Welcome to Episode 7 of Ariza.

This week’s episode of Ariza continues at the warehouse where Salman Aga has arrived to view his guns. He is insulted to find that they are only toys.

Burak stands alongside Ali Riza looking surprised at the theft. When all along it was Burak and his father who instigated the theft and stole the guns to make Ali Riza and Hasmet Gurkan look a fool.

In a fit of rage Burak shoots Salman Aga dead in front of Hasmet and Ali Riza and afterwards tells the buyer of the guns that he will deliver the guns in two days.

Hasmet warns Ali Riza that Burak is playing the game according to mafia rules. This is how you make it to the top. You sell out your friends and your family. Hasmet promises Ali Riza that they will pay him back.

It doesn’t take long for Ali Riza to find out that the guns were stolen through the roof of the warehouse while Sabri and his men guarded the warehouse from the outside.

Burak is ecstatic that he got away with the theft. He sings aloud of his victory in his car thinking his father will be so proud of him for outfoxing Hasmet and Ali Riza.

Burak has placed the guns in a warehouse outside of Istanbul. He has locked all the men involved in the theft inside until he can make delivery. Burak tells Fikret to kill anyone else who is involved. This means the truck drivers.

Meanwhile Ali Riza and Uncle Muzaffer are trying to find the thieves and get the guns back.

Hasmet and Ali Riza have been called to a syndicate meeting. Hasmet warns Ali that they will be looking for blood. Burak has set them up and the only way to save their honour is to find the guns. Ali asks Hasmet to get him as much time as he can so he can find them.

Burak tells the syndicate that he can provide the new shipment of guns within two days. Ali Riza makes sure that Burak understands he knows that he stole the guns and he will make him pay for it one day with his life.
The decision by the syndicate is made. If Burak can provide the guns and deliver them to the new customers in Russia then he will be rewarded with a seat at the syndicate table. Hasmet and Ali Riza only have two days to find them the guns, if not Burak will be allowed to decide their punishment.

Burak can see the value of marrying Mithat’s daughter. He will then have two strong candidates behind him for his rise to the top of the syndicate. He reconsiders the decision to marry Derya.

After the meeting has concluded Hasmet and Ali Riza return home. Ali receives a text from Halide asking him to meet with her at a night club. She flirts with him in text. He cannot hold back any longer and drives off to meet her.

He finds Halide on stage singing. She has a beautiful singing voice and he is smitten with her beauty.

Halide is very attracted to Ali Riza but she tells him that he has never asked her out to dinner. He tells her that he will correct that soon.

Ali Riza drives Halide home. She is tired and a little tipsy after her late night and falls asleep in Ali’s car.

As fate would have it Ali Riza receives a call from Uncle Muzzafer telling him that he has found the address of the truck drivers who moved he guns and it is urgent he goes immediately to rescue them from Burak’s men. He is forced to drive to the address with Halide asleep in the car.

When Ali Riza arrives at the address he hears gunfire coming from the woods. He makes chase and finds one of the truck drivers has escaped death. The truck driver runs as armed gunmen chase him through the woods. He is shot a couple of times but is rescued by Ali Riza who helps him back to his car where Halide still peacefully sleeps.

Halide wakes to find the wounded man in the back seat. He requires urgent medical treatment which Halide kindly provides. Ali Riza tells her that if this man dies then he may also die.Halide see the seriousness of the situation and operates on the man.

Halide tells Ali Riza that she is trying to forget the old life when men bring crime into the family home. She thought that Ali Riza was different. She tells him however that she believes she cannot escape from her fate.

The wounded truck driver lives and finally wakes.

The wounded man tells Ali that Burak forced them to transport the guns and then he betrayed them and tried to kill them. Ali Riza tells him that the guns that he stole were his. The wounded man tells Ali Riza that Burak stole the guns and he was discussing getting somebody to change the serial numbers on the guns.

Making sure that all is still well at the warehouse, Burak checks that his guns are still safe. He has many guards protecting it and he also has a gunsmith changing the serial numbers on the guns.

After taking Halide home, Hasmet gives Ali Riza a list of 3 men who would be capable of changing serial numbers on guns. Hasmet believes that Burak would have had to take the master gunsmith to a warehouse probably under force. Ali takes the list and pursues the craftsmen.

It is not long before they come up with a master craftsman has not been seen for 2 days. They believe they have found their man.

Meanwhile, Fusun and Murat have met a couple of times now over dinner. Murat seems a little more stable and gentle than Burak. He waits for her on her way home from work. She hasn’t seen him for a quite a while. Murat talks about Burak and his hopeless love for Halide. He tells Fusun that a one sided love is not enough and there needs to be the same kind of love between two lovers otherwise it becomes obsessive like a disease.

Thinking that he is the only one who has feeling this in their relationship, he goes on to say that he has no time for one sided relationship. He leaves her standing in the road and rides away on his motorcycle after saying goodbye.

That evening Fusun turns up on his doorstep. She is making a step closer to Murat by showing him that she has feeling for him also. He may have said goodbye but she is not allowing him to leave her. Murat has never had a woman inside his apartment before. It was raining when she arrived and he takes the opportunity to dry her wet hair and make physical contact with her.

Murat struggled with the desire to kiss her but has to be sure that she feels the same way for him. Fusun demonstrates her feelings by kissing him first.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza, Sabri, Hasan and Fikret visit the gunsmith’s factory and search. They find bulk money hidden behind a wall. They send the gunsmith a photo of his factory going up in smoke and then sit back and wait for him to arrive and save his money.

The trick works and the gunsmith sees his factory billowing smoke and tries to rescue his money. When he arrives Ali Riza is waiting for him. He tells the gunsmith that if he wishes to see his money again he needs to tell him where Burak is keeping the guns.

The gunsmith willingly shows Ali Riza how to gain entrance to the warehouse if they don’t destroy his money and Ali Riz and his men are able to take down Burak’s guards.

Hasmet is alerted by Sabri that the guns have been found and he makes his way to the warehouse also.

Meanwhile, Burak is given the worst news of his life. He is told that Ali Riza has found his guns. He drives to the warehouse and is infuriated. He orders his men to set up an explosive missile launcher aimed at the warehouse.

Ali Riza is inside the building with the guns when he hears an alarm of fear coming from his men.
Outside the warehouse Hasmet Gurkan has arrived on the scene.

Burak orders the missile to be fired. The explosion is extreme sending explosive debris everywhere and I am sure injuring many.




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