At the conclusion of last week’s episode, a contract had been taken out on Ali Riza and Hasmet by the Syndicate members, Mithat, Burak, Murat and Balaban.

Instead of killing Ali Riza the gunmen shoot his brother Mert. Not long afterwards Hasmet is gunned down in the street. Both men are now in hospital and are critical.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Rukiye gets a visit from Mrs Berguzar who tells her that she is Ali Riza’s mother. This has been a fear for Rukiye ever since her husband brought Ali Riza home as a baby. She always wondered who and where his mother was.

Rukiye tells Mrs Berguzar that Ali Riza came to her after he was abandoned at a police station. Mrs Berguzar tells her that it was a lie. She explains that her son was taken from her as a baby. Rukiye tells her that her husband would never separate a child from its mother.

The decision to tell Ali Riza about his biological mother will not be an easy task for both the women. Rukiye’s last words to Mrs Berguzar is to tell her to get out of her house and to stay away from her and Ali Riza.

When the news comes that Mert has been shot and is in a critical conditio, Rukiye is dealt another blow and she faints.

At the hospital Rukiye rips into Ali Riza for not protecting his brother. She tells him that he is responsible if he dies. Ali Riza remembers his sister the day she died. She would be alive today if he had not got involved with Burak and the Syndicate. Now he may lose his brother as well. His part in it all fills him with guilt and sorrow.

Burak waits anxiously to hear if Hasmet is dead. He knows that Mert was shot instead of Ali Riza and he knows that Ali Riza will be coming after him. Burak hears bad news, both Mert and Hasmet are alive.

Mrs Berguzar confronts Mithat about the attack on Hasmet. He denies it. He blames Balaban for trying to kill Ali Riza. Mrs Berguzar abolishes the Syndicate completely. Mithat is left without anybody to dictate to and he is on his own.

Murat is told that there is no longer a Syndicate table and allows his brother to talk him into finishing what they started and taking out Haste and Ali Riza. They shake hands on their partnership and winning the war.

The attack on Mert and the berating from his mother drives Ali Riza to go it alone and deal with the war in his own way. He can no longer trust anyone but himself and his family. He turns his back on Ihtiyar. He tells himself to start at the very beginning and control the war himself. He makes an anonymous telephone call to a friend and leaves the message “I need you”!

A week passes. Mert has recovered in hospital and is being discharged home. Ali Riza watches as the family pick him up. He has not been anywhere near his family since the day that Mert was shot.

Hasmet regains consciousness after a week. Halide has been by his side every day.

Ali Riza still does not know if his father is dead or alive.

After a call for help, Ali Riza is joined by an army pal called Aslan. They are very close and obviously as soon as Ali Riza put the call out for help he came immediately to his side. Aslan will be Ali Riza’s right hand man who he whole heartedly trusts.

It so happens that Aslan has an armoury of weapons at his home. Ali Riza has a set plan to take his revenge. He has inside information from Fusun as to where his enemies will be. He puts his plan into action with Aslan at his side. The one thing Ali Riza knows is that he has to stop the threat to his loved ones and he will find no rest until he has.

Burak has called a meeting of all single mafia groups. He hopes to create a Syndicate of his own. It is here that Ali Riza and Aslan make their entrance with two machine guns and turns the hotel into a battle ground.

Burak and the mafia make a stand but they cannot contend with machine guns. Ali Riza and Aslan leave bodies strewn all over the hotel.

On arriving at the conference room the gunfight is fierce. Only dead bodies remain. Burak and Murat who has received a bullet make their escape into the downstairs basement. Ali Riza chases them and shoots Burak twice, unfortunately he does not kill him. Murat drags his brother into his car and they make their escape.

Burak on the other hand is in a bad way. His brother is racing him to medical care. He has two bullets in him and is in a great deal of pain.

Meanwhile at Ali Riza’s home, Mert is recovering. He tells his mother that the day he was shot he was with his brother digging up his father’s grave at the cemetery and they found the grave empty. He explains to his mother that his father just might be alive and to prepare herself in case the truth is found out.

How much more can Rukiye take. She has been confronted by Ali Riza’s mother. Her son was shot and nearly killed. She hasn’t seen Ali Riza since the hospital and now the news that her presumed dead husband may still be alive.

After his attack at the hotel Ali Riza and Aslan now prepare to look for Balaban at all his usual haunts. He also waits for Mithat to show his real face of betrayal. The war has begun but it still has a long way to go.

Ali Riza and Halide have been having continual arguments since the war has begun. Halide can see no way that they can have a life away from the dangers of his job. She worries about him each time he drives away. She asks him to share everything with her or she will be done with him.

Mithat thinks that he has got away with his betrayal. He visits Hasmet who knows that he was a part of the plan to kill him. Hasmet will play his game until the time is right.

Burak survives his bullet wounds. He tells Derya that he will not stop the war. His desire for revenge eats him alive. He swears that he will kill Ali Riza and it will be ME or HIM!

Rukiye calls Muzaffer to speak with her. She is confused. She tells him that she knows her husband’s grave is empty. Muzaffer tells her that somebody is playing a game with them and he knows very little of why it is empty. Rukiye tells Muzaffer to make sure that Ihtiyar stays away from her son and that goes for him too.

Mithat’s wife Melek knows her husband well. She has been living with Hasmet for a while now while she waits on her divorce from Mithat to be finalised. She plans to visit Mithat for the last time. She knows he is involved with the attempt on Hasmet’s life. She finds Mithat having lunch. From underneath the table she draws out a gun from her hand bag and aims it at him.

On her way home in her car, Halide sees Burak at the docks buying guns. She warns Sabri that Burak is on his way to kill Hasmet. Sabri is not at home but at the shoot out with Ali Riza. Halide does the best she can and arms her guards at the house in an attempt to protect her father until Sabri can get to them. Burak has ordered his men to show mercy to nobody.

The attack on Hasmet’s home is underway. Burak has many men. He breaks through the gates with only a few of Hasmet’s men to protect him.

Burak see’s Halide’s car parked out front and realises that she is inside with Hasmet. He does not want Halide to be placed in danger but he gives the order never-the-less to fire.

Every guard is killed. Halide and Hasmet are barracaded inside. Hasmet is wounded but still he gives a gun to Halide and takes one himself to protect themselves.

Meanwhile Ali Riza is having a shoot out in a car park. Fusun has warned Ali Riza that Balaban plans to assassinate Ihtiyar. Ali Riza goes after Balaban and corners him on a roof top but he escapes yet again after using a smoke bomb and scaling the walls of the car park. Ali Riza is so frustrated that once again Balaban has eluded him.

Alone on the roof top Ali Riza receives a phone call. The voice is unrecognisable. He repeatedly asks “who is it?”

The reply comes back “your father”!




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