Welcome to Episode 6 of Ariza.

Halide is investigating her families murder. She knows Sadi Aksoy was involved and she has been trying to find him. Burak shows her a video of Ali Riza shooting him. The video was set up to make it appear that it was a murder but in reality Sadi was not killed but rather released and sent overseas.

Unfortunately Halide tells Ali Riza’s family that not only did he kill somebody but he works with the mafia as her father’s right hand man. Ali Riza’s mother turns her back on her son.

Ali Riza finds Halide very upset. He tells her that the video she saw him in was a fake and he didn’t kill anyone but he doesn’t tell her any more.

Ali Riza brings Halide to Sadi Aksoy’s house. He shows her a picture wall containing photo’s of Sadi Aksoy. she realises that Ali has the keys to his house. Ali shows her a photo of Sadi as a boy and in the photograph Behcet who is the right hand man of Sadi’s father Recep Aksoy. Ali shows Halide that Sadi is only 17 year old in the photograph. Ali shows her that Fuat has killed all but two people in the photograph. One is Sadi Aksoy and the other is Behcet.

Ali continues to tell her that Sadi always believed that Behcet died at the same time as his family, but found out years later that he was alive . He tried everything to find him without success. Ali promises Halide that they will find Behcet together so she can ask him about her families death.

Fiko is back on the scene after having every finger broken by Fuat in punishment for Burak lying to him. Burak is ecstatic to have him back. He also is joined by his friend Faik who has been planted to manipulating Mert. Faik and his men have just stolen money from the mafia and made it seem like Mert Altay was responsible. They hope the mafia will kill Mert for them, a punishment for Ali Riza.

Salman meets with Hasmet Gurkan. He is still awaiting a shipment of guns. If he doesn’t supply these guns to his clients as promised then they will come looking for them both and kill them.

Meanwhile, back at Sadi Aksoy’s house Ali Riza and Halide decide they have to trust each other.

Ali Riza’s brother is involved in stealing a bag of money belonging to a member of the syndicate.
As expected the mafia leader wants blood. He is told that Mert Altay was responsible and that he is the brother Ali Riza. This also involves Hasmet as Ali Riza is Hasmet’s right hand man. Galip cannot touch Hasmet as he is part of the syndicate, so he calls for a meeting .

At the syndicate meeting Hasmet and Ali Riza arrive with the bag of money that was stolen from Racip. They also have Faik at gunpoint to tell the syndicate that it was Burak who devised a plan to steal the money and place the blame on Mert and Ali Riza.

Burak is having a very happy day waiting for the news that Galip has killed Ali Riza. He waits in vain as when the phone does ring it is his father who calls him home.

Burak stands in front of the syndicate and they watch him openly lies. He feels shame on being caught out. Betrayal normally leads to death but Galip allows Burak to live believing he has learnt a lesson.

The meeting continues with the issue of the gun shipment for Salman Aga. The syndicate still owes him four shipments of guns. Salman has threatened the syndicate with death if they do not honour their agreement with regard to the guns. It is agreed that Ai Riza is given the job of finding the guns to complete the shipment and Burak will deliver them.

Fuat has no intention of allowing Ali Riza to get the praise of completing the shipment. He discusses stealing the guns before they are delivered and taking them to Salman Aga himself.

Halide tracks down Behcet’s wife. She asks her the whereabout of her husband. Halide is suspicious that the woman is lying and knows very well where he is. She later tells Halide that if she comes back with money she will give her an address in return.

Behcet on the other hand hears from his wife that Halide is looking for him. He calls Murat Ersoylu and tells him the news.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza has found out that Sadi’s contact who supplied the guns is a Serbian going by the name of Mihail Olic. Mihail is a body builder and Ali Riza and Sabri front him at his gym.

Ali tries to trade first with Mihail, money for guns but Mihail won’t trade. He is forced to use pressure to get him to tell them where the guns are. Ali’s persuasion works.

