Welcome to this week’s episode of Ariza. At the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw Halide shoot Fuat after she found out that Fuat was responsible for her mother and brother’s murder. What she doesn’t know is that Burak and Murat were the murderers.

Burak loves Halide but he knows it is only a matter of time that she finds out that he was the one who pulled the trigger and killed her family. He kidnaps Halide and takes her infinity necklace and sends it to Hasmet as a sign that if his father dies so does his daughter.

Burak still hopes that he can talk Halide into loving him. He tells her that he would die for her and there is nobody who could love her more than he does. He declares that her lack of love for him crushes him to his soul.

Halide is not scared of Burak and tells him to kill her or let her go but not to use her to take revenge against her father or Ali Riza.

Meanwhile Ali Riza searches everywhere trying to find Halide.

Hasmet does the only thing he can do in the situation and that is to go to see the “Old Man”. The Syndicate table has been broken. Sehmus has been killed and Fuat is critically wounded. His daughter has been kidnapped. Sabri warns him that he cannot trust the “Old Man” and asks him not to go. Hasmet goes anyway.

That evening Ali Riza confronts Rasim about the disappearance of the money stolen from the Taxi office. He knows that Rasim gambles and Fatih is his accomplice. He warns him take care of his family and to stop his gambling or he will make it hell for him.

Ali Riza feels the pressure of the job he has undertaken. He now has Halide to worry about and his heart aches with the worry of what has happened to her and where she could be.

Burak also aches for the woman he loves but who does not love him in return. Murat tells him that he will have to let Halide go, not only physically from the prison he has her locked in but from his heart as well.

Ali Riza bugs Fusun’s apartment and hears Murat tell Fusun that Halide shot him four times. Ali Riza remembers Burak in his anger telling him that her attempt failed so he knows that Fuat is still alive.

Burak evokes a war against Hasmet and Mithat. He enlists Galip to help. His plan is to create a new Syndicate and he will be the one sitting at the head of the table. Mithat was always under the impression that he would take over the position as Head of the table if anything should happen to Fuat. He can now see that his son has other ideas.

Burak goes to check on Fuat. If what Ali Riza suspects is true, Burak could be responsible for shooting his father just so he can be the head of the family and take revenge.

Mithat calls a meeting of the heads of the mafia families to let them know that Fuat may die.

Sabri in the absence of Hasmet addresses the family members and tells them that there is a pending war with Burak and Galip. He warns them to be careful. He asks the members if they will stand alongside Hasmet and Mithat.

Meanwhile, two people walk into the Taxi office looking for a ride to the airport. Fatih agrees to take them and helps them put their suitcases in the boot of his taxi. Half way to the airport the passengers make an excuse to get out of the taxi and leave a case in the boot on purpose.

It is obvious that the case contains something sinister. Fatih drives back to the Taxi Stand where he finds Ali Riza waiting for him. Not too far away in his car, one of Burak’s men closely observes them and holds a detonating device in his hands. The bomb is detonated with Fatih still sitting in the drivers seat. The explosion is intense knocking everyone off their feet.

They gather themselves after the explosion and then experience a drive-by shooting at the same time by Burak’s men. It is after this attack that they find Fatih burnt and close to death.

There are also several hits on the heads of the family members that day as they travel to meet with Mithat and Sabri. The gunmen have been sent by Burak.
Meanwhile family and friends begin to gather at the hospital. Fatih is not expected to live.

Burak has made his challenge for the head of the Syndicate felt by everyone. With his recent ambushes and attacks on the mafia members he has killed many. The one person he has not been able to kill is Ali Riza.

Ali Riza phones him and asks him to let Halide go and take him as an exchange.

Fuat regains consciousness and orders Burak to kill Halide. He tells him that it is the only way to make Hasmet pay. This request stuns Burak. His father could have asked him anything but to kill Halide is something he cannot do.

Burak is confused now. He wants to be the head of the family. He has killed many members of the mafia family including Yavuz, Hasmet’s best friend. His father is still alive and now he has to kill the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, Burak makes his way through the dungeon to where he keeps Halide captive. He has one more chance to get what he wants. He tells Halide that is she agrees to marry him that his father will not be able to touch her.

Halide tells him that he has lost his mind and she will never marry him nor does she even want to hear his voice or see his face. She prefers to die instead.

Burak motions for her to leave the dungeon and get into his car.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the news that Fatih has died has dealt a harsh blow to everyone. Ali Riza carries the heavy burden of not being able to protect his friend. The desire for revenge rips through his heart and is shared by Hasan and Ferit.

Ali Riza has a plan. He sits in his car and is joined by Ferit, Ferit tells him that all is in readiness. At this time we don’t know what he is referring to. Ali Riza and Ferit drive off to meet with Burak.

That morning, Mithat meets with Galip. Galip tells Mithat that their problem isn’t just Fuat or Burak Ersoylu but the “Old Man” who is siding with Fuat.

Mithat can see that Galip has betrayed him and puts a bullet in his head. Now there is only Fuat, Hasmet, Mithat and Burak left in the Syndicate.

Fuat is sent a photo to his hospital bed of the dead Galip. He now knows that he has not been successful trying to take over the Syndicate. Seymus and Galip are dead.

Burak takes Halide to a location and awaits Ali Riza. Halide tells him that she has worked out that he was the one who killed her family and who took the infinity necklace from her neck. Burak denies this but Halide can see that he is lying. She finishes by saying that everyone followed his orders on that day and he was the one who wouldn’t kill her.

Hasmet must have been successful in his talk with the “Old Man” as Fuat is ordered to not kill Halide.

Halide is not aware that Burak has made an exchange with Ali Riza. Ali Riza turns up for the exchange.

Burak tells Halide he will kill Ali Riza because she loves him.

Halide walks towards Ali Riza and the exchange begins.

The last Halide sees of Ali Riza is him getting into Burak’s car and being driven off through the forest.

Inside the car, Burak is excited to finally be able to get rid of Ali Riza but Ali Riza is one step ahead of Burak. He tells him that he has his brother Murat captive and if anything should happen to him his brother will die. So Burak has to make a choice. Either he kills Ali Riza or Ali Riza kills his brother.

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