Welcome to Episode 15 of Ariza.

Last week’s episode concluded with the wounded Halide lying on the ground with Ali Riza one side and Burak on the other.

This week’s episode commences with Hasmet. He is in his lounge room with Melek who has a recording of Murat telling his father that he and Burak had killed Hasmet’s wife and sons. She is about to play it to him when they are interrupted by Sabri announcing that Halide has been shot and taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, Halide lies on the lap of Ali Riza in his car as Ferit speeds them to the nearest hospital. She begs Ali Riza not to be angry with himself that she has been shot.

Burak follows their car devastated that Halide has been shot.

Numan has escaped in his car but he is being followed by Hasan and Mert.

Ali Riza arrives at the hospital with Halide in a critical condition. She is rushed in for emergency surgery. He is physically sick with the fear of losing her.

Burak waits outside the hospital for word of her condition. He also is manic with worry. Both men are overflowing with anger and revenge. Ali Riza wants blood for what has happened. He warns Burak to stay away from Halide.

Fiko delivers the news that Ali Riza’s men are after Numan to track him down. Burak warns Fiko that he must find Numan first. If they make the connection with him and Numan the Syndicate will kill him.

Meanwhile, Hasan and the boys track Numan into his neighbourhood. It takes two taxi’s searching the area to find him.

At the hospital every one waits for news of Halide’s condition. Hasmet has arrived and he is in a savage mood. When he sees Ali Riza he grabs him by the collar and tells him that he had warned him about placing his daughter’s life in danger. He tells him that if she dies everyone will die including him.

The news is brought to Ali Riza that Numan has been tracked down. It couldn’t come at a better time. He needs distraction from his emotional trauma. He leaves Hasmet with Halide and goes to find Hasan and the boys and take care of Numan.

Burak receives a call from Numan at the same time. Numan tells him that he got him into this mess and now he has to get him out of it. If he doesn’t Numan swears he will tell the Syndicate. He asks Burak to come and save his life because Ali Riza’s and his men are outside ready to kill him. Burak leaves the hospital hoping he can kill Numan first before Ali Riza gets to him.

Meanwhile, Rasim is at the Taxi Stand and sees the bag of money that has been hidden there. The Taxi Stand is closed as Hasan and the boys are out hunting Numan so Rasim takes the money making it look like they have had a break in.

Ali Riza is the first to arrive at Numan’s hideout. He begins shooting as soon as he sets foot in the building. He gives them no mercy. Numan makes a run for it and Ali Riza hunts him down in one of the back streets of his neighbourhood. He shoots him and then beats him to death with no mercy given.

Burak turns up at the same time hoping that Numan did not tell Ali Riza that they were working together. Unfortunately for Burak, Ali Riza has already been told. Ali Riza and his men capture Burak.

Melek let’s Mithat listen to the recording she has on her phone. Mithat tells her not to let Hasmet listen to it as he will destroy the Syndicate. He begs her to trust him and he will deal with it.

Ali Riza returns to the hospital once he has taken care of Numan and Burak.

Halide comes out of surgery and Hasmet waits beside her bed for her to wake up. Ali Riza tells Hasmet that Numan is dead. Hasmet asks him to leave everything else up to him.

Hasmet has told Ali Riza that he will deal with the person who gave orders to Numan personally. Hasmet asks Fuat if Burak has anything to do with Numan? Fuat tells him that he blames Burak for everything and he was not responsible for Numan shooting Halide. Hasmet warns Fuat that if he finds Burak and he is guilty he will have to him pay.

Ali Riza has made the choice to have nothing to do with Halide from now on. It seems that everyone he loves dies. He cannot bear the thought that Halide could be hurt. He will keep his promise to Hasmet and stay away from them.

Halide wakes in hospital expecting to see Ali Riza but only finds her father sitting beside her bed. She asks to be taken home to recover having not seen Ali Riza since she was admitted.

In a run down wreck of a building Ali Riza keeps Burak a prisoner. He is tied hand and foot with a kerchief over his big repulsive mouth.

Ali Riza tells Burak that the day has come to settle their differences. He lets him know that he will be taking him to the Syndicate where he will tell them of his betrayal.

Under pressure of being burnt alive, Burak eventually confesses his crimes to Ali Riza . His confession is heard by Hasmet listening outside the room. Burak is bundled into the boot of Ali Riza’s car and taken to the Syndicate meeting.

The Syndicate gather together waiting for Hasmet and Ali Riza to arrive. Fuat gets a shock to see Ali Riza dragging his son into the meeting accompanied by Hasmet. Hasmet tells Fuat that Burak is responsible for giving orders to Numan. The Syndicate now has to make a decision as to what his punishment will be. Fuat begs for one more day before they cast judgement. His request is granted. Burak is placed in the basement under lock and key.

Meanwhile back at the Taxi Stand, Hasan tells Ali Riza that the money bag has been stolen and he believes it is Rasim who took the money to finance his gambling addiction.

Derya visits Burak in his basement prison and gives him a mobile phone. The first call he makes is to Halide just to hear her voice. The mobile phone is the same phone that has the recording of Murat talking to his father about killing Hasmet’s wife and sons. Burak listens to what his brother is saying to Fuat. The realisation that his father ordered Halide’s family’s death shocks him.

Later that night Ali Riza walks past Halide’s medical clinic. He remembers the day that it opened. He meets Uncle Muzaffer and tells him that the power around him is changing not only him but the loved ones around him.

In the morning Halide arrives at the medical clinic for the first time. She finds Ali Riza asleep in the foyer.

They share coffee together in a strained atmosphere. She understands that they have broken up but she does not know why. She can see that Ali Riza still loves her. He tells her that he is scared that every one he loves dies and he is scared that something else might happen to her.

Halide offers him a way of escape. She wants them to go away together. Ali Riza does not accept her offer preferring to finish the job he started.

Fuat visits Burak in the basement. He tells him that he is not going to give his son to the Syndicate to kill. He tells his son that after the Syndicate meeting he will be escorted outside. He continues to tell him that at a gas station Fiko will have his men waiting for him and they will help Burak to escape.

The next morning the Syndicate members arrive one by one. Burak’s sentence is death.

Burak is led outside the building by armed men. He is placed in a car and driven away. The car stops at a gas station for fuel. Burak waits for a sign that Fiko is going to rescue him but unfortunately for Burak help does not turn up. Inside the gas station Fiko and his men have been killed.

More shock is in store for Burak when Ali Riza gets in the car and the car drives away. Burak begins to think that today really could be the day that he dies.




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