Episode 11 of Atesböcegi aired on Thursday night. It was an exciting and lovely episode. Once again, each episode gets better and better than the previous episodes. The connection between Asli and Baris really stood out in this episode and it is getting stronger. Their scenes at the golf country club were so enjoyable to watch and quite funny. I have to admit, Asli being jealous, those scenes were entertaining and she was just adorable. Great performance from Nilay Deniz. There were a lot of great and comedic scenes at the gold country club, one of my favourites was the one where she poured a drink on Ilayda “accidently”. That was no accident, well played Asli. Her jealousy was so obvious that Baris noticed it. The role-playing scene where Ilayda and Baris were pretending to be an engaged couple in front of Veli’s wife (Nuran). Asli’s behaviour was funny and Baris stuck in the middle. That was another interesting and funny scene.

The night scene at the park, when the sprinklers went off.  That was the perfect moment for them to calm down. Asli giving Baris a kiss on the cheek was unexpected but really nice. Seriously how touching was that scene?! Another beautiful scene between Asli and Baris was when he showed her how to play golf. That soundtrack that played in the background, it was perfect.

I have to admit, with each episode my dislike for Cahide increases. Personally, I am beginning to find this character annoying. While with each episode I am beginning to like Hakan. The writers have developed this character in a positive way in these past few episodes. That scene when he went to see Cicek at the family cafe, emotional scene. Kudos to Umur Yigit Vanli on a heartrending performance.

It was great to see Teo and Barbaros putting aside their bitterness and agree on the same thing regarding the neighbourhood situation and realizing the phoniness of Veli.

In the entire episode, Baris kept on warning Asli not to ride the taxi anymore until they close the case and get rid of Emrah and Veli. But of course, Asli and her stubbornness did not take his warnings seriously. My initial thought about Emrah was right, I really do not like him. I hope his role comes to an end by next episode or the one after.

We got to hear some of the soundtracks that we have heard in the early episodes in different scenes in this episode. This show has great background soundtracks.

My final thought on the episode, aside from the shocking ending, it was really great. I enjoyed it a lot. It is worth watching again. The trailer for Episode 12, looks so good. Going to be another exciting episode.

Reminder, next episode (Episode 12) will air on Sunday September 24th. The producer announced weeks ago that the show will have a new air date end of September. Atesböcegi now on Sundays.

Written By – Raghad A.K


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