Welcome to Episode 8 of Ariza.

We continue this episode at the warehouse where Burak had hidden the guns he stole from under the nose of Hasmet and Ali Riza. The guns have been tracked down and Ali Riza was in the process of stealing them back when Burak opens fire with an armed rocket. The guns are all destroyed.

Ali Riza is rescued by Hasmet and his men and his life is saved from the burning warehouse. Hasmet takes him home to be cared for by Halide.

Burak now has to go and tell his father about what he has done. His father cannot believe what his son tells him. Fuat looks scared. The guns belonged to a Serbian crime organisation and the money for the guns has already been paid. Now the guns have been destroyed. None of their lives will be safe now. An urgent meeting of the Syndicate is called.

Hasmet leaves home to attend the Syndicate meeting. He tells Ali Riza that all the Syndicate members and their families will be in danger and on a hit list. He leaves Halide in the protection of Ali Riza while he attends the syndicate meeting but before he goes he reminds Ali Riza of his promise to always keep Halide safe.

At the Syndicate meeting it is decided that the crime gang is too powerful to fight. Hasmet believes the only solution is to go to them and negotiate. Hasmet volunteers to be the negotiator.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza has had his wounds dressed by Halide after the warehouse fire. She takes this opportunity to tell him that she has applied to work medically in third world countries. She will attend an orientation for this position in Geneva and then she will be send her out into the field. At this stage she does not know which country she will be sent to and her father has not been told yet. She asks him if he will care if she goes.

He asks her if she expects him to say, don’t go. She tells him that she expected him to feel a little sadness at least. By the look on his face you can see that if she goes he would be sad.

Hasmet returns from the syndicate meeting and tells Ali Riza that he has made an arrangement to meet with Cabir. He explains to Ali Riza that Cadir is the leader of the largest armed organisation in Istanbul. Hasmet does not know if he Cadir will kill him and he may not return from this mission.

Hasmet asks Ali Riza to take Halide to his house in Yasar where she should be safe for a while. He knows that in Ali Riza’s hands she will be safe. Hasmet asks Ali Riza that if he does not return from negotiating with Cabir then he wants Ali to make him a promise to take Halide and make a new life for her. He wants her to have a new identity in a place where nobody knows her. Ali Riza gives him his promise.

That evening Hasmet creeps into his daughters room and caresses her hair in a farewell gesture.

Later that evening Ali Riza meets with Uncle Muzaffer. Ali is told that Cabir is a powerful man with an army of 5 thousand men. He has been untouchable for 10 years and he hopes that Hasmet will be able to help them capture him. He asks Ali Riza to place a location device on Hasmet.

At first Ali Riza agrees to place the rosary on Hasmet but later changes his mind thinking that this will place Hasmet in greater danger.

The next morning Hasmet leaves for his rendezvous entrusting his daughter to Ali as he leaves.

Ali has the unpleasant duty of telling Halide that her father has gone on a mission and he alone is left to care for her while he is away. She doesn’t like to be told what to do but Ali raises his voice and makes her understand that this is a case of life or death. Ali Riza brings Halide to the safety of her fathers house. She is scared of losing her father and clings onto Ali Riza for comfort.

Fusun and Murat have spent the night together. They are happy in their new relationship. Murat feels the first stirrings of love. They lunch together but find a bullet has been placed on each plate. A warning from Cabir that they have been targeted.

Mithat and Fuat want to cast the blame for the destruction of the guns on Hasmet, Galip and Sehmuz, clearing themselves of any blame. Burat swears that he didn’t leave any evidence that it was him that destroyed the warehouse. Mithat and Fuat hope that Cabir kills Hasmet leaving the leadership of the Syndicate in Fuat and Mithat’s hands.

Meanwhile, Hasmet meets with Cabir’s men. They blindfold him and tie his hands together. They place him in a car and transport him to Cabir’s hideout. They arrive at an underground facility where Hasmet is placed in an interview room. Cabir enters the room with a dominating presence.

He admires Hasmet for placing his life at stake to come to the interview and tells him that if he is to die then he will be the one to kill him. He takes a photo of them both together. Hasmet begins to negotiate by offering him 50 million dollars for compensation.

Cadir hands him photographs of the syndicate’s families, including Hashmet’s daughter Halide. It is protocol to kill the families when there is a betrayal.

