Ali Riza holds a gun to the face of Burak Ersoylu. Burak murdered his sister on her wedding day and today is the day that Ali Riza is going to kill him.

Unfortunately for Ali Riza he cannot carry out his promise to Fuat Ersoylu. He told Fuat that he would kill his son if he was not sent to prison for his crime. In response to Ali Riza’s threat Fuat captures his whole family.

Ali is now placed in a difficult situation. His desire for revenge has catapulted him into a completely different situation. He is now cannot carry out his promise. The pressure s now on Ali Riza to back down or there will be blood.

Halide the daughter of Hasmet Gurkan, who is a retired mafia figure himself exercises her power by going to Ali Riza’s house demanding that Fuat leave the family alone. She acts as the peacemaker and diffuses the situation. Fuat releases the family and Ali Riza releases Burak.

Burak with his paranoid ideation believes that Halide saved his life because she loves him. Of course this was not the case. She really wanted to save Ali Riza’s life. This misleading thought creates new hope for him that he may still have a chance to marry her.

At the end of the day Halide finds Ali Riza down by the water side. She shares his grief and tells him that her mother and brothers were also killed right in front of her. This event happened 8 years earlier and since then she has been running away from Istanbul and her father. She realises now that you cannot run away from your destiny.

Halide decides not to return to her job in Van. She has found the infinity necklace which somehow appeared on the roadway on the day of Nihan’s wedding. This necklace she has not seen since the day her mother and brothers were shot to death in front of her. This necklace was a gift from her mother but was ripped from her neck by the murderer. To this day she does not know why she was left alive. Halide decides to stay and to look further into who was responsible.

Ali Riz tells Uncle Muzaffer that he was ready to be a murderer. Muzaffer tells him that he cannot beat them and to stop chasing his revenge. He believes that Ali Riza will never be able to prove that Burak killed Nihan and that the Ersoylu’s will continue to win each time he challenges them. Ali Riza is still persistent and Muzzaffer agrees to help him take revenge.

At the Ersoylu’s home, Burak is asked to handle a delivery of smuggled goods for his father. Fuat o also wants to find out who is helped Ali Riza with information about the whereabout of Burak on the day he tried to kill him.

Halide explains to her father that she is not leaving Istanbul but rather she is staying to prove that she is Hasmet Gurkan’s daughter. Now Hasmet knows his daughter and knows that she is up to something. He realises she has changed but he doesn’t know what has changed her mind. She has kept the fact that she found the infinity necklace a secret.

Once again Burak has Halide watched. He wants to know who she sees and when she goes out. There is only one thing in his mind and that is to pay back Ali Riza and to have Halide. Halide has no qualms in telling him he has no place in her life and she certainly feels no love for him.

In front of her father Burak asks for her hand in marriage. This revolts Halide who asks her father to speak to Fuat because she will not accept Burak’s offer.

Uncle Muzaffer agrees to help Ali Riza against the Ersoylu’s. At his warehouse Ali Riza and Uncle Muzaffer discuss the options. The warehouse was a headquarters many years previously when Uncle Muzaffer worked for a secret organisation in crime. He explains to Ali Riza that not only has he got to take on the Ersoylu’s but he also has to take on their whole system of operation otherwise a new boss will emerge and they will be back where they began.

Uncle Muzaffer offers Ali Riza the opportunity to join the organisation for a fool proof way of taking revenge on the Ersoylu’s and protecting his family. Muzaffer tells him the first step is to stop Yasar who smuggles guns for the Ersoylu family. He uses innocent drivers to do dirty work. By agreeing to stop the smuggled gun delivery Ali Riza will protect the innocent. This action will infuriate the Ersoylu’s.

Ali Riza agrees to join the organisation and from now and is given on a private phone for communication. He is also given an untraceable gun. He leaves to go after Yasar.

Salman Aga is a buyer of the smuggled guns from the Ersoylu’s. He waits with Burak who receives the news that the delivery is delayed. Salman will not hand over any money to Burak until he receives the guns. Burak is sweating on the fact that the guns will arrive as expected. Yasar has promised him that there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Yasar arranges for the smuggled guns to be delivered by truck the next morning. Burak is happy with these arrangements.

At the prison Fusun calls on a witness called Cengiz. Cengiz has been jailed for 15 years. Fusun asks him if he will be a secret witness against the Ersoylu’s. He refuses and tells her that his life if not worth it. At this stage it looks like Fusun is looking for anything she can to convict the Ersoylu family of crimes. So far nobody is willing to stick their neck out and testify.

Ali Riza is not aware that Rasim (his sisters husband) is being paid by Fuat Ersoylu. Rasim spies for him within the household. Fuat is still after the informant who gave Ali Riza his son’s address which allowed him the opportunity to shoot him. Rasim swears that he has no idea who that person was and tells him he will try his best to find out. Fuat pays him generously.

Halide asks Mithat (her brother-in-law and also the brother of Fuat Ersoylu), who was it that told him the Aksoy’s killed her mother and her brothers. She also asks him the reason why they had to die. He has a puzzled look and asks if she has been told anything different. You can tell he is uncomfortable and not telling her the truth. He looks worried that after all these years she is questioning what happened.

He continues to relate how her father had captured the Aksoy’s right hand man and how Hasmet at that time was working for Fuat Ersoylu. The Aksoys went looking for Hasmet and thought that he was in the same car with her mother and brothers. They ambushed the car resulting in killing them all with the exception of Halide. Mithat does tell Halide that Hasmet avenged the killing and went after them and attained a confession from them.

At the taxi stand Ali Riza tells Hasan that he has joined an organisation to bring down the Ersoylu’s. He asks Hasan if he knows where he can find Yasar. Hasan agrees to help.

Murat Ersoylu waits for Fusun in her office on her return from the prison. He shows her the video of Ali Riza shooting Burak’s security guards. It was a threat really. Murat knows she has been to the prison looking for evidence to use against his family. The video of Ali Riza is to show her that they also will use this footage in court to convict Ali Riza and for her to drop her investigations.

Halide is asked by Ali’s mother to try and persuade Ali not to place his life in danger.

Ali Riza tells her that he cannot live with the pain of what happened. He notices that she is not wearing the necklace. She tells him that when the time is right she will tell him the story of her infinity necklace.

Faik begins his job of spying for Burak by working on Mert. Faik has already tried to worm into Ali Riza’s business but has been turned away. He now works on a grieving Mert. Mert is unaware of the danger he has placed himself into.

Ali Riza tells Fusun that he will become a mafia boss if necessary to get revenge for his sister.

Halide asks her families body guard to help her view the video of the wedding without anybody knowing. She tells him that as soon as she finds what she is looking for then she will tell her father everything.

Ali Riza and Hasan find Yasar and follow him. They have a set plan for his capture and it goes without a hitch.

Uncle Muzaffer leads the Ersoylu’s to believe that Sabri (Hasmet Gurkan’s right hand man) was the person responsible for giving Ali Riza the information on where to find Burak. Fuat believes what he hears and leaves the house. It is not long before he turns up at Hasmet Gurkan’s home looking for Sabri. Fuat tells Hasmet that Sabri has betrayed him. He asks Hasmet to give him Sabri so he can kill him. Hasmet refuses to give him up knowing that Sabri is innocent and a faithful friend.

Halide finally gets to view the wedding video and watches as the fight in the street breaks out. She notices her necklace hanging out of Burak’s pocket.

Burak is waiting for Yasar to bring the delivery trucks full of smuggled guns to him. He doesn’t turn up. In a rage he calls him only to find Ali Riza answering the phone. He tells Burak that Yasar will not be delivering any goods. He has signed them away to charity.




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