Welcome to Episode 16 of Ariza.

The commencement of this week’s episode shows that Ali Riza knew that Fiko and his gang would be waiting for Burak to arrive at the petrol station. Burak certainly looks scared when he sees that his planned rescue organised by his father had failed and he is now in the hands of Ali Riza.

Last week I told you that Fiko died at the petrol station but this week we see that he was only wounded as he wore a bullet proof vest. When Fiko regains consciousness he calls Fuat telling him that the rescue failed.

Burak continues his journey in the car with Ali Riza in control. Burak is driven to an isolated location where a pre-dug grave awaits him. Ali Riza kicks him into the grave and stands above him ready to shoot.

Ali Riza is stopped by a group of masked men. The men take Ali Riza and Burak into a vehicle and driven away.

The vehicle stops at a deserted warehouse where the two men are dragged out of the car . They are most surprised to see Hasmet, Murat and Halide walking towards them. Hasmet tells Burak that Murat has told him that he has a secret to tell. Hasmet demands to know what it is.

The secret of course is the recording Melek made of Murat having an argument with his father and about the murder of Hasmet’s wife and two sons. Melek gave the recording to her husband Mithat who in turn sent it to Burak. Murat now uses this secret as a way to save his brother’s life.

Under pressure Burak tells Hasmet the truth. He looks at Halide as he speaks knowing that this information will make her hate him even more. He tells Hasmet that the person who ordered his families death was his father, Fuat.

Sabri is ordered to lock the brothers up whilst Hasmet and Halide can digest what they have just been told. During their captivity the brothers draw closer together. Burak believes that his father didn’t attempt to rescue him from the petrol station but we know that Fuat did send Fiko to save him.

Halide becomes hysterical when she thinks that she grew up with the Ersoylu family and they even attended her families funeral while all the time they were mocking her and her father. She is vengeful towards them now and the pain of what she feels rips at her heart.

Fuat makes a phone call to an anonymous person telling them that he has a big problem and the Syndicate is in danger of being destroyed and he has been set up. At this stage we do not know who this person is.

Hasmet tells Ali Riza that he is at war now with Fuat and the war will not stop until one of them is dead. Ali Riza believes that the Ersoylu brothers are not telling them the complete truth. Ali Riza is right, Murat and Burak have kept the other half of the secret to themselves. They havenot told anyone that they were the ones who were the assassins. Burak tells his brother that if Halide ever found out what he did he would have to kill himself. Murat believes that eventually she will know the full truth anyway.

Derya is told by her mother and father that the reason they do not want her to have anything to do with Burak Ersoylu is because he killed Melek’s sister and her nephews.

Halide has a panic attack while in Ali Riza’s car. She tells him that she had one hope before all this happened and that was to go away with him. Now all that has changed.

Ali Riza takes Halide to his house to be taken care of by his mother.

Fusun knows where Burak and Murat are being imprisoned. She tells Fiko who makes arrangements to rescue them. His efforts are rewarded when he sees that Burak is alive.

Fuat calls a meeting with Galip and Sehmuz. They meet at a restaurant that evening. Fuat believes there will be a war with Hasmet and Mithat. Fuat tells them that he has contacted the “Old Man” (this is the anonymous person who Fuat phoned), who has decided that Hasmet and Mithat must die.

Meanwhile, Hasmet sits outside the restaurant in his car watching Fuat meet with the other members of the Syndicate. He tells Ali Riza “ if you are not sitting at the table in the restaurant then you are on the menu! “ They prepare to attack but unfortunately somebody warned Fuat and they were able to escape.

Fuat races home to find his two sons are waiting for him. He is overjoyed to see Burak alive and well. Burak tells his father that he thought that he sold him out but Fiko has told him otherwise.

The atmosphere is strained, Fuat knows there is something else that they have not told him. Burak and Murat break the silence and tell him that Mithat has betrayed him by making a recording of him and Murat arguing about the murders. They let their father listen to the recording.

Fuat now knows why Hasmet tried to kill him at the restaurant. His sons tell him that Hasmet knows that he ordered the hit on his wife and sons but he doesn’t know that Murat and Burak were the assassins.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza speaks with Muzaffer. He finds out that Uncle Muzaffer was the one who warned Fuat of the attack. Muzaffer does not want Fuat killed until he can find out who gives him his orders. Ali Riza is surprised as this is the first time that he has heard about there being another higher power in the Syndicate. Muzaffer tells him that he is known as the “Old Man” and he lives abroad. Muzaffer tells Ali Riza that he can go after Fuat if he agrees to capture him and bring him to Muzaffer afterwards and not kill him.

It has been a long day and Halide has been well cared for at Ali Riza’s home. She has calmed down and her weeping has stopped. Ali Riza takes her home to be with her father. Hasmet has a breakdown over Fuat’s betrayal and the murder of his family. He orders Ali Riza to find him.

Derya has been forbidden to talk or see Burak. Halide will have nothing to do with Burak which eats at him badly. He cannot live without seeing or hearing from Halide. He gets Derya to delete the recording on her mothers phone. Unbeknown to Burak she keeps a copy for herself.

Ali Riza has to make a choice. Hasmet wants him to find and kill Fuat and Muzaffer wants him to capture him so they can find the “Old Man”. He is confused as to which way to go.

Hasmet finds that Fuat is going to have another meeting with Galip and Sehmuz. He tells Ali Riza to go after him. Before Ali Riza leaves the house he goes in search of Halide. He wants to talk to Halide and tell her how he feels. He confesses that he had no life before she entered his heart and she is a light in his life. She takes his confession as if he is saying goodbye to her. She expects that her father has asked him to do something very dangerous. She begs him not to go. He takes her in his arms and kisses her farewell.

At the meeting Galip agrees to join Fuat in an outright war with Hasmet and Mithat. Sehmuz on the other hand wants to talk to Hasmet before making a decision. Fuat orders his execution and he is shot in the head at the meeting.

Ali Riza and Ferit arrive at the location where the meeting is being held. They wait outside waiting for Fuat to leave the meeting. He sees Fuat’s car exiting the car park. He follows the car.

Meanwhile, Burak gets a phone call from Halide which he thinks is strange. He is surprised she has contacted him as she knows now that he was involved with the murder of her mother and brothers. He makes a plan to meet with her in an underground car park. He tells her that she can hit him or yell at him or even kill him if she wants in revenge for what has happened. She tells him that she will never forgive him. She draws a gun and points it at his head and tells him to start driving.

She gets him to drive to his house. Halide tells Burak that she doesn’t care any more if she lives or dies. As they enter the gates of the mansion they surrounded by security guards. Burak has to tell them to put their guns away as he can see the danger that Halide is in. Any one of the guards could kill her at any moment.

Meanwhile Ali Riza continues to follow the car he believes has Fuat inside. The car stops and Ali Riza approaches the car. He opens the car door to make his hit on Fuat but finds Sehmuz in the back seat. Ali Riza believes that he killed Sehmuz but Sehmuz was actually placed dead in the back seat by Fuat. Ali Riza hurries away thinking he was the one who killed Sehmuz.

Halide on the other hand stands outside the Ersoylu’s mansion with a gun pointed at Burak. She calls out for Fuat to come outside but Fuat is not inside the house, he drives in the gates in his car after tricking Ali Riza into following the car with Sehmuz’s dead body in the back seat.

Fuat gets out of his car. Halide turns and shoots him several times in the chest.




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