Murat tells Burak that Halide is looking for Behcet. Burak always thought he was dead but he now finds out that his brother didn’t shoot him as he said he did. For 8 years Murat has kept this a secret. Halide has to be stopped. They are both scared that their father will find out that Murat did not carry out his order. Burak asks his brother to leave it to him and he will handle everything.

Derya has been approached to marry Burak. Halide tries to warn her about him and calls him a maniac but she doesn’t listen. The two families joining together will make a powerful team in the syndicate.

Halide pays Burak a visit. She wants to know how much he knows about her necklace. He lies and tells her that he took the necklace from Sadi and he was going to give her the necklace as a gift on her father’s birthday. He thought the necklace would make her love him.

Ali Riza and Sabri bring the body builder Mihail to the gun warehouse. There are quite a number of Serbian armed guards there protecting the guns and Ali Riza has to fight his way through before he can take possession of the guns.

Burak is told buy Hasmet that Ali Riza has the guns. It is now up to Burak to deliver the guns to Salman Aga. Burak makes sure they know that Salman Aga first has to check the shipment before he pays the money.

It comes as a shock to Burak to hear that he is required to marry Derya, Mithat’s daughter. Burak does not take this decision lightly. He tells them that everyone knows that he loves Halide and she is the one that he wants. He is told to respect his father and agree with his decision. Burak will not obey his father’s decision.

On the waterfront that night, Halide explains to Ali Riza what the infinity necklace means to her. This is the first time that she has shared her story. She relates that when she was at University she used to sing. Her mother and her brothers always supported her and they went to the concert together even though her father objected. Halide remembers looking into her mothers eyes and singing to her from the stage. On returning home that night they were all in the car together.

She tells Ali Riza that she bears the pain and blame for that night. Halide continues to tell Ali that she found the necklace after it had fallen out of Burak’s pocket the night his sister was married and murdered. She hadn’t seen it for 8 years. She longs to know who killed them. The sadness of the situation brings her to tears and she is comforted by an understanding Ali Riza,

Ali believes that Hashmet should know about everything about the necklace but Halide tells him she cannot tell him until she finds Behcet who is a witness to what happened that night. Ali Riza tells her that he will help her in whatever way he can.

Fusun has found out that Ali Riza and Halide have been seen together. This thought saddens her. In her sadness she calls Murat to meet with her. Murat feels strange being with a saddened woman. He really does not know what he can do to help her. This is something he is not used to.

The guns are now protected by Hasmet’s men. They are locked inside the warehouse with armed guards outside. Burak and Fiko steal the guns by going through the roof. They swap the real guns for toy guns without being seen. Burak cannot wait until Ali Riza and Hasmet find out that they have been tricked.

Ali Riza brings Halide back to visit Behcet’s wife. This time she brings money with her. this time she takes Ali Riza with her for protection. The location turns out to be a basement night club. They enter and ask for Behcet. As soon as Behcet recognises Halide he runs.

At gunpoint Behcets is understandably nervous. He agrees to tell them everything he knows about Halide’s family. Halide asks him directly, “Who killed my family?” Behcet replies that he wasn’t there at the time. He blames Sinan, Cengiz and Nusret. This information he says he has already given to Fuat Ersoylu.

Halide holds out her infinity necklace and asks him if he has seen it before. He replies yes. He saw it in the hands of Nusret.

Not long after Halide and Ali Riza leave the basement, Burak Ersoylu emerges from behind a door. Behcet has played his part well and lied just as he was told to. Burak thanks him by drawing his gun and shooting him dead.

Uncle Muzaffer comes to see Ali Riza’s mother. He makes sure she understands that whatever Ali Riza has done it is all for his country.

Hasmet, Salman Aga , Ali Riza and Burak gather outside the warehouse.

They venture inside the warehouse to check the guns. Burak has his trucks ready to make the delivery. He waits until Salman Aga views his shipment knowing full well that the guns are toys. Salman Aga lifts the lid of the gun box.

Salman Aga thinks this is a joke when he sees only toy rifles.

Hasmet Gurkhan turns to Sabri who has been guarding the guns wanting an explanation of what they see. Only toy guns.

Salman Aga tells Ali Riza to go and say his prayers.




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