We left Ali Riza last week after he received a phone call from his father. Hasmet and Halide were also in a spot of trouble at the end of last week’s episode. Burak and Fiko had raided their home and there is nobody there to protect them. By the time the word gets out to Ali Riza, he and Aslan high tail it to the house.

Hasmet is a smart old man. He first locks Halide in a room and keeps her out of danger and then he takes a couple of hand grenades and waits for Burak and Fiko to find him. The hand grenades are enough to frighten them off and they have to flee.

It is not long after that Sabri and Ali Riza arrive with a back-up of armed men. They find Burak gone. Halide is released into Ali Riza’s arms.

Murat on the other hand returns home to a worried Fusun. Fusun pleads with him to go away with her.

Mithat’s and Balaban’s attempt to kill Hasmet, Ali Riza and Ihtiyar has failed. The war still continues.

Ali Riza and Aslan made an attempt to kill Burak and Balaban but their raid was unsuccessful also.

Ali Riza tells Halide that his father is alive. The question is, why has Ali Riza’s father pretended to be dead all this time.

Ali Riza hasn’t been home since his brother was shot. His mother hurt him deeply and blamed him for Mert’s injuries. Ali Riza does not know that his biological mother is Ihtiyar. Rukiye tries to find the courage to tell him.

Ali Riza tells Mert that the thought of Burak still being alive eats at him every day and he still cannot come home and sleep because the family is better off without him.

Ihtiyar orders Balaban shot on sight for his attempt on her life.

Balaban has a surprise for Murat and Burak. He has a recording of Fusun telling Ali Riza that he must save Murat and kill Burak instead. The traitor has been exposed and under mafia law she has to be killed.

Murat tells Fusun hat they will be leaving together that night. He has also told his brother that he will take care of the matter of her betrayal.

When Murat tells Fusun that they will be leaving that day she obviously thinks that they are going away and certainly not that she may be killed. Burak tells Fiko that if his brother does not have the courage to kill her, then he will do it for him.

Ali Riza finally speaks with his mother Rukiye. He tells her that he wished he never entered the fight after his sister was killed. It has caused so much pain to the family. He has made her go through so much anguish. He feels that he should be the one dead. He tries to keep away from her because of his sadness. Ali Riza can find no reason why all this has happened in his life.

Meanwhile, a meeting is called between the two waring groups.

Hasmet tells Mithat that if he wants a war then they are standing on the battle ground.

Mithat threatens the lives of Melek and Halide as a last bid to save his own life. He has them locked in his home. If Hasmet does not stop the war and let him go, all will die including his daughter. Hasmet has to agrees and the captives are released.

Hasmet gives Mithat 12 hours to leave the city. If he doesn’t leave Hasmet will come looking for him.

Ihtiyar now adds Mithat to her hit list. She now orders Balaban and Mithat to be killed on sight.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza calls Fusun. He tells her that Murat and Burak know she is an informer. He tells her to leave immediately. Fusun tells him that everything is fine and Murat has told her that they are going away together that day.

Ali Riza warns her again not to go with him. Fusun is in love and has full trust in Murat and will not listen to what Ali Riza says but she does give him permission to track her mobile which will give him her location just in case she should need him.

The couple stop at a lookout over Istanbul. Fusun is still unaware of what Murat has in mind.

It does not take long before Murat asks her why she told Ali Riza to kill Burak but not Murat. She answers simply that she wanted to protect him. This answer breaks his heart.

He pulls out his gun. Instead of killing her he is going to kill himself. He tells her that they should have left a long time ago but it is too late now. He places the gun to his head. He tells her he loves her and shoots.

We are now shown a scene. Where Fusun is sitting on the ground. Ali Riza arrives with Hasan. Murat is wounded but certainly not dead. Ali Riza and Hasan take both of them to safety.

Ali Riza tells Fusun not to worry about anything and that he will take care of them both.

As far as Burak knows, Murat has run run away with Fusun. He has no idea that Murat tried to kill himself.

Melek tells Hasmet that the murderer of her sister and nephews were Murat and Burak Ersoylu. Melek has known all along but she could not bring herself to tell Hasmet. This news cements his desire to kill them both.

Hasmet tracks down Murat who is being held by Hasan and Ali Riza. He finds Murat tied to a chair. He asks him to confirm that he and Burak killed his family after being ordered to do it by Fuat.

Hasmet orders Hasan and Ferit to untie Murat. Hasmet tells Murat that they are going for a ride together! Hasan and Ferit can do nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza gets a call from Aslan. Aslan has tracked the telephone number his father used to phone him. He has a location to take Ali Riza.

Halide goes along for the ride. Watching them from a distance is the ever watchful Safir. Ihtiyar’s watch dog. Halide remains in the car as the men search a derelict building.

Ali Riza enters a room and stares inside. He is completely surprised at who he sees. He says “Papa”.




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