We left the episode last week at a meeting of the Syndicate. It is here that Ali Riza and Hasmet received a photo of a kidnapped Halide who is gagged and tied up in the belly of a ship.

We don’t know who is responsible for kidnapping Halide but Ali Riza’s thoughts are that Balaban is involved. He offers Ali Riza help but the offer is turned down. Ali Riza goes on a Russian killing spree looking for Halide but he doesn’t find her.

In the bowels of the ship Sergei the Russian tells Halide that Mrs Berguzar has something that belongs to him (referring to the guns that was stolen from him) and he will not release Halide until he gets them back.

Hasmet and Ali Riza argue over the danger that Halide is in and the promise Ali Riza made to him that he would always protect Halide from danger.

Mithat is lucky that Burak didn’t turn him into Mrs Berguzar for working with Burak and the Russians. It would mean death for them both if their betrayal was found out. Melek is still against her husbands plan of uniting Burak and Derya in marriage.

Ali Riza steals back the truck load of guns and calls Balaban . He tells him that he will give the Russians the guns and money they want in return for Halide.

Ihtiyar is not happy that Ali Riza has stolen her guns. She has promised these guns to her international connections. She is now in a compromising position. Ali Riza calls her and promises her that she will still have her guns as promised if his plan works to save Halide’s life. The risk if he doesn’t succeed is that Ihtiyar may lose her goods where Ali Riza might lose Halide.

Meanwhile Halide waits out her time in the bowels of the ship.

Ali Riza speaks with Sergei the Russian who demands his money back. Both Ali Riza and Hasmet were not aware that money was paid for the goods. Sergei tells him that he paid the money to Mithat.

Ali Riza knew that Burak was involved with the guns but he didn’t know that Mithat was also working with him. Sergei is promised that he will get his money back.

The night is going to be long for Ali Riza. He spends his time shut in his room thinking of Halide. In the morning he hopes he will be able to save her and stop this constant fear he has inside him.

Ihtiyar asks Burak to find Balaban and bring him to her. She feels that Balaban is behind Halide’s kidnapping. She also tells Burak to solve the problem between his brother and himself.

Balaban of course is working with the Russians and knows where Halide is being kept. He goes to the ship and tells Halide that she really doesn’t know who her boyfriend is and that Ali Riza’s father was involved in her families murder and Ali Riza has kept this from her.

Burak finds Balaban and takes him to Ihtiyar. She is very happy with Burak for bringing finding him and tells him that he will be rewarded. Ihtiyar orders Balaban to call Sergei immediately and tell him to release Halide.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza is in the process of handing over the truck load of guns and the money to Sergei . A planned attack by Ali Riza’s men on Sergei and his men sees Ali Riza saving the guns and the money. It is not long before Hasmet turns up and together they begin to draw out information from Sergei on where Halide is being held.

Just as Sergei is about to talk he is assassinated. Balaban now is the only person who knows where Halide is hidden and he holds all the cards.

Balaban wants to do a deal with Mrs Berguzar. He wants a seat at the Syndicate table in exchange for Halide. He tells her that she doesn’t lose anything, she gets her guns and the money and in return Ali Riza gets Halide.

Later a call is received by Ali Riza with the location where Halide is being held. He makes his way to the Russian ship and quietly take care of the security guards. A search of the ship begins. Ali Riza finds Halide in the engine room with a bomb tied to her body. He is filled with fear that it will explode. He calls Muzaffer as he doesn’t know what to do with the bomb.

Ihtiyar watches a video of Halide with the bomb attached to her body. Balaban pushes her for a decision as to whether he can sit at the table of the Syndicate or not. Ihtiyar hopes that Ali Riza can save Halide before she has to make the decision.

Burak stops Hasmet on the road. He has a photo on his phone sent to him by Balaban. He intimidates Hasmet. He is told that Balaban will use this photo if Hasmet does not agree to give him a seat at the Syndicate table. Burak tells Hasmet that he has to persuade Ihtiyar to do the same. At this stage we do not know the content of the photo.

Burak and Murat bury the hatchet. Murat promises Burak that when the time comes they will unite with Balaban against Ihtiyar. Even so, Murat doesn’t really know if he can trust his brother.

Meanwhile back in the bowels of the ship, Ali Riza is speaking to Muzaffer by video call. Muzaffer guides Ali Riza in identifying the bomb. Muzaffer finds there is nothing he can do as the bomb has a trick mechanism and can explode at any moment with one single error.

As Ali Riza watches the bomb changes mechanism and a five minute count down begins.

Halide begs Ali Riza to leave her and save himself but he will not leave her.

Ihtiyar paces up and down with impatience. Muzaffer goes to her and begs her to make her decision or Ali Riza and Halide will both die.

Ihtiyar swears she will not give the power over to Balaban and allow him to play with her. She believes that it is all only a bluff.

Muzaffer looks at her and asks her whether she is prepared to let her own biological son die?

Meanwhile, back in the ship, Ali Riza and Halide prepare to say goodbye to each other as the time ticks down to detonation. They tell each other “I love you” and place their lips together as the time reached “0:00”.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see whether the bomb was real or just a bluff by Balaban.




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