Welcome to Episode 5 of Ariza.

At the end of our last episode both Hasmet and Ali Riza had found Yasar. Hasmet questions Yasar asking him who gave him the order to shoot. He confesses.

Hasmet also suspects that Ali Riza works for a government organisation. In speaking with Hasmet, Ali understands that they both want the same thing, justice. An agreement is reached whereby Hasmet will help Ali Riza rise to the top of the syndicate. There is one condition and that is Halide. Hasmet has already paid the ultimate price with the death of his wife and two children. Ali Riza must swear Halide will be protected at all times.

Ali Riza gives his promise to protect Halide and that she will never know about their partnership. Hasmet also tells Ali Riza that he will have to forego his revenge on the Ersoylu’s for the present as he rises to the top of the syndicate. This means Ali will need to shake hands with Burak Ersoylu.

Burak has lied to his father about Yasar and when Hasmet turns up at Fuat’s office with a recording of Yasar’s confession telling him Burak gave him the order, Fuat is embarrassed. Under syndicate law this could mean death for Burak.

Hasmet threatens to go to the syndicate if Fuat does not do something about Burak. Fuat can only listen as Hasmet gives him the conditions. Firstly, Burak will stop harassing Halide and secondly Fuat will pay the debt owed to Hasmet by bringing Ali Riza into the organisation. The deal is accepted.

It is time for Burak to face his father. Fuat tells his son that his punishment is to stay away from Halide and when the time comes he will have to shake the hand of Ali Riza and end the hostility. If he doesn’t agree the syndicate will come after him. Burak stands rebelliously in front of his father and tells him that he cannot do what he asks. His father tells him that he has no choice.

After his reprimand Burak gets himself drunk. In a fit of anger towards Ali Riza and loaded to the brink with alcohol, Burak douses the taxi stand with gasoline and tries to set fire to the taxi stand. Ali stops him.

Burak tells Ali Riza that Halide was the one reason he had to live and Ali has now taken that from him.

Ali Riza calls a family meeting to tell them he is ending the feud with the Ersoylu’s. His mother is thankful that her son will be out of danger. Mert his brother is ashamed of his brother and still wants to seek revenge. Fusun was also told to withdraw her investigation on the case.

Although he has been hurt by his decision, Ali Riza will take his revenge at another time.

Meanwhile, Halide looks forward to spending some time with Ali Riza but finds that he is not putting himself out to spend time with her.

At his meeting with Hasmet Gurkan, Ali tells him that for now he will not pursue his revenge on the Ersoylu family but when everything is over he will shoot Burak Ersoylu in the head. At this meeting Hasmet decides to re-enter the syndicate and stand with Ali Riza as his right hand man. Together they will take their revenge together.

Hasmet rejoins the syndicate and takes up his rightful place. The group are very happy about this. Fuat seems to have a worried look on his face as Hasmet challenges him for leadership.

Halide is disappointed in Ali Riza. She blames him for her father rejoining the mafia syndicate. Ali cannot tell her that her father has sacrificed himself for her safety just as he has sacrificed his revenge for the killing of his sister. Ali promises Halide he will keep her father safe.

Mert still wants his revenge for his sisters life. He is manipulated into believing he can take Burak down.

Halide tracks down Sadi Aksoy who had involvement in her families deaths. She finds out that he owns a car yard.

Ali Riza gathers together his friends at the Taxi Stand along with Ferit. He tells them that he is venturing on a very dangerous road. He tells them that he will welcome anyone who wants to join him on the journey. They all decide to stand by Ali.

A delivery of red roses are delivered to Fusun from Murat Ersoylu.

Halide is tempting danger in finding Sadi Aksoy. She asks him about the accident but his anger towards Hasmet and Fuat is evident. Eager to speak with him she follows him to a scrap metal car yard.

Hasmet hears that Salman Aga has a new business partner interested in selling him guns. Hasmet gives Ali Riza’s his first mission. Follow Salman Aga and find out who he is doing business with.

Fuat has asked Mithat to allow his daughter Derya to marry Burak. He is hoping this will take the pressure off his Burak’s paranoid longing for Halide. Derya on the other hand does not want to marry Burak, besides she knows that Burak is paranoid over Halide.

Ali Riza finds it very hard not telling Halide the truth about his involvement with her father. She really wants to trust him. Ali Riza asks her not to place herself in danger and if there is anything she wants to do they can do it together.

Halide hates the thought that her father has returned to the mafia after all these years. Hashmet tells her he has unfinished business. Halide tells him that after 8 years she wants to know why she was left alive on that day.

Hashmet owns up that this was the way he was given a message. Obey them or they would take his daughter too. He tells her that he is doing his best to keep Burak away from her. Halide tells him that she is a woman now and she can take care of herself.

Ali Riza enlists the taxi drivers to help him follow Salman Aga. His first attempt is unsuccessful but later a helicopter is seen landing on the hotel where Salman Aga is staying. Inside Sadi Aksoy is seen with a suitcase of gun samples for Salman Aga to view. Ali Riza needs to identify the new supplier for Hasmet and makes his way into the hotel.

Salman Aga is pleased with the gun samples and orders a shipment.

Ali Riza is able to capture Sadi Aksoy . After looking through his mobile phone Ali can see that Sadi has had communication with Uncle Muzaffer. With Uncle Muzzafer’s help they make a fake video of Ali Riza killing Sadi and then they send him overseas.

The video is shown to the syndicate. Sadi is seen giving a confession of how Salman Aga wanted to work with him for a long time and he took the opportunity after Burak ruined Salman’s gun delivery. The video ends when it appears that Ali Riza shoots him dead whilst he is tied to a chair.

The syndicate is happy with the outcome of Ali Riza’s first mission. Not only that, Ali also has all of Sadi’s guns. They know that Salman Aga will be desperate for his shipment.

Halide returns to Sadi Aksoy’s car yard looking for Sadi. Of course he is not there but Burak is. He had followed her. Burak tells Halide that Ali Riza has killed Sadi. He shows her a copy of the video. She finds is shocked at what she sees.

That evening Halide is invited to attend a dinner in her honour at Ali Riza’s house. Ali knew nothing of the dinner until Halide arrives. Halide is very upset and in a round about way she taunts him about what she has seen on the video. She tells him that she trusted him but he has tricked her and his family and has become evil.




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