Cabir tells him that the only way Hasmet can save the children of the syndicate is to get his brother out of a high security prison. He tells Hasmet that if he brings his brother to him then he will take the 50 million he has been offered and he will spare the lives of everyone. If he doesn’t do as he says then he will commence his killing spree by making Hasmet’s daughter the first victim.

Hasmet sends a video explaining all of this to Ali Riza . He asks Ali Riza to tell the syndicate to arrange to break Cabir’s brother out of prison. Until then he has to remain with Cabir.

Halide is very emotional over her father’s situation. Ali Riza takes Halide to his home to be cared for by his mother while he tries to rescue Hasmet.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza meets with Uncle Muzaffer. He shows him the photo of Cabir’s brother Huzayfe. Uncle Muzaffer tells him that Huzayfe is the second most dangerous man in Cabir’s organisation. Ali Riza tells Uncle Muzaffer that if he helps him get Huzayfe out of prison he will give him all he information he wants to apprehend Cabir.

Burak temper in firing the rocket and destroying the guns has placed them all in great danger. The thought that he has made Halide a target frightens him. He goes to her house only to find out that she has been taken away by Ali Riza. Burat goes psychotic hearing he has been bypassed as the main protector of Halide.
Later that day Burak meets up with Ali Riza on his way to the syndicate meeting. He asks him where Halide is. Ali Riza tells him that she has been placed under his protection by her father and she is no longer any of his business. Burak comments, “Just like you protected your sister.” This insult leads to a fight.

Ali Riza has to control himself at this time but really feels like pulling the trigger and blowing Burak away. The anger and violent emotions excites Burak in a psychotic way.

At the syndicate meeting the group is confronted by Ali Riza who has a plan for Hasmet’s rescue. He tells them they must get Huzayfe to leave the prison. Once out on the road Ali Riza will capture him. The ambush of the prison transport must be made to look like Cadir has rescued his brother. The syndicate agrees to Ali Riza’s plan.

On leaving the Ersoylu’s house Ali Riza sees Fusun with Murat. Fuat also cannot believe that his son has brought a Lawyer to the house of a mafia gangster. Murat swears to his father that Fusun will stay safe at the house for safety and if she leaves then he leaves with her.

Ali Riza calls Hasan, Mert and Fikret to the taxi stand. He tells them that they will be intercepting the prison vehicle and kidnapping the brother of a powerful criminal.

Meanwhile in the prison, Huzayfe has been asked to get ready to be rescued. He refuses to leave his prison cell.

It is Burak’s job to get Huzayfe out of the prison but when the prisoner does not want to escape there is a problem. Burak and tells Ali Riza about the problem. Ali Riza tells him that he will have to do his job for him. Burak is enraged by Ali Riza thinking of him as incompetent.

Ali Riza contacts Uncle Muzaffer. He tells him that he needs his help. Uncle Muzaffer goes to a friend of his who works in the prison as a cook. He gives him a drug to put into Huzayfe’s food the next morning. Huzayfe is delivered his breakfast and eats every scrap.

The next scene sees the prison ambulance with siren blaring hurrying out of the prison gates. The ambulance only gets a couple of kilometres from the prison grounds when it is stopped for road works. It has the unconscious form of Huzayfe in the back.

The ambulance is diverted onto a road where Ali Riza and Burak await to intercept it. Huzayfe is efficiently extracted from the ambulance and taken away.

Cadir is told that they have his brother and the exchange will happen soon.

Ali Riza still has to keep up his end of the bargain with Uncle Muzaffer . Somehow he has to place a location device on Cadir so that he can be apprehended by the secret Service.

The Syndicate gives Burak a bag containing 50 million dollars.

Huzayfe is taken by Ali Riza blindfolded to the exchange location.

Hasmet is also blindfolded and taken by Cadir to the agreed location.

A cavalcade of cars arrive at the agreed location. Ali Riza checks the money bag that Burak has brought and he places something inside. Maybe a location device so Cadir can be tracked by the Secret Service.

Before the exchange can take place Cadir places a vest of explosives on Hasmets chest. Cadir holds the triggering mechanism in his hand.

As Hasmet gets closer to Ali Riza, Hasmet yells that he has a bomb on him.

Ali Riza takes the chance that Cadir will not trigger the bomb and let’s Huzayfe go to his brother along with the bags of money. Ali Riza pulls Hasmet close into his body while he yells at him to leave him as Cadir depresses the trigger mechanism on the bomb.




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