After entering the fight ring and winning, Ali Riza gets the chance to speak to Karabatak who runs the fight club. It has been a while since Karabatak has seen Ali Riza’s father but Ali Riza wants to know everything he can remember about him.

Burak has been given Ali Riza’s position as sword of the Syndicate table and Ali Riza has been fired from the Syndicate.

Previously, Mrs Berguzar and Ali Riza planned his dismissal from the Syndicate so that Ali Riza could move around freely and look for the person who is the driving force behind Balaban. Of course nobody else in the Syndicate knows of this plan except Hasmet.

Mrs Berguzar tells Ali Riza that if he can find out who is behind Balaban then he will be powerful within the Syndicate and she will offer hi a seat at the Syndicate table as a reward. Mrs Berguzar tells Ali Riza to be careful as he walks away. She can see that her son is brave, strong and strategic but she fears that his courage could lead him on a deadly path.

With the alliance of Mithat, Burak, Murat and Balaban the Syndicate is split down the middle and is on the verge of a mafia war.

Ali Riza finds out from Karabatak that Balaban has an Uncle and his parents were killed in a traffic accident. Their bodies are buried in a cemetery at Sisli.

Ali Riza then asks Karabatak what he knows about his father and how he died. Karabatak tells him that he believes that Ihtiyar /Mrs Berguzar killed him and threw his body into the ocean.

This was in contradiction to what Ali Riza has been told. Ali Riza remembers going to Hatay and bringing his father’s body back home. Ali Riza buried his father himself and was told at the time that he had stood on a land mine and his face was unrecognisable.

Karabatak asks him if he ever saw his face? Ali Riza answer’s they he never did.

Ali Riza can now see that he has been told a load of lies. Karabatak tells him that he doesn’t know whether his father is dead or alive.

Meanwhile, Mert waits to talk to his brother about his father’s involvement in killing Halide’s family. He is shocked to hear that Ali Riza believes that maybe their father is still alive. Ali Riza tells him that he finds out something new about their father every day. The brothers decide to journey to the cemetery and exhume their father’s body.

Ferit was sent to the cemetery in Sisli to look for Balaban’s parents. He reports back to Ali Riza who in turn takes the information to Mrs Berguzar. He tells her that Balaban has an Uncle and nobody knows who he is. Balaban’s father was Robert Di Moretti an Italian and his mother was Turkish, Meryem Di Moretti. Both were killed in a traffic accident and both are buried in the cemetery beside each other. Hasmet tells Ali Riza to look into his Turkish mother’s background.

Ali Riza is cheeky and places a bouquet of flowers on the Moretti graves and leaves a calling card for Balaban to find.

Balaban swears that he will make him pay.

Hasmet will not give Ali Riza the time of day. He threatens Ali Riza with death if he does not back down from seeing Halide. Ali Riza tries to bridge the gap but Hasmet will not give in.

That night Halide tracks Ali Riza down. She also is not obeying her father and she is not going to give up on seeing Ali Riza. She makes a plan to go with him and Mert to the cemetery the next day to dig up his father’s grave and get closer to solving the mystery.

Burak is throwing his weight around now that he is back in the Syndicate. He wants a free car from Ali Riza’s new showroom. Ali Riza delivers the car to Burak’s residence.

Burak and Fiko stand on their balcony gloating over their new acquisition. Laughing to themselves that the new sword of the Syndicate has to do what they tell him to.

Ali Riza’s delivers a hidden message inside Burak’s new car. A bomb which goes off and sends Burak flying across his balcony.

Mithat, Burak, Murat and Balaban decide to take over the Syndicate but will have to take care of Hasmet and Ali Riza first. They plan their assassination and put a contract out on them both.

Hasmet at the present time is having dinner with Mrs Berguzar. They discuss Ali Riza and Halide and the reason why Hasmet is so angry with him. Mrs Berguzar tells Hasmet that he doesn’t understand who Ali Riza is. Hasmet tells her that all he knows is that Mehmet Emin Altay is Ali Riza’s father and his father apparently killed Hasmet’s wife and sons.

Mrs Berguzar tells Hasmet that Mehmet Emin Altay was an intelligence officer who infiltrated the mafia. He also broke her heart. She does not feel that Ali Riza is like his father and she doesn’t want Hasmet to blame him. She tells Hasmet that she trusts Ali Riza because he is her son.

Hasmet is shocked when he hears this news. He realises that it was Mrs Berguzar that got Ali Riza into the Syndicate just so she could be close to him. Hasmet wants her to stay silent as Ali Riza now has a family that would be very hurt if she tells them the truth.

That morning, Ali Riza, Halide and Mert leave to go to the cemetery and begin the excavation.

After digging deep they find that there is no body in the grave. Ali Riza begins to believe that maybe Karabatak was right and his father is not really dead.

Out of nowhere Ali Riza is ambushed at the cemetery. It is obvious that they have come to kill him. Although he tries hard to protect Halide and Mert, Mert is shot and is critically wounded.

The members of the Syndicate wait anxiously to hear that Ali Riza has been killed but when they find out that they have failed and they shot his brother instead, they know they are in for big trouble. They know that Ali Riza will not give up until he has taken his revenge.

Murat is very nervous. He feels that he has joined the wrong side and now he is caught in a trap of his own making and he can’t escape.

Halide and Ali Riza race against time to get Mert to the hospital. Ali Riza is filled with guilt that he led his innocent brother into his life of crime and now he it could have cost him his life.

Despite Mert’s heart stopping along the way requiring CPR, he holds onto life enabling them to get him to hospital. Ali Riza is shaking and angry. He calls Balaban and tells him that he is coming to get him.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Rukiye that her son has been seriously wounded, she has met Mrs Berguzar in the street and has invited her into her home for tea. Rutkiye proudly gets out the family photographs. Mrs Berguzar cannot contain herself and shows Rukiye a photograph of herself and her baby which was taken away from her . Rukiye immediately recognises the baby as Ali Riza. Mrs Berguzar tells her that he is her son.

In the meantime, Hasmet is in his car and stops at the side of a road to buy oranges. He is ambushed and his body is riddled with bullets. He falls to the ground as if he is dead.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Hasmet and Mert survive and if Ali Riza takes his revenge.




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