We continue this week’s episode with Hasmet coming to meet with Fuat. The Syndicate has broken down. Sehmuz and Galip are dead leaving only Fuat, Hasmet and Mithat as original members of the Syndicate.

Burak wanted revenge after the Syndicate threw him out and ordered his execution. His father saved him from death but he has vowed to get them back. Halide finds out that Fuat gave the order for her family to be murdered. Halide shoots Fuat and critically wounds him. In revenge Burak kidnaps Halide. He also places a bomb in one of the taxi’s that kill Fatih. Ali Riza gives himself up as a hostage in exchange for Halide’s life. He uses Murat as a captive and his bargaining tool.

Now continue as Hasmet enters a large warehouse to meet Fuat. He also knows that Fuat gave the order to have his wife and son’s murdered. Hasmet wants blood.

The warehouse is heavily fortified with armed men. Fuat sits in a wheel chair as the two men confront each other. Fuat tells Hasmet that he killed his family for power and Hasmet tells him that he is going to kill him and make him suffer for the lives he has taken.

The”Old Man” (who is the Godfather of the Syndicate) has told Hasmet that he wants them both to come to an agreement. The two men hate each other and are consumed with revenge. They cannot come to an agreement but Hasmet tells Fuat that the terms of the agreement will be set by the “Old Man”.

Halide is rescued and the exchange of Murat for Ali Riza is successful.

Halide is filled with hate towards Fuat and wants to finish what she begun. She tells her father that Burak even took her to the place where he killed her family with the idea that he would kill her there. Ali Riza has told her that he will take the revenge for her and kill him with his own hands.

Hasmet reveals that he had to make a deal with the devil (referring to the Old Man) to ensure that Halide would be safe. This deal was that Hasmet cannot take revenge on Fuat and kill him. Hasmet will be blamed if Fuat even gets a nose bleed. If he does disobey the “Old Man” and touches him his life will be forfeited.

Ali Riza explains to Hasmet that Erol and Ahmet were involved with the attempt on their lives and had joined together with Burak. Hasmet tells him that they have to be punished and orders that Ali Riza takes Sabri and deals with them.

Fuat on the other hand is reunited with his sons. He rips into Burak for not obeying him and not killing Halide as he was told. Burak had been acting as head of the family while Fuat was in hospital but he doesn’t trust him to take the lead now a war has begun. Murat tells his father that he has no time for a mafia war and wants out. Fuat lets him know that he cannot get out as the time bomb has been lit and it will go off.

Halide and Ali Riza rekindle their love for each other. Halide tells him that she was very scared when she thought she would never see him again. Ali Riza tells her that she is his light and she replies that he is the air she breathes.

Burak on the other hand goes over in his mind Halide’s words telling him that she pities him and that he is mentally sick. He still holds onto Derya who is in love with him but he has no time for her.

It is sad time day for Ali Riza and the boys. They are organising Fatih’s funeral. Ali Riza gathers them together and tells them that they will be taking care of Erol and Ahmet who organised the hit on the Taxi Stand and which resulted in Fatih’s death. They will be doing this before Fatih’s funeral

Although Erol and Ahmet are Hasmet’s men they will be taken care of internally within the Syndicate for their betrayal.

Uncle Muzaffer tells Ali Riza that his new order is to get close to the “Old Man” as he will open every door for him to reach the top.

Meanwhile Ali Riza and Hasan plan their next move against Erol and Ahmet. They have investigated their movements and know where they will be. They have tracked down the two passengers who placed the bomb in Fatih’s car. Their mission is ready to begin.

Both Erol and Ahmet are captured along with anyone that was involved with the bombing of the taxi and death of Fatih on that day. Ali Riza shoots dead the men that were involved but leaves the woman alive. He sends her back in a car with the two bodies to tell Burak that their bodies are a gift from him.

He then attends Fatih’s funeral which is a sad event with much grieving.

A truce has been called between the Syndicate members. The war has to cease. A meeting is held with Fuat, Mithat, Ali Riza and Hasmet. Burak and Ali Riza are like two tigers ready to rip the throats out of each other.

The “Old Man” sends a letter to the meeting giving them his recommendations for the Syndicate.
His recommendations are for all parties to give up on revenge. There will be replacements for the dead Syndicate members and the leader of the Syndicate will no longer be Fuat Ersoylu but Mithat.
If Fuat doesn’t obey the “Old Man’s” recommendation then he will have to leave the Syndicate.

The last recommendation is for Fuat to back out of the Syndicate because of his health and to leave one of his sons to represent his family.

Fuat’s anger is immense. He does not want to be pushed out like this. Burak on the other hand expects that he will be the son chosen to represent the Ersoylu family but Fuat chooses Murat.

Murat is shocked over his father’s choice as he does not want to sit at the Syndicate table. He would much prefer to take Fusun and go away with her as he promised.

Murat tries to back out and get them to take Burak instead but because Burak was sentenced by the Syndicate he cannot take his fathers place. Fuat is forced to obey and Murat has no choice but to be the head of the family.

Burak believes that it is his right to sit at the Syndicate table and will not accept the news that his father gives him.

Although Murat does not want to accept the position he agrees to keep the peace and to protect his family. Fuat and Burak want revenge and are thinking of ways in which they can get back at the Syndicate. Murat tells his brother that they will let the Syndicate make all the decisions and let them think that they accepted the decision. Murat then says he will hand everything over to Burak to take the families revenge.

The letter written by the “Old Man” is put in the fire and burnt. The “Old Man” is told that everything has been agreed to as per his letter.

Murat doesn’t have much luck telling Fusun that he now has to represent the family at the Syndicate meetings. She thought that he was different to the others. She is hurt and tells him to get out of her flat.

After attending the funeral combined with the Syndicate meeting, Ali Riza decides to get some space at the local bar. He is joined by Halide. He is a happy drunk and very tired after not having any sleep over the last few days. Halide takes him under her wing to a hotel where he can sleep off the effects of the alcohol.

In the morning Halide and Ali Riza are at the hotel together for breakfast. They are attacked by a sniper. Only Ali Riza’s quick thinking allows them to escape. They make their way through the corridors of the hotel to safety.

An ambush is also set to attack and kill Mithat while he is at the tailors. The assassination of Mithat fails and instead of a dead Mithat a dead Erol is put in his place.

From a distance Burak watches as Hasmets car is ambushed. Burak is ecstatic to think that he killed Hasmet but when Burak opens the car door he finds the dead occupant is Ahmet. A fitting end for his betrayal of Hasmet.

Meanwhile, at the Ersoylu mansion, we see Fuat’s security guards lying dead throughout his house . We find Fuat upstairs in his surgical bed. Hasmet sits at the foot of his bed with a gun in his hand.

The “Old Man’s” deal with Hasmet was that he does not touch Fuat in revenge and if he does he will lose his life. This certainly looks like Hasmet has a purpose.




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