Ali Riza has joined Uncle Muzaffer’s secret crime organisation. His first assignment is to stop Fuat Ersoylu from selling a shipment of guns to Salman Aga.

At the end of Episode 2, Burak is waiting for the delivery trucks to move the guns but Riza has intervened. The truck drivers were in debt to Yasar who held the title deeds to their trucks. Yasar was forcing them to ship guns against their will. Many were beaten if they resisted. When Ali Riza intervened he forced Yasar to clear their and give them back ownership. The truck drivers could no longer be held to ransom by Yasar.

This action placed Fuat in a sticky situation as far as Salman Aga goes. He now has no trucks to deliver the guns to Salman Aga. Burak is furious about this also but at the last minute was able to get ambulances to transport the guns to a hospital owned by Fuat. Both Fuat and Burak are irate that Ali Riza has interfered in their business.

Halide has not yet told her mafia father about finding the infinity necklace nor that she saw on a video the necklace falling out of Burak’s pocket. This means that he was involved with her family’s murder 8 years previously.

Fuat believes that Sabri has double crossed him and given the address to Ali Riza about where he could find Burak the night he tried to kill him. He asks Hasmet to hand him over so he can torture the truth out of him. Hasmet refuses to give him up knowing that Sabri has been a faithful friend and is innocent.

Uncle Muzaffer believes that Ali Riza will be approached by one or if not all of the leading mafia groups in Istanbul. Uncle Muzaffer believes that this group is thirsty for power and will contact him soon.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza is educated in the names of the men in the crime syndicate. Of course leading the group is Fuat Ersoylu and his sons Burak and Murat.

Ali Riza is shown photos of Mithat Burgaz, Galip Atabey and Sehmuz Atmaca. They all work in the same crime syndicate. Firstly, there is Mithat Burgaz who collects protection money from every pub, restaurant and casino.

Then there is Galip Atabey who runs illegal betting and gambling.

Lastly there is Sehmuz Atmaca who is one of Europes biggest drug barons.

Ali Riza’s family is made aware that Ali has been involved in helping the truck drivers which places him in danger. His mother is not happy about this as she has already lost her daughter to a criminal act by Burak. She does not want to lose Ali Riza also.

Burak tells his father that he does not want to use Sehmuz Atmaca’s trucks to move the shipment of guns to Salman Aga. Fuat warns his son that Salman Aga is a powerful man and won’t stand being messed around. Burak begs his father to allow him to organise everything. He tells him that he has a ship docked near Sile ready to accept delivery of the guns. Fuat previously has not been able to trust his son but this time he gives him permission.

Fuat believes that Sabri was the one who placed the video of Ali Riza beating him on social media and also was the person responsible in telling Ali where to find Burak the night he tried to kill him.

Because of this they make plans to kidnap Sabri and torture him for information as to who told him to do it. Of course we know now that Sabri had no part in it at all but Fuat will not believe Hasmet when he is told that he is innocent.

Mert is getting himself into trouble when one of Fuat’s men befriends him. They give him a gun.

Ferit (Nihan’s husband) is deep in depression over her death.

The crime syndicate gather together. They do not believe that Burak has enough experience in delivering the shipment. They also believe that Sehmuz Atmaca should make the delivery and they should get Hasmet involved. Fuat backs his son and promises them that nothing will go wrong this time.

Rasim’s daughter finds a wad of money in her father’s suit pocket. Left overs from his continued alliance with Fuat. She helps herself to some of the stash.

Just as Uncle Muzaffer foretold, Mithat makes contact with Ali Riza. Mithat promises him help if necessary in dealing with Burak and Fuat.

Ali Riza meets with Halide on the river. She explains that brother Sabri is in danger and she wants to know who gave him the address and how come Ali could find Burak that day. Ali Riza could not tell her that it was Uncle Muzaffer.

Burak has the guns moved from the hospital by ambulance once more and loads them into the awaiting ship at the dock. Rifki, his fathers right hand man watches on to make sure that Burak does not do anything wrong.

While Halide is talking to Ali Riza, Sabri is easily captured and driven away.

Ali Riza takes Halide home and has his handshake rejected. Rather Hasmet does talk to Hasan who he knew when they were in prison together. Hasan tells Hasmet that he wrote down the number plate and will track it down.

Hasmet goes to see Fuat. It is a visit of power . He is not in a good mood. The taking of Sabri has elevated his anger towards Fuat. He tells Fuat that if he doesn’t deliver Sabri back safely to him then their friendship and partnership will end.

Halide tells her father that she could talk to Burak in the hope that he will let him go. He forbids it.

Ali Riza enlists the help of all the taxi drivers in Istanbul to help him find the car which took Sabri.

Halide decides to go against her father. She is told by Ali Riza to wait a little longer and give him time to find Sabri. Ali swears that Burak only wants one thing and that is her, everything else does not matter.

Burak has Sabri tied up and he is beating him.

Burak knows Halide very well. He is sure that Halide will call him to try and save Sabri’s life. He waits in anticipation. If she calls he will use Sabri as a bargaining tool to get her to marry him.

In prison Fusun once again asks Cengiz to tell her the truth. Later on Cengiz places a call telling the Ersoylu’s that he is frightened he will be killed by Ali Riza’s men in prison. On hearing this Murat leaves home to go to Fusun’s office. He had warned her before not to get involved.

Unexpectedly, Hasmet turns up. He wants to take Murat away. He will use Murat as a bargaining tool for sabri. Fusun is a gutsy woman and draws a gun on Hasmet. At this stage we do not know what eventuates in her office.

Meanwhile, Halide is impatient, she makes a phone call to Burak. He is overjoyed by the call. She has asked him to come to her.

At the same time Ali Riza finds out the location where they are holding Sabri. He alerts Hasan and his men and they make haste to rescue him.

The raid is successful and they manage to carry the tortured Sabri away without injuring anyone.

Unfortunately Halide waits for Burak. As soon as Ali Riza has Sabri safe he calls her to let her know. When he hears that she is waiting for Burak he tells her to get out. Burak will think that she has set him up once he knows that Sabri has been rescued.

The warning is too late. Burak enters the restaurant. Halide is caught in an uncomfortable situation.

At this stage Burak does not know that Sabri has been rescued. He begins his meeting with Halide in threatening her. He tells her she can have anything she wants, including Sabri, if she will come to him.

Halide has a smile on her face as the news is brought to Burak of Sabri’s escape. Burak immediately thinks that Halide has set him up just as Ali Riza said. His temper increases and his gaze intensifies. He hears his name being called from the restaurants doors.

It is Ali Riza who has come to save Halide.




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