Fuat is dead! Hasmet agreed Burak would be left his father’s body after he was executed. Burak is inconsolable with grief when he finds his dead father on the cliff face after Ali Riza had killed him.

Ali Riza was placed in a hard situation and told to make a choice of either killing Fuat or giving him to Muzaffer. He decides to take his life as an act of revenge for his sister’s murder and for organising the murder of Hasmet’s family.

Muzaffer threatened Ali Riza with the arrest of Halide as a punishment for his disobedience. He keeps his word and she is taken into custody.

Ali Riza is shot on the cliff face by armed men working for the “Old Man”. He is carried away and wakes up in a house with many armed guards present. Luckily Ali Riza was only shot with a plastic bullet otherwise he would be dead. He has a large bruise to show how lucky he was. He finds out that his captor is called Safir and he works for the “Old Man”.

Safir wants to know if Fuat told Ali Riza anything before he died. Ali Riza does not tell him that before Fuat told him that there were secret documents in his bedroom.

Safir threatens Ali Riza with the deaths of his family and friends if he doesn’t tell him what his conversation was about. Ali Riza is forced to tell him that Fuat gave him the name of Adem Zeyrek. The “Old Man” orders him to find him and gives him 48 hours.

Meanwhile Burak brings the body of his father home. He will not allow anybody to touch him.
Murat is content to see that his brother is alive. He knew that his father had lived a life of crime and his death was inevitable. Burak tells his brother that his father was still alive when he got to the cliff and he could do nothing but watch as Ali Riza killed him.

Mithat has made a deal with Burak. Mithat wants his daughter to marry Burak so he can keep the power at the head of the table of the Syndicate. Melek tells her husband that Burak killed her sister and nephews and if he goes ahead with allowing their daughter to marry Burak then this will anger her. By the way that Burak and Derya are treating each other a wedding just might be going ahead.

Ali Riza is trying to find Adem Zeyrek. He knows he used to be his father’s right hand man before he died and that he lives in Bursa. Ali Riza knows very little about his father only that he was a government agent. There could be a connection between his father and the “Old Man”. Adem Zeyrek may know the connection.

Murat has done well to keep his brother alive. The brothers have a great affection for each other. They had a hard and loveless upbringing by Fuat when they were children. Fuat was cruel and violent towards them. Murat promises his brother that got over Fuats treatment of them and they will get over this part of their lives also. The brothers shed tears over the loss of their father but they are grateful to be alive and to have each other.

Ali Riza proposes a weekend away for him and Halide. She agrees.

Fuat is laid to rest on a cold and wet day. Safir stands in the background and watches the family grieve. The “Old Man” sends his condolences on their loss.

Ferit is sent on a mission by Ali Riza to find the safe in Fuat’s bedroom and to bring him its contents.

Ali Riza sets up his family with a new car business. Mert will be the Manager and Rasim will take care of the accounts. The family are thrilled with their new business and this business will act as a new face for Ali Riza to conduct his business with the Syndicate.

Ferit joins Ali Riza after he has stolen the contents of Fuat’s safe. He brings him a USB to watch. The USB contains a video of Fuat and Adam Zeyrek in conversation.

They watch the video and listen to the conversation between Fuat and Adem Zeyrek. Adem is known to Fuat and brings regrets from a man called Balaban who could not attend the meeting as he has business with Mehmet Emin. Adem Zeyrek tells Fuat that both Balaban and Mehmet Emin await news from him that Fuat has agreed to prove his loyalty by shooting Hasmet’s family.

Ali Riza realises he needs to find these men as soon as they can.

Meanwhile, the “Old Man” has ordered that Burak and Ali Riza to settle their blood dispute. He tells Ali Riza that he has taken revenge for his sisters death by killing Fuat and he now wants peace between the two enemies.

The “Old Man” forces the two men to talk to each other in a car. The atmosphere is strained. Ali Riza tells Burak that they will have peace as long as he stays out of his way. Burak agrees to stay away from him but warns Ali Riza that one day he will be an obstacle in his way and he will kill him. Burak does not know how long he will be able to resist his desire to kill Ali Riza.

Ali Riza only has 24 hours left to find Adam Zeyrek.

Hasmet watches as his daughter is picked up by Ali Riza for their planned weekend away together. He has warned Ali Riza about getting involved with his daughter but he can see how happy she is. He had hoped she would fall in love with a doctor like herself instead of a man who is involved in crime as he is.

Halide and Ali Riza take a precious day and night to be together. They leave the dangerous world of the mafia and crime behind them.

Ali Riza has arranged for a secure house way up in the mountains. The air is cold and fresh and they are alone just as he promised.

As the night draws nearer their passion increases and they live in the moment.

In the morning Ali Riza awakens to Halide by his side. He couldn’t think of anything better than seeing her next to him. He rises and leaves the house while she still sleeps. He meets up with Ferit and Hasan and they proceed to find and capture Adam Zeyrek.

Once captured Adam Zeyrek is asked about Balaban. He is told that he does not know what his full name is and all he knows is that he goes by the name of Balaban and that he has a factory in Beyoglu. Adam Zeyrek is kept by Ali Riza to be interrogated further.

Ali Riza quickly returns to the house and to bed before Halide wakes up. He gathers her in his arms just as if he hadn’t left her.

Sebnem leaves the Ersoylu mansion and her two brothers. Before she leaves she warns Burak that his brother is worse than his father and Murat will never let him have the position as head of the family without a fight.

Later that night Mithat has a dinner with Burak and Murat. He welcomes Burak to the family as his son-in-law and tells Murat that when Burak marries his daughter that he can hand over leadership to him so he can sit at the table of the Syndicate and represent the Ersoylu’s. This is something that Murat has promised Burak but now he may not want to relinquish the role.

Burak is told by Melek that his brother was the one who betrayed his father to save his life. This is the first time that Burak has heard of the part Murat had played in death of Fuat.

Ali Riza returns to his new car business where he now undertakes his criminal dealings under cover. He has Adem Zeyrek taken there also. He asks Adem Zeyrek that in the video that they retrieved from Fuat’s safe he mentions the name of Mehmet Emin. He asks Adem to tell him who he is. Adam reveals that he used to work for him but he died many years ago. Ali Riza takes a photograph of his father out of his pocket and asks him if this is the man called Mehmet Emin. Adam confirms that it is.

After speaking with Safir, Ali Riza now goes after Balahan in Beyoglu.

The plot thickens when we see Safir and Muzaffer discussing what Ali Riza is about to do.

Muzaffer meets with Ali Riza’s mother, Rukiye. She tells Muzaffer that he promised he would protect her son. Rukiye is told that they both know that Ali Riza is not her son but just a child left in her care.

So the mystery deepens. Ali Riza has found out that Mehmet Emin was his father but he doesn’t know that Rukiye is not his mother. It is obvious that Uncle Muzaffer knows the whole story.

Ali Riza enters a building looking for the mysterious Balaban. The building looks empty and he gets a surprise to see Safir waiting for him. It seems that Safir also knows what Ali Riza is doing.

Safir asks Ali Riza to follow him through a maze of armed guards to a room where he can see a woman waiting for him.

The woman is dressed very fashionable. She turns and looks directly at Ali Riza.

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