have gone and at forst Eda hugs him relieved. Then she starts to blame him for getting Irfan into all this trouble. Deniz appears and Ege sees his son for the first time although he doesnt actually know its his son. Deniz complains of a pain in his head and then collapses.

At the hospital Eda tells Ege that he has no family but Irfan has. She warns him not to get Irfan in trouble. They need that money for Deniz’s treatment. As Eda and Irfan sit with Deniz, Ege is left standing forlornly outside the room.

Outside later, Ege waits with Ilay. Irfan walks out of the hospital on his phone. Ilay is going to speak with him but Eda and Deniz come out of the hospital. He hugs them and they walk away. Ilay is upset and she turns and leaves. When Irfan arrives home they find a notice on their door that they are being evicted.

Irfan tells Ege that they need to make money and he thinks that the Ponzi Pyramid scHeme would be a good idea… he explains it to him. He asks Ege to find him rich people that are greedy not poor people wanting to make money. He comes up with a plan that they are buying a mine that has gone bust in Venezuela. The mine is a real company and they need to get people to invest in it and promise them a return of the profit.

Image result for easy explanation of the ponzi scheme
How a Ponzi scheme works.

Ilay gets a visit from Kudret. Kudret wants to pay her a large sum of money to get out of Suleyman’s life. Ilay tells her to get out but Kudret threatens her with her loved ones.

Irfan tells Eda that it will be better for her to take Deniz and go and spend time with her mother. Just for a week until he can try and sort out some money to pay for Deniz’s treatment.

They hire a theatre and prepare a presentation inviting 150 potential investors. They also invite Suleyman. At the time of the presentation just three people arrive, and also Suleyman. They panic thinking that its not going to work. However as they are about to run away they see that the foyer is filled with people. Irfan suddenly panics and says he cannot lie to these people. He hasnt lied to anyone in 40 years. Ege talks sense into him and tells him to pull himself together and get ready.

Irfan walks around trying to calm himself. Aysa is there and she takes him to the bathroom. He is flustered. Ayse asks him who he is? He tells her he is an investment consultant. She tells him hes a good liar. Seeing he is flustered she repeats what he told her when they first met. ” The most attractive thing is self-confidence… even if you dont feel it… act it “

On stage Irfan starts his speech but he can see that people are losing interest, some leaving. Ege whispers to him to make stuff up. He puts his notes down and really tries to sell the scheme to the potential investors. Everyone loves it and are clapping and whistling. Aysa is sat watching smiling.

Kudret gets a call that Ilay has not left. She has burnt the ticket she gave her. Kudret says if money wont make her leave then they will have to go to plan B.

Meanwhile Irfan has again started to lose his audience. We see that Ilay has arrived quietly and sits at the back without anyone knowing. We get a flashback to earlier…

Ege is visiting Ilay. He tells her that Irfan doesn’t love Eda, he is only with her for the sake of Deniz. Irfan never talks about her he is still mad at her because he is still in love with her.

As Irfan asks who is with me? Ilay stands and says ” I am”. All eyes turn towards her… Irfan just stares at her in disbelief.

Babil is quickly becoming my favourite current weekly series. Im loving the storyline.

I hope that there is something going to happen between Irfan and Aysa. We dont really know what happened between Ilay and Irfan in the past. Will they get back together? I think its pretty clear that Eda still has feelings for Ege.

Join us net week to see what Irfan’s reaction to seeing Ilay is and will anyone invest in the mine?

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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