Welcome to Episode 13 of Ariza.

Ali Riza has disobeyed Hasmet and become involved with Halide against his wishes. Both he and Halide have asked for Hasmet’s blessing in their relationship but he has refused. Hasmet now contemplates withdrawing his support to Ali Riza.

Uncle Muzaffer has spent many years in trying to destroy the Syndicate and Ali Riza is the first person that has achieved this. Muzaffer plans to eliminate Hasmet if he exposes Ali Riza.

Burak on the other hand plans to take Ali Riza down by using Erol, Ahmet and Numan as his accomplices.

Fuat Ersoylu finds the cook who poisoned Cabir’s brother. The cook eventually tells him that it was Muzaffer who organised the poisoning.

Muzaffer is alerted that Fuat Ersoylu knows the Secret Service had something to do with the poisoning of Cabir’s brother and he investigates further. Fuat has become suspicious of Ali Riza and tells Hasmet so. Hasmet tells him to continue his investigations and if they reveal that Ali Riza is a traitor then Hasmet will eliminate him himself.

Erol, Ahmet and Ali Riza meet at the Taxi Stand. They bring a bag of protection money. They tell Ali Riza that the Syndicate has moved into the racket of protection money and soon there will not be even a coffee shop that will not be paying them. They tell him that they will collect the money and take their share and give him the rest for him to take to the Syndicate.

Hearing police sirens in the distance they burn the money in front of him knowing that now he has to go back to the Syndicate and tell them he failed in his job. It really is a threatening move by Erol and Ahmed toward Ali Riza testing him with their power. The Syndicate has never had any trouble with Erol and Ahmed previously so Ali Riza believes that somebody is behind them and his guess is Burak Ersoylu.

Hasmet has had a good talk to Halide. His most concern is that she could be placed in danger if Ali Riza follows the path that he is on. Hasmet would even retire more from the Syndicate if Ali Riza would also retire from his pathway of revenge. Halide tells her dad that Ali Riza will not stop his pursuit of the Syndicate because of his sister’s death.

Hasmet tells her that if he loved her enough he would do it. If they want his approval for their relationship this is the price that has to be paid.

Galip meets with Ali Riza at a casino owned by Sener who pays protection money to Erol and Ahmed. Ali Riza has to bring the bad news to Galip and Sehmuz that Erol and Ahmed burnt their money in front of him. Ali tells them that he would have happily shot them in the head but he knew that Galip and Sehmuz had sent them. Sehmuz tells Ali Riza that he will have to teach them a lesson. Although they burnt the money Ali Riza will have to show them that they cannot get away with it and thereby earn their respect.

Meanwhile, Murat tells his father that he wants to marry Fusun. Fuat is more than happy to accept the marriage if Fusun will agree to sign a pre-nuptial agreement stating that she will not ask for any money should the marriage fail and they divorce.

Muzaffer identity has been exposed by the cook although they only know him by name. The cook told Fuat that a bald headed man in his fifties gave him the order to poison Cadir’s brother. Muzaffer now has to cover his tracks and try and stop Fuat from finding him. Fuat knows that the man worked for the State, so Muzaffer comes up with a look alike who was in prison. Muzaffer has a plan in mind which could throw Fuat off his trail.

Muzaffer’s plan is put into action by first allowing Fuat to believe he has found his man. Fuat interrogates him and is told that Hasan paid money to have Cadir’s brother poisoned. Since Hasan is Ali Riza’s right hand man Fuat can only think that Ali Riza gave the order as he said he did. Muzaffer’s plan seems to have worked.

Halide has her clinic ready for patients. She tells Ali Riza what her father said . Ali Riza has to tell her that he cannot give up on his revenge but he will find a way to show her father that he can protect her and do his job at the same time.

Meanwhile, Halide tells Ali Riza’s mother that she loves Ali Riza and her father does not approve. His mother feels sure that Halide’s father will change his mind over time.

Hasmet even visits Ali Riza’s mother. He tells her that he cannot allow their children to be together because of the dangerous path that Ali Riza has decided to take. Rukiye understands the worry Hasmet has for his daughter but she knows that Ali Riza will not stop what he is doing and Halide will not stop loving him. Hasmet asks Rukiye to persuade Ali Riza to give up on Halide.

Ali Riza is given files which contain the names of every person working for the Syndicate. They are brought to him by Sabri, Rifki and Mithat’s right hand man. Ali Riza has all their support but he tells them that Numan is out there and he will give them trouble.

Burak continues to hassle Ali Riza in his own neighbourhood. He makes it his business to throw dirt in their faces at every opportunity. He continues to manipulate Numan encouraging him to kill Ali Riza and is involved with Erol and Ahmed who have hired Ali Riza’s brother-in-law Rasim, to help them launder their dirty money.

At the Casino, