Welcome to the third episode.

We start this week where Ilay has stood up and made herself known to Irfan. Suleyman hurries over to her and ushers her from the room. He takes her outside not happy that she is wanting to do business with these men who stole from him. Meanwhile Irfan is questioning Ege why he brought her there.

Ilay tells Suleyman about Kudret’s visit and giving her the money. He is mad and when she gets home she finds that Suleyman has taken her dog. She tells Busra that she wants to know everything about Ilay, her family, everything.

Irfan and Ege go to see Suleyman. They hand over a check for the first installment of the debt they owe. Suleyman isnt happy but Irfan reminds him that he has the evidence about Hakan.

As they leave Irfan goes to Aysa and tells her to be careful of Hakan he cannot be trusted. Aysa takes tea into Suleymans ffice and overhear him tell his man ro watch and find out about Irfan and Ege, Aysa quickly tries to run after them to warn them but they have left. She makes some calls to get Irfan’s surname. She looks him up on the internet.

When Irfan arrives home he finds that men are emptying his house. Eda is there she has come back from her others when neighbours called her. They go to stay with Ega’s sister again. Deniz has coordination issues with his hands making him drop something. Eda is frustrated with Irfan she just wants the money. Irfan calls Ege and tells him that they need to move quickly with this mine business.

That night they hire a yacht and arrive at a restaurant. They set up a bait for a man thats in the resteraunt so he will invest in the mining business. The man, Cengiz takes the bait and as he is leaving Sulayman and Ilay arrive after being tipped off by his man who had been following Irfan and Ege.

Suleyman sits with them and questions what they are doing. Ilay borrows a pen from the waiter and writes a note saying ” the usual place at 11pm, please come ” She goes over to the table and is introduced to Irfan, she shakes hands and secretly passes the note to him.

Arriving home Eda questions where Irfan has been, he tells her a business dinner. Again she asks if he has the money. He tells her he is tired and goes to the bathroom. He takes the note, rips it and flushes it down the toilet. Eda is suspicious and finds a piece of the note in the toilet. She makes out the name of the restaurant on the paper.

We see in a flashback that Eda actually trapped Irfan into marrying her. He was going to marry Ilay and Eda got an invite to the wedding. Obviously she got pregnant with Ege’s child and told Irfan it was his child, making him marry her instead.

At breakfast Irfan gets a call from Ege that Cengiz wants to meet. Eda is suspicious why he doesnt answer the phone near her and why is he wearing aftershave. She asks him where he is going but he doesnt tell her.

Busra calls Kudret and tells her that Ilay has a sister, Nehir. she is having an affair with her bosses son, Ozgur. Kudret knows his father and tells Busra to get a photo, Busra already has.

Ilay waits for Irfan at the cafe. He isnt going to meet her but changes his mind. He arrives and she hugs him. He does not return the hug. He just wants to know what she wanted to meet for. She gives him some money to help with Deniz. He blames her for being the mistress of Suleyman she just wanted money. He tells her he doesnt want the money and storms off.

Nehir arrives at work. Beyza, Ozgurs wife has been sent the pictures of him and Nehir. She launches herself at Nehir, they struggle and Beyza falls down the stairs. Ozgur comes running and we see that Beyza is pregnant.

Nehir leaves the company and sits across the rood crying. Kudret appears with tissues. She tells her she has just saved her from a big sin. She also needs to tell her sister to stay away from her husband or there will be bigger problems.

Irfan and Ege meet with Cengiz. They tell him they agree to him buying a 30% share and they have drafted an agreement. Cengiz tells them he wants to buy all the mine. Irfan and Ege go to the bathroom, Ege tells him to sell but Irfan points out that they dont really have a mine, that the ponzi deal isnt going to work. Unbeknownst to them a waiter who Irfan taught at college has overheard the conversation.

Ilay meets with Ege. He wants her to help them with money even though Irfan wouldnt accept. She tells him she will persuade Suleyman but she tells him he must do something for her too.

That night at home over dinner Ilay speaks with Suleyman and explains that Irfan and Ege were smart enough to swindle him and also Cengiz so why not believe in a project that they are doing. The door bell rings. Nehir stands there in tears. She tells Ilay about Kudret accusing her. She has lost Ozgur, her job and his wife lost her baby all because of her. She says she doesnt want anything to do with her again. Suleyman promises he will make Kudret suffer the same but Ilay sends him away.

Mert the young waiter is working to try and help his family out with bills, he has a brother and a sister. As he comes home the landlord is threatening his mum for the rent. Mert makes him go by saying he has a gun, but the man will be back.

Hakan calls Ayse to his office. He has been doing some investigations into her background. She is not on the internet or has a bank account. He tells her that he thinks she is running away from something and doesnt want to be found. Ayse makes up an excuse and leaves.

Eda still suspicious of what Irfan is doing follows him to a hotel. She sneaks inside but there is just Ege, Irfan has left. She asks him if Ilay is involved with anything and Ege says no. Irfan returns so Eda hides in the bathroom. After Ege and Irfan leave she discovers paperwork on the table that Ilay is involved in what they are doing.

Ayse is leaving work and Hakan offers her a lift.She declines and takes the bus home. Hakan has followed the bus in his car. As Ayse walks down the street he runs after her and comes up behind her. Ayse easily puts him to the ground knocking him out, then she gives him another smack to make sure.

Suleyman has called Irfan and Ege to his office. Ilay also appears and she will invest in the company and Suleyman gives them an office in his building so he can watch what they are doing. Irfan declines the offer he wont work with Ilay.

Meanwhile Eda has arrived at the company after tracking Ilay down. She is waiting when Suleyman appears, he asks her who she is.

I felt this episode was a little slow after the great start to the past two weeks. It appears that Ayse has a past, is she working undercover? Her history has been wiped and she made a good job of putting Hakan on the floor. Im hoping that we get to see more of her and becomes more involved in the main story line in future episodes.

Eda it appears tricked Irfan into marrying her when he was engaged to Ilay. Her only concern now is for money for Deniz. However she feels that her biggest threat is Ilay she knows how much Irfan loved her in the past.

Im not sure yet how Mert will fit into all of this. He obviously knows that Irfan is doing a ponzi scheme, he is short of money and in need. Will he help them? Or will he make life difficult for them?

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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