Burak has been told that his brother set his father up to be killed. Up to now it has been kept a secret but Melek will do anything to keep Burak from marrying her daughter. This knowledge turns Burak against his brother Murat who is acting as head of the Ersoylu family.

At the closure of last week’s episode Ali Riza came face to face with a woman. The woman tells Ali Riza that she is a financier and her business is to manipulate. Her name is Berguzar Ece alias Ihtiyar short for “Old Man”. Ihtiyar is also the head of the Syndicate table. Mrs Berguzar wants Ali Riza to find Balaban for her.

Meanwhile, Halide is in her car and knocks down a man on his scooter. It was no accident. Halide innocently takes him to her medical clinic for treatment. Halide is surprised when he tells her that Sena (the nurse) is really an informer. He wants Halide to pass on the message to Ali Riza that Balaban has paid him a visit.

Ali Riza and Hasmet are at the car showroom where Adem Zeyrek was taken. They find Adem murdered and a “regards” note from Balaban. When they are still at the showroom, Balaban sends a photo on his phone of Halide lying unconscious on the floor. He and Hasmet rush to the medical clinic where they find Halide. When she recovers she tells them that Balaban hit her on the head.

Balaban then exposes himself to Burak. He was a friend of Fuat’s. He wants Burak to join him in a rebellion against the Syndicate and Ali Riza. Of course Burak agrees

Muzaffer also comes under scrutiny by Ali Riza. It turns out that the nurse who worked with Halaide also worked for Muzaffer.

Ali Riza has so many questions unanswered about his father Mehmet Emin Altay. He questions Muzaffer as to who his father was working for. Muzaffer tells him that his father infiltrated the mafia just like he has. Ali Riza is confused and begins to understand that Muzaffer knows more but will not tell him and Muzaffer is not the person he says he is.

Ihtiyar goes to see Hasmet. They have been friends for many years. Hasmet tries to get Ihtiyar to tell him who Balaban is and who is behind him. She discusses a man who they both believe to be dead but who’s body they both never saw. Ihtiyar tells Hasmet that there is no proof that he is dead. ( At this stage we don’t know who this person is.)

Ali Riza and Halide spent a deep, passionate and meaningful weekend together in our last episode. They love each other very much but worry that their mafia lifestyle will jeopardise their happiness.

Ali Riza feels a little suffocated. He is surrounded by friends and enemies and sometimes he cannot distinguish between the two.

Meanwhile, Burak and Murat have come to a crossroads in their love and respect for each other. Burak is filled with rage about Murat betraying him and setting their father up to be killed. He cannot understand that Murat had to make a choice between him and his father. This leads to a fight between the brothers.

All of Ali Riza’s efforts to find Balaban reveals nothing. He does know from Ihtiyar that Balaban likes to hurt loved ones of his victims. Halide was lucky to be alive.

Rukiye is unhappy and considers telling Ali Riza about her not being his biological mother before Muzaffer tells him. She is scared but doesn’t want Ali Riza to hear the news from anybody else.

We see Balaban once more. He lives in a caravan in the woods. He seems to be monitoring on Mrs Burguzar, alias Ihtiyar on his computer.

Mrs Berguzar calls a meeting of the Syndicate and tells them that she has reviewed the rules of the Syndicate and she has decided to change them. She orders new members to take the place of the deceased. At this stage we do not know who they are.

The meeting is interrupted by a drone overhead. It carries a note. It is a death list. It is not known who sent the message but it is signed “Balaban”.

In our next scene we see Burak with his drone overjoyed that he delivered the note.

Ali Riza’s men update him on their knowledge of Balaban. They have found that he owns a betting syndicate. He has couriers all over Istanbul collecting money and bringing it into a warehouse before it is sent on to Balaban. Their plan is to find the warehouse which they do but they are surprised by Balaban.

Balaban’s thinks that Ali Riza is just like his father. Balaban is quite a lot younger than Ali Riza’s father and he attributes Ali Riza’s father as teaching him a lot about the trade. Balaban reminds Ali Riza that he is only alive because of his father. He wants to make a deal with Ali Riza. He wants him to join him against Ihtiyar.

Ali Riza warns him that he is the sword of the Syndicate table and that means he protects Ihtiyar as well. Balaban tells him that it may be time for the Syndicate to get rid of Ihtiyar.

Hasmet can seen that Ali Riza and Halide are very close. He must know that Ali Riza and Halide spent the weekend together. Hasmet tells Ali Riza that he is not the kind of son-in-law he wants for Halide and he wanted her to have a normal life not one involved in crime. He is realistic though and he knows that when loves enters into a relationship everything changes. Although Ali Riza is not his desired son-in-law he tells him that he is old fashioned and wants Ali Riza to make his relationship with Halide official as soon as possible.

With Hasmet’s words fresh in his mind, Ali Riza makes his way to the water front where Halide has arranged a boat for them to have a romantic evening together, the evening is interrupted by a call from Mrs Berguzar wanting a meeting.

Mrs Berguzar is aware that Balaban and Ali Riza have communicated. She also monitors what Ali Riza and Halide are up to on her computer. She knows that there is nothing he would not do for Halide or his family. She asks him whether he plans to betray her with Balaban.

Ali Riza tells Mrs Berguzar that he will not betray her as he is very much like his father and honourable. Mrs Berguzar replies that his father did not have any honour. This is a different story to what Ali Riza has been told growing up. She demands that Balaban be brought to her.

Murat calls Burak to a meeting after making a decision regarding their relationship. He tells his brother that he is going to accept the position as head of the family and he will not be handing it over to Burak. He tells Burak he has to either obey him as his boss or he will be left alone and outside of the Syndicate. Murat is no longer being subservient to his brother after they’re falling out.

Ali Riza has been ordered by Ihtiyar to bring in Balaban. He must obey.

He calls a meeting with Balaban. He asks him for information about his father. Balaban replies that his father was a beautiful person and he deserved better. He only killed those who deserved it.

He also asks why he gave the order to kill Hasmet’s family and whether his father was involved? Balaban answer is to tell him that he is sworn to silence and he will not reveal any information nor answer his questions.

Ali Riza then tells him that he will not join him against Ithiya and holds a gun to Balabans head. We don’t see Balaban again until the last scene where Ali Riza brings him to Ihtiyar as his captive.

Meanwhile, Halide receives a call from Ali Riza’s mother asking her to meet with her. When Halide arrives she tells her that she has a burden that she needs to off load.

She tells the story about when Ali Riza’s father arrived home one night with a baby boy in his arms. At first Ali Riza’s father told her that it would be only for a day but the baby stayed with them. She has no idea where the baby had come from and her husband would not tell her. The baby was so dirty and uncared for and so innocent that she and her husband kept him. He was raised with the other children as her very own. She is scared now that Ali Riza will be told about this.

Ali Riza brings the captured Balaban to Ihtiyar. He asks her about his father also and wants to know why she shows so much hatred and anger towards his father . Her response is because he broke her heart.

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