Halide has been captured by Balaban and is tied and gagged and hidden in the bowels of a ship.
Ali Riza has gone to rescue her and finds her with a time bomb strapped to her chest.

Balaban has been taken prisoner by Mrs Berguzar who is torturing him to force him to let her go. Balaban used Halide as blackmail to force Mrs Berguzar to allow him to sit at the Syndicate table.

We found out last week that Mrs Berguzar is Ali Riza’s biological mother.

Balaban gets what he wants and in return disarms the bomb. Ali Riza removes the device from Halide’s shaken body and leads her off the ship.

Balaban has now been accepted as part of the Syndicate.

Halide has had a rough time and is very traumatised by the assault. It will take time to get over her ordeal.

Burak and Balaban have made an alliance in their drive to be head of the Syndicate.

Hasmet and Melek feel that Mithat has been acting weird for a while now. Mithat wants his daughter to marry Burak and now he wants to divorce his wife because she opposes this.

Ali Riza finds it hard believing that Balaban will now sit at the Syndicate table. He wants to pay him back for what he did to Halide. He also knows that this act will carry a punishment now that Balaban has been accepted to the Syndicate. Never-the-less he knows that Burak and Balaban are partners now and he plans to hit Balaban hard and make him feel his presence.

At Balaban’s warehouse, Ali Riza prepares to hit Balaban where it hurts by destroying his money laundering business.

On this attack Ali Riza and his men kill everyone in the warehouse and take possession of millions of Lire.

Meanwhile, Hasmet meets with Mithat. Mithat gets the vibes that something is up and tells his guards that if Hasmet makes one move against him to kill him.

Hasmet invites Ali Riza into the meeting also. Hasmet tells Mithat that he knows that he sold the guns for 5 Million TL. Mithat denies this even though Ali Riza and Hasmet know he is guilty. He blames Burak and Balaban for the theft. Hasmet gives Mithat a warning that because he sits at the head of the Syndicate table he could fall just like Fuat did.

Hasmet can see that Mithat, Burak and Balaban would make a strong presence at the Syndicate table. Ali Riza calms Hasmet by telling him that Balaban will wake up tomorrow and feel the pressure that he has put on him and he won’t like it. He will be made to pay the price for kidnapping Halide.

Mrs Berguzar remembers her baby son with love. She tells Muzaffer that he was taken from her as a baby and then she was told that he died. She mourned him for years.

Mrs Berguzar then tells Muzaffer that she learnt after 20 years that her son was still alive. She couldn’t go to him then and tell him that she was his mother. Muzaffer tells her that maybe it is time now to tell him the truth. She remarks that if her enemies know that he is her son they will not let him live. It is decided that she will talk to Ali Riza’s mother about this.

The members of the Syndicate begin to gather for the meeting. Balaban arrives excited about his opportunity to sit down with the members. He is not allowed to settle before Ali Riza puts a gun to his head and drags him out. Payment he says for hurting Halide.

Balaban is brought to the warehouse which was attacked by Ali Riza and his men. Ali Riza has a surprise for him. Inside his warehouse he sees his men lying dead on the floor and many held at gun point. Ali Riza tells him that he told him that he was going to pay for what he did to Halide. Balaban watches as a torch it put to his money.

Balaban tells Ali Riza that if his father knew he was serving Ihtiyar he would turn over in his grave. He also asks him that if Halide knew that his father was involved in the murder of her family what would she do? Balaban tells him that he has already told Halide. Scared that Balaban has ruined their relationship Ali Riza races to find her.

Muzaffer organises a meeting between Rukiye who is Ali Riza’s mother and Mrs Berguzar, his biological mother. Although at the time Rukiye does not know what is going on or who she is.

Ihtiyar asks many personal questions of Rukiye including information about her family. She tells her of her two sons Ali Riza and Mert and how her daughter was murdered. Ihtiyar tells Rukiye that she lost her son and her loss is so great that it takes her breath away. She does not have the courage to tell her that Ali Riza is her son but her presence leaves Rukiye feeling weird.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza finds Halide after she won’t answer his phone calls. He can see that there is something bothering her. He does not hold back and asks her if she is sad because of what Balaban told her about his father. They both agree that Hasmet should not hear about the connection as he would not take it lightly. Halide does not like the fact that there are secrets between them.

To learn more about his father Ali Riza needs to find a man called Karabatak. Karabatak runs an illegal fighting ring where men fight to the death and you can only get to meet him on fight days. Ali Riza makes a plan to try and have contact with Karabatak by fighting himself.

The time has come for Ali Riza to come to ask for Halide’s hand in marriage. The event is organised for that evening. The family excitedly attend. The happy event is disturbed by Mithat who brings a video for Hasmet of Ali Riza’s father speaking with Fuat about killing his family. This vengeful act was orchestrated by Burak and his jealousy.

This video changes everything and Hasmet refuses to accept the marriage. He tells Ali Riza that he knows what his father did and he orders Ali Riza to take his family and leave his house. His rage is directed at Halide as well as she knew and never told him. She is ordered not to have anything to do with him in future. Ali Riza is angry, hurt and embarrassed.

The Syndicate sits to discuss what punishment to give Ali Riza , since he killed Balaban’s men and burnt his money and Balaban is now one of the Syndicate. Hasmet tells them that the verdict has to be carefully made as Ali Riza will respond accordingly.

The verdict is made and the majority vote to dismiss Ali Riza from the Syndicate. It is voted that Burak be offered his position. The Syndicate now consists of Mithat, Murat, Burak and Balaban all who have an alliance to each other. Hasmet leaves the meeting when he can see that he has been outnumbered.

Ali Riza hopes that his father’s friend Karabatak will be able to tell him more about his father and help him unravel the mystery. To speak with him Ali Riza will have to fight first.

Ali Riza is set up for his fight. His opponent has never been beaten. It will only be after the fight that Ali Riza gets to meet Karabatak and then it will be only after he has won.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see if Ali Riza wins his fight and finds out more about his father.




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