Last week we saw Ali Riza deliver Balaban to Ihtiyar “Old Man” as he was ordered.

The first scene of this week’s episode shows Balaban being worked over by Safir who is Ihtiyar’s right hand man. Ihtiyar wants to know who is behind Balaban and Ali Riza wants to know who told Fuat to kill Hasmet’s family.

Ali Riza’s mother has told Halide that Ali Riza is her adopted son. At this stage Ali Riza has no knowledge of this. His mother has no idea who his real parents were but she tells Halide that her husband looked at Ali Riza with love in his eyes so maybe he was his real father.

Hasmet has ordered Ali Riza to make official his intentions where Halide is concerned. He knows that they have spent the weekend together.

Things have been a little strained with Ali Riza and Halide. Since Balaban attacked her Ali Riza has not been able to spend the time with her that she wants and he is worried about her safety. She is not to go out alone and has to have security guards. Halide is angry with him.

Murat has taken up the position as head of the family which does not give Fusun as much time with him as she would like. She wants them to leave the life of crime but he tells her that this is how it is going to be in the future and she has to get used to it.

Burak has told Fiko and Derya that from now on he has to obey his brother or Murat will exile him from the Syndicate. Burak wants to do the job but his brother doesn’t trust him now.

Before Balaban was captured by Ali Riza he bribes Ali Riza with information about his father so he would rescue him. He tells him that his father was executed with a bullet to the head. He promises to show him the footage of the execution and to show him proof once he is rescued.

Ali Riza saves the life of Balaban by breaking into Ihtiyar’s mansion and rescuing him from the hands of Safir. Safir has been unable to get Balaban to talk. Ihtiyar is aware of what Ali Riza is doing. They both hope that this way Ali Riza may get Balaban to talk.

After his rescue Balaban is brought to the car showroom to show Ali Riza the footage he has on his father. Ali Riza sees that his father is in an Istanbul hotel parking station. Balaban then shows him his father’s murderer. It is Safir!

Balaban once again offers Ali Riza a chance to join him against Ihtiyar. Ali Riza wants to know who Balaban works for but he will not talk. He tells him if they join together and he begins to trust him then he will tell him everything.

Ali Riza has seen the hatred towards his father in Ihtiyar’s eyes when he speaks about him. He has seen Safir who is Ihtiyar’s right hand man kill his father. He wants to know more. Why is his father’s death such a secret and why does Ihtiyar hate him so much?

Ali Riza’s mother has been unwell with all the worry over Ali Riza. She cannot tell him what is wrong but she is very depressed. She is worried and has nightmares. She dreams that Ali Riza is taken away from her. She will not tell him what bothers her.

That evening Halide and Ali Riza spend time together at the waterside. Although Halide knows what bothers his mother she does not tell Ali Riza.

Halide believes that Ali Riza has been avoiding the question of them getting married. Hasmet expects his order to be obeyed but Ali Riza has not committed himself yet. Halide feels that he doesn’t want to marry her. This upsets her so much that she leaves him standing alone at the waterside. She will not return his phone calls.

Balaban makes contact with Ali Riza. He wants Ali Riza to get him inside the Syndicate so he can sit at the table with the members. He has stolen a shipment of guns from Ihtiyar which were going to the Middle East. He used Burak to steal them. Ihtiyar hears from Hasmet that her guns have been stolen so she calls an emergency meeting of the Syndicate. She informs her contacts that her gun delivery will be on time even though she knows they have been stolen.

After Halide walked out on Ali Riza he tracks her down at home. She has been rejecting his calls all day. She gives him a bit of his own treatment and asks him how it feels to be ignored.

At the Syndicate meeting, Ihtiyar wants to know who stole her guns. All indications are that it was Balaban with the help of Burak. The order is for Ali Riza to find Balaban again and Hasmet will look into the location of where the guns have been taken. Ihtiyar tells them that it is a matter of time or the system could collapse. She is told that Balaban used a sub-contractor, little do they know that the sub-contractor was Burak.

Ali Riza tells the Syndicate that Balaban wants to sit at the Syndicate table. Ihtiyar tells Ali Riza that Balaban can sit at the table if he agrees to give her back the guns. This will be a test of his loyalty.

The guns are sold to the Russians. Burak has bags of money and dances with the thrill of doing the deal.

Ali Riza informs Balaban that he can sit at the table of the Syndicate if he brings them the guns. Balaban tells him that the guns are now in the hands of a Russian called Sergei.

Uncle Muzaffer is told by Riza that they will be parting ways and this is their last meeting. Ali Riza can no longer trust Muzaffer and knows that he has lied to him and his mother.

Halide feels a little miserable since her argument with Ali Riza. She calls a taxi to take her home. The taxi driver turns out to be Ali Riza. He has an engagement ring with him and proposes to her in his taxi.

The next morning when Ali Riza rises from bed he feels lighter and he is happy. He dresses and goes to the breakfast table and tells his family that he has asked Halide to marry him.

At home, Halide has the task of telling her father. It takes a while for her to sum up the courage but she comes out with it. She doesn’t see great happiness in her father’s eyes. He doesn’t want her to rush into anything. He is old fashioned and wants to wait for Ali Riza to come and ask for he hand.

Burak finds it is not so easy to see his brother. Murat has strict security at his home. Burak is allowed to enter but he finds his brother is not so happy to see him. Burak can see the change in his brother. Burak tells Murat that he was hurt by what he did to his father. Burak decides to tell his brother that he can trust him now but Murat is not too sure he can do that.

Balaban sends Ihtiyar a location where the guns will be found. She relays the information on to Ali Riza.

Meanwhile, Burak prepares to steal the guns for a second time from the Russians. He told his brother that he knew nothing about the guns. He breaks into the warehouse where they are keeping the guns. He believes he is taking the guns to an arranged location given to him by Mithat but before he arrives he is intercepted by Ali Riza and Murat.

Although Burak had promised Murat that he knewnothing about the guns he lied to him. Murat tells his brother that he set up his father to be killed to save his life. He cannot trust him and now he feels nothing towards him. Burak has betrayed him for a seat at the Syndicate, he has humiliated him, disregarded him and now has stabbed him in the back by lying to him about the guns.

Ali Riza takes the guns to Ihtiyar and Murat brings his brother with him to the Syndicate meeting.

Meanwhile, Halide gets up the next morning and feels happy about her engagement to Ali Riza. She gets into her car and drives herself to work. Her security guards are in a car behind her. At a set of traffic lights the security guards are attacked and killed.

At the Syndicate meeting everyone gets a photo of Halide who has been captured, tied and gagged. She is inside a ship and is terrified.

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