We left Ali Riza last week after special forces kidnapped him and stopped him catching Numan. Numan was going to kill Yavuz and Ali Riza had followed him but armed men intervened and Ali Riza was whisked away.

This week we find Ali Riza has been dumped in a park after being held prisoner by the armed forces and undergoing a type of electric chair torture. His captors tried to get Ali Riza to talk about the Syndicate but he although it was hard he didn’t talk. Ali Riza has no idea who his captors were. He finds it strange that he was let go.

Melek has found out that Fuat Ersoylu was responsible for killing her sister and her nephews. Melek now finds it hard to keep the secret to herself. She loved her sister.

Numan has been lying low since Ali Riza shot him in the leg. He tells Burak that Ali Riza had captured him but an unknown task force kidnapped Ali Riza which enabled him to get away. Otherwise he would be dead by now.

Ali Riza’s brother-n-law unknowingly is laundering dirty money for Erol and Ahmed. He now has more money than ever before and flaunts it around at home. He even gambles with it. His wife wonders where all the money is coming from. So far Rasim has been able to get away with saying he has been given a bonus at work.

Uncle Muzaffer has not been able to find out who kidnapped Ali Riza. Muzaffer tells him that no government organisation was responsible. Ali Riza begins to feel that Fuat Ersoylu was behind

After arguing with his father Murat goes to Fusun and tells her about the marriage contract his father wants them to sign. She tells him that they do not need dirty money and they will start their life together earning an honest living.

At the Syndicate meeting Fuat owns up to kidnapping and interrogating Ali Riza to make sure that he was the right man for the job. He tells them that he watched him being tortured all night yet still Ali Riza did not betray the Syndicate. Ali Riza warns Fuat that because he kidnapped him Numan was able to get away and they will pay dearly for this.

Fuat asks Burak whether he was working with Numan. Burak lies and swears to his father that he wasnt.

After the Syndicate meeting Hasmet calls Ali Riza for a meeting. The atmosphere has been strained between Hasmet and Ali Riza since Hasmet refused his blessing for Halide and Ali Riza’s relationship. Hasmet understands that Fuat stopped Ali Riza from capturing Numan and he wonders why. There has to be a reason for it. His suspicions fall on Burak.

Hasmet listens while Ali Riza tells him that he is going to break up with Halide. He agrees that Hasmet is right about the dangers. He tells him that his heart is burning with two fires. One for revenge for his sister’s death and the other for his love for Halide. Ali Riza confesses that if his kidnappers had threatened him with Halide’s life then he would have told them everything. For Halide’s safety Ali Riza is giving her up.

As fate would have it, Ali Riza runs into Halide as she comes home from work. She is angry with him for not calling her. She had been worried all night.

She throws her arms tightly around him, and as he holds onto her he tells her that they cannot be together any more. He tells her that they should have met at another place in another time. Her heart is broken. Ali Riza truly believes that he has done the right thing for her safety and it breaks his heart as well to hear her cry.

Ali Riza reveals to his men that Numan is becoming a problem. He has gone into hiding and Ali Riza cannot find him. He gives Ferit the job of tailing Burak to see if he leads him to Numan.

Burak is trying to create a Syndicate of his own. He has Erol and Ahmed on his side and Numan. He is now trying his hardest to include Yavuz.

Ferit relays Burak’s every move to Ali Riza. He hopes he will find Numan this way.

Yavuz goes to Hasmet and tells him that he was used as bait by Ali Riza to catch Numan. He is angry. Hasmet calls Ali Riza and warns him to stay away from Yavuz.

Halide buries herself in work. Her father and Ali Riza have broken her heart. She doesn’t want to come home from the clinic and have to face them.

Rasim and Fatih do a spot of gambling and end up in owing 200,000.

At Fusun’s apartment Murat is quiet and subdued. He loves Fusun very much. Fusun cannot stand Burak as he killed Ali Riza’s sister on her wedding day and it is hard for her to accept that he could become her family. Burak does not like the choice his brother has made in sticking up for Fusun. She has placed herself in between them and this might have repercussion for her down the track.

Burak finds it hard to be accepted in Ali Riza’s neighbourhood. The restaurants and bars refuse to serve him telling him that he is not welcome.

Ali Riza breaks into Numan’s warehouse where he stores all his stolen goods. Fatih eyes off the stolen goods and calculates their worth. You can see that he has the 200,000 debt on his mind.

Ali Riza is going to spread the news that Burak raided Numan’s warehouse. He believes that this news will flush Numan out of hiding and send him to look for Burak and to kill.

As Ali Riza had hoped, Numan receives the news that his warehouse has been raided. This makes him angry. He needs money. He calls Burak and threatens him. Burak promises him a bag full of money which he will send with Fiko.

Fiko leaves the house with the bag of money. Ferit follows Fiko and watches as he places it in a car left unattended in the street. He calls Ali Riza believing that the bag of money will now be taken to Numan. Ferit swaps the bags before Numan gets the opportunity to take the bag. When Numan gets the bag home and opens it he finds only paper.

Ferit alerts Ali Riza to where the bag has been taken and Ali Riza gets Hasan and his men and they attack Numan. Numan cannot identify his attackers but believes they are sent by Burak. Numan makes his escape thinking that Burak had betrayed him. He wants his revenge.

Meanwhile, Burak and Fiko know nothing of what is going on. In fact Burak has just picked a fight with Mert outside his house in the middle of the street. Burak gives Mert a Liverpool Kiss and knocks him out flat. His terrified mother takes him to Halide for medical care. Ali Riza hears about the attack and goes to the medical clinic to find his brother.

At home Melek is told that her daughter Derya is pregnant with Burak’s child. Melek has tried to tell Derya that she cannot marry Burak after she heard that he murdered her sister but she will not listen to her. Melek rings Hasmet and tells him that she has something to tell him. She leaves the house on a mission.

Hasmet welcomes Melek. Melek sits up close to him and tells him that she is going to help him heal the wound that he has carried about the death of his wife for many years. She tells him that when he hears what she has recorded on her phone he will understand. She presses the play button.

Ali Riza’s plan has worked. Numan comes looking for Burak. He is ready to kill. Unfortunately things backfire on Ali Riza when Halide goes to search of Burak and finds him at his apartment. Little does she know that Numan is on his way to kill Burak.

Halide meets Burak in the middle of the street outside his apartment. She warns him not to provoke the people in the neighbourhood and that he could have killed Mert.

At the same time Ali Riza turns up looking for Burak and they meet in the middle of the street.

Numan arrives and sees Burak and draws out his guns and charges up the street with both barrels blazing.

Unfortunately Halide stands in between both men and Numan shoots her. Both Burak and Ali Riza race to her side as she slides to the ground.

Once Numan sees Halide lying on the ground he makes a quick escape while Ali Riza and Burak bend over the stricken Halide.

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