Welcome to the summaries for this brand new series. A very welcome return for Halit Ergenc one of Turkey’s most talented actors and the beautiful and also talented Asli Enver. I have been looking forward to this series.

Irfan is teaching his class Economics at the university. They are discussing money and what you would and wouldnt do for it. After the lecture ends Irfan leaves the room to see that his wife and son have arrived to meet him. They are excited as it will be Deniz’s birthday and they discuss going camping. Irfan is told that the Rector is waiting to see him. Irfan is excited as he thinks it is about his application to be Dean of the University.

Deniz secretly follows his father to the room and watches. In the room the Rector accuses Irfan of taking a bribe to rig the bids on tenders, he has proof and tells him his time at the university is over. Irfan protests his innocence. He asks who said these slanderous things was it Burak? The Rector wont answer.

Irfan marches from the room followed by Deniz in search of Burak. He finally finds him and confronts him. Burak tells him that he will get the Deanship not Irfan. Irfan head butts him and punches him on the floor. All this is watched by Burak. Irfan pinned to the floor by security sees his son watching it all.

After spending the night in the police station, Irfan is released. He walks home and is greeted by Eda. Eda isnt happy and gets angry about the money situation. Deniz comes in the room and they tell him to go back to bed. He wants the iPad that is high up on the top of the shelves.

Irfan and Eda hear a clatter and run in the room to find Deniz unconscious on the floor. At the hospital he has an MRI scan to check his brain for any bleeding. The scan picks up that he has a shadow on his brain. The doctor says it is a tumour and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Desperate for any more opinions they go to another doctor who tells them the same. He warns them that his vision and balance may be affected and the operation needs to be done as its like a ticking time bomb.

After a day of job interviews and asking friends to loan money Irfan arrives home. He has sold the car. Eda asks him if he has called Egeman. He says there is no point he wont be able to help either.

Without Irfan knowing, Eda goes to see Egeman. Obviously there is some history between the two of them, The last time they saw each other was 8 years ago. She explains that they need the money for Deniz and she tells him that she will do anything for it. He tells her he will try and get the money. She asks him not to tell Irfan.

Irfan gets a call from Egeman. Irfan goes to his apartment. They embrace warmly.

We see a flashback to how they met. When young Irfan was getting chased by some boys, Egeman stood up to the boys and Irfan said he would help Egeman with his education which he had heard was lacking.

They chat and Egeman tells him this isn’t his flat they aren’t even sold yet, he just lives like a ghost there, Irfan opens his heart about his son and is upset he cannot get a job or money from anywhere. Egeman too is moved by Irfan’s plight and tells him there is someone who could help but they aren’t good…. Mr Suleyman. Irfan says anything he will think about the repercussions after his son is better.

They go together to meet Suleyman. While Egeman speaks with him Irfan waits in a meeting room. A young lady rushes in, introducing herself as Ayse. She has come for a job mistakenly thinking Irfam is Suleyman. She offers him a blessed candy. He lends her his pen to fill in her CV.

Suleyman agrees to lend Irfan the money after a probing discussion. On the way out Irfan nips back to the meeting room and advises Ayse to say she has fallen on hard times this will help her get the job with Suleyman.

Leaving the building Irfan calls Eda and tells her he has the money. He also will tell her he got it from Egeman not Suleyman. Egeman tells him its not safe to get on the bus with all that money and gives him the keys to a car that he said he had hired for a year when he had money. As Egeman is leaving a car runs in to him… a woman and two men get out she threatens him and says he has one week to pay the money he owes.

At the apartment Egeman finds Ilay is there tidying up. Suleyman has decided he wants to sell the apartment. She gives him the keys to his office so he can stay there for a few days. Suleyman arrives and its obvious there is something between him and Ilay even though he is married. When he leaves Egeman asks Ilay of she ever wonders what her life would be like now if she was still with Irfan… she replies that she doesn’t wonder.

That night Ilay is sat crying, looking at old letters and a photo that has been torn in half. At the same time Eda finds the same full image of her husband and Ilay on a book. She leaves it out for him to find.

Irfan and Eda visit the doctor who tells them that Deniz’s condition is more risky than what he thought. He advises them that they should go to a proffesor in America who is used to these type of risky surgeries. It will cost a lot more money than Irfan got from Suleyman. Eda tells him that he has to find that money.

