Episode 10 of Atesböcegi aired Thursday night. It was probably one of the best episodes thus far. It had everything from romantic, to funny scenes and lots of action. I say this after every Atesböcegi episode that I watch, but I am serious when I say that every episode gets better and better. Even the secondary characters have improved and have been interesting to watch episode after episode. Nilay and Seçkin are performing their roles as ‘Asli’ and ‘ Baris’ extremely well. They have such great chemistry on and off-screen, viewers can easily notice that and makes it enjoyable to watch.

With this episode, it is much lighter in the dramatic theme compared to the previous three episodes. We saw more funny and cute scenes between Baris and Asli. The most dramatic scene was probably in the first 10 minutes of the show, the moment Baris apologized and hugged her, nothing else needed to be said. I truly found that scene so touching, this was the moment when she realized that Baris loves her but cannot confess his feeling to her because of his aunts. Unfortunately, to us the viewers we know that is not the reason why he is not confessing his feeling for her. The more they try to pretend they do not have feelings for each other the closer they get. In this episode, I found the courthouse scenes so beautiful and it was such a thoughtful thing Baris did for Asli that she really should not give up on her dream of becoming a lawyer.

One cannot help but adore Baris especially when he gets jealous. We saw a bit of a jealous Baris in this episode, and Asli fully notices that. From next week’s episode, it looks like we will see a jealous Asli. I am sure that will be exciting to watch.

We saw that Hakan got a new look in this episode, his new style and haircut make him look more mature but different. Hakan and Ilayda, I wonder if the writers have something planned for these two in the upcoming episodes Personally, I find them good together. At least then, she can leave Baris and Asli alone.

I am liking Gül and Teo more and more each episode. They are so supportive of their friends Baris and Asli. I have to admit, I was so impressed with Teo. Taking a stand like that and expressing his feelings for Gül.

Personally, I really enjoy the scenes where Asli and Baris are working together. Their scenes at the gala were exciting, like spies and her going undercover as a waitress. The ending of the episode was splendid, after so many episodes we finally got a sweet ending. The words that Baris says to Asli in front of his aunt Cahide and Ilayda was just perfect. Aferin Baris

The songs that get played in each episode are just so great. The song Bana Öyle Bakma (Do Not Look At Me Like That) was played this episode. Such a beautiful song and it fit the scene just right.

Episode 10 of Atesböcegi was the most watched production of the night. There were two other series on at the same time, and Atesböcegi did great in total ratings and in social media.

My final thought on this episode, I loved it!! I cannot wait for the next episode, the trailer looks pretty interesting.

Written By – Raghad A.K


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