Welcome to Episode 9 of Ariza.

At the conclusion of last week’s episode of Ariza, Hasmet Gurkhan is a hostage of a gang lord called Cadir and his brother Huzayfe is a hostage of Ali Riza. The two groups show up at a designated location to exchange their hostages but Cadir has made Hasmet wear an explosive vest and he holds the trigger mechanism.

Cadir goes against his word and presses the trigger meaning to kill Hasmet but the trigger will not work. This action leads to a shoot out between the two groups and Cadir’s brother Huzayfe is gravely wounded by Ali Riza. Cadir makes a quick exit taking his wounded brother with him.

The whole exercise had failed for Hasmet. He had sacrificed himself to go to Cadir in the first place to negotiate for the syndicate which was successful. Cadir’s demand to get his brother out of prison was also successful. Unfortunately, Cadir went against the agreement and tried to kill Hasmet which led to Ali Riza having to shoot Huzayfe to save Hasmet’s life.

Cadir’s attempt to save his brother’s life fails, he dies on the operating table. The syndicate is now in a worse situation than they were beforehand.

Ali Riza fulfils his promise to Halide and brings her father safely home.

As there is still a threat to everyones lives, Hasmet and Ali Riza place all their loved ones under one roof for safety. They are taken to Hasmet’s home where armed guards surrounds the property and placed on full alert.

Ali Riza is alerted by Uncle Muzaffer that Cadir is after him.

The syndicate members begin to argue between themselves. They blame Fuat and Burak for the situation they see themselves in.

Halide promises Ali Riza that she will take good care of his family. She also tells him that she loves him. Ali promises her that when they emerge from the trouble they are in that he will share his feelings for her also. The safety of everyone weighs heavily upon him. He draws her into his arms and they embrace.

Murat still holds Fusun at his home for safety. Fusun wants to go home but Murat still will not allow her to put her life in danger.

Cadir focusses on Ali Riza’s family. He wants an eye-for-an-eye, that is a brother for a brother. He goes after Mert.

Ali Riza and Hasmet attend the syndicate meeting to discuss what they can do next. Ali Riza is told that he has attacked a lion and he should have killed him. Now that lion will eat him.

The syndicate is quick to blame Ali Riza for the situation they find themselves in. Ali Riza defends himself but the syndicate wants Ali Riza to solve the problem. All their lives are at stake.

The syndicate receives a Facetime from Cadir. He shows them pre-dug graves. He demands that Ali Riza comes to him or he will start to fill the graves with members of his family starting with Mert.

Ali Riza takes the situation into his own hands. He tells the syndicate that he will go after Cadir himself. He asks Hasmet to care for his family if he doesn’t return.

Although the syndicate are happy with what Ali Riza has decided, the only thing they can do if Ali Riza is not successful in his mission is to prevent Cadir from getting men and guns from Turkey and starve him out of the business.

Ali Riza sets up a meeting with Cadir. He is blind folded with hands bound behind his back and taken to his hideout. The Secret Service headed by Uncle Muzaffer follow at a safe distance but they are ambushed by Cadir’s men, their fate is unknown but presumed dead.

Hasmet returns home without Ali Riza . He does not let on where he has gone. Halide knows her father and knows that Ali must be involved in something dangerous.

Ali Riza is brought to the same interrogation room that Hasmet was kept a prisoner in. He is handcuffed to a chair with a plastic bag placed over his head. He undergoes a series of torturing events at the hands of Cadir. Ali Riza swears that he will kill Cadir.

In the times when Ali Riza is left alone in the interrogation room he works on a nail that is protruding from the back of his chair. His idea is to loosen the nail to use in picking the lock on his handcuffs. Ali works on this nail constantly.

Ali Riza’s family become quite worked up over his absence. If they knew that he was being tortured they would be beside themselves in fear.

Cadir continues to watch Hasmet’s house intent on abducting Mert for compensation for his brother’s death.

Halide is so worried about Ali Riza that she feels she has no other alternative but to call Burak to ask for help. Burak is blown away to see a call from her as she never calls him. He is not sure what is going on but he excitedly flies to her side. She asks him to save Ali Riza’s life for her. She tells him that if he can bring him home safely to his family unharmed then she will marry him.

My goodness, Burak thinks all his dreams have come true. Halide has made him the happiest man alive. His precious Halide will be his after all! He agrees to her request. He is ecstatic with happiness.

Meanwhile back in the interrogation room Ali is emotionally tortured with photos of his family and threats of their deaths by Cadir. This only fuels his desire to kill Cadir.

Burak in his new wonderful happiness goes to the Taxi Stand in search of Hasan and his drivers who are actively looking for Ali Riza. The drivers have been told by Hasmet that he could hear planes taking off from the place where he was held captive. The drivers begin to look for warehouses near airports.

Mert is lured out of Hasmet’s mansion after receiving a photo of Ali Riza taken by Cadir. Hasmet follows him.

In the interrogation room Ali Riza finally works the nail out of the back of his chair. He uses it to pick the lock on his hand cuffs. He frees himself and escapes his captives shooting his way out as he goes.

Fatih, Fikret and Hasan find the location that Hasmet described near the airport. They hear machine gun fire from within the building. They believe that they have found Ali Riza.

Mert drives at high speed thinking that he is going to save his brother’s life and to shake off Hasmet from tailing him. Hasmet watches from a distance as Mert falls into a trap laid by Cadir and taken captive. Cadir tortures young Mert and stabs him in the chest with a scalpel.

Ali Riza is told by one of Cadir’s armed guards where to find Mert. Ali Riza hurries to save his brothers life.

Hasmet can see that no time can be spared, he and Sabri although quite old, take it upon themselves to try and save Mert’s life.

It is a stand off. Cadir has a gun to Merts head and Hasmet and Ali Riza have a gun aimed at Cadir.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Hasmet, Sabri and Ali Riza can save Mert and if Ali Riza gets the opportunity of killing Cadir.




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