Irfan meets with Egeman and explains the situation. Egeman tells him to look round the money he needs to treat his son is nothing for these rich people. He puts a proposal to Irfan… to swindle Suleyman out of the money.

There are 150 apartments each worth 3 million. Egeman whats to sell a few and get the down payments then they can pay for Deniz and also get him out of debt. Irfan tells him the worst sin is stealing it opens the doors to other bad things and he promised his father he wouldnt steal.

Eda hears of a family that is raising funds for their daughter who like Deniz needs medical treatment. She sends Irfan to meet the family ask them how they started it and how to get permissions etc. As he arrives at the address he sees that the little girl has sadly passed away and they are having her funeral.

At home Eda gets on at him saying its his fault they dont have money. Irfan goes to lay with his son on his bed. Deniz asks him if he is going to die. Irfan promises him that he will be ok. He gets up and goes to the phone, calling Egeman he tells him that he agrees that they will swindle Suleyman.

Egeman thinks that Suleyman should take Ilay away for a few days. Suleyman agrees but when he goes to tell her he finds the torn photograph on the floor on the back it says ” You are mine forever, I am yours forever ” . The maid then tells hom she left with another man shouting.

Suleyman has tracked her car and finds them in an underground garage. He makes Ilay get in the car while heholds a gun to the mans throat telling him to stay away from Ilay. The man says he is Ilay’s sisters boyfriend, Ozgur. Her sister who is pregnant tried to kill herself as Ozgur wanted a divorce.

Egeman has organised a get together for potential buyers to see the apartments. Irfan makes a speech telling the buyers that if they leave a deposit today only they can ownt the apartment for 30% less than they are valued at.

Sadly Ilay didnt want to go away with Suleyman as her sister is ill. He meanwhile calls his right hand man Yalcin to go check out that everything is in place for a business deal he is doing. Arriving at the building the security man calls Egeman to tell him they are in trouble and that Yalcon is here.

Irfan having finished his speech is walking around speaking with some of the investors when he sees Egeman hit Yalcin with a fire extinguisher and drag his body out of sight. The security man had rang to warn Egeman that Yalcin was there.

Irfan goes to check on what Egeman is doing and finds him in a corridor with Yalcin slumped on the floor. They realise that Suleyman hasnt gone away. Irfan checks and they do have some deposits from people so they leave the man there and leave quickly.

Irfan goes home and gets Eda and Deniz to pack upo quickly. He has the money and new identities for them to go to America to get treatment. He tells an uncertain Eda that he borrowed from a loan shark and they need to leave now.

Meanwhile Irfan has gone to the bank and is removing the money in cash. He receives calls from Irfan but ignores them. He decides to leave alone and heads to the coast where a boat will collect him. Dropping his wife and son at relatives, Irfan goes to find Egeman.

Suleyman is furious. He beats the security guard who helped them. He also tells Yalcon to find Egeman but also the friend that came with him to borrow money. Meanwhile Irfan has arrived at the place he arranged to meet Egeman but of course he isnt there.

Ege sat in the back of the taxi listens to a song playing on the radio and remembers the time that he left Irfan to deal with the big bully while he let him escape to safety. He makes the taxi driver stop and appears to have a change of heart as he looks for a taxi to go back.

While at Suleymans office Ilay hears that the friend of Ege is Irfan she is stunned. She leaves but sees Yalcin beating the security guard and then hitting him repeatedly with a fire extinguisher.

Ege meets with Irfan and they are hugging when a van pulls up and the woman who Ege owes money to gets out with her guys. There is a fight and she takes the money.

They go to a house that Ege thinks its safe. Irfan tries to treat an injury on Ege’s arm but needs the light from his pnone. Outside we see that Yalcion has followed them. Meanwhile Eda at her sisters reveals to her that infact Deniz is not Irfan’s son, he is Egemans.

Suleyman has found them and takes them to a cement pit. Ege begs for foregiveness, Irfan asks for 3 months and he will get him back double his money. Suleyman tells his men to kill them.

Irfan brags Ege and they fall together landing in the cement pit, Suleyman and his men shoot at them keeping them oinned in the pit as he gives the order for them to pour more cement in.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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