Episode 12 of Ateşböceği aired last Sunday on Star TV. It was the first episode that aired on a Sunday (the new air date). It was totally worth the wait. It was a beautiful and captivating episode.

When Baris found out about Asli’s kidnapping by Emrah, he could not seem to hold on to his feelings. One of the my favourite scenes was when he found Asli, the way he held on to her and hugged her tight. Sweet touching scene. He thought she could have died. Of course, as usual Asli with her stubbornness could not seem to forget about those pictures that she saw of Baris and Ilayda. A really great performance from Seçkin Özdemir. Baris’s behavior really proved that he really cares for Asli and loves her.

The scenes in Baris’s house where he took Asli to keep her safe and to be by her side were just comedic and great scenes. Baris was clueless as to why Asli was acting so cold towards him and being too stubborn. Especially the scene where they were cooking in the kitchen, it was enjoyable and intense. This episode had really great scenes.

With each episode, I despise Emrah more and more. When will this character’s role be over? Also it looks like Emrah and Ilayda are going to work together to help each other out. Ilayda wants to seperate Asli from Baris and Emrah wants those files. If those two end up working together and appearing in more scenes together, they will be a dangerous pair to our protagonists.

While working on the case from Baris’s home, Asli due to her stubbornness drove Baris to the edge. He finally confessed his feelings to her, it was an absolutely stunning scene. Their chemistry just keeps on getting better and better. Baris finally overcame his nerves and told Asli that he is falling in love with her. Perfect scene with the beautiful soundtrack in the background, sweet words from Baris as he looked deep into her eyes. Viewers waited months for this moment and it was a really touching scene. Let’s not forget that stunning kiss. The hair clip he gave her is very nice. Unique gift. It is really hard not to adore this on-screen couple. Nilay and Seçkin have been portraying the characters of Asli and Baris quite well. They are just so enjoyable to watch and now that Asli and Baris are a couple, we will get to see loveable and cute scenes between them.

Meanwhile, Teo was stuck in a situation where he had to tell the truth to Cahide about Hakan’s accident and how it relates to Asli’s niece. I really wish Teo had not told Cahide that information. Who knows what Cahide will do with that information? It is obvious that she does not like Asli. But she will probably keep it a secret because she does not want Baris or Hakan to get in trouble. Not only did Cahide found out about the accident, Hakan revealed the secret to Ilayda and unfortunately now Ilayda knows this secret and could potentially use it against Baris and maybe even blackmail him. Especially since Baris decided to end his partnership with Ilayda.

I have to admit, there are so many scenes that I really liked in this episode. One of my favourite moments in the episode was when Asli FINALLY called Baris by his first name ‘Baris’ instead of ‘Baris bey’ (Mr. Baris).

My final thought on the episode 12 I loved it. Great episode, it was definitely worth the long wait.

New episodes of Ateşböceği on Sundays on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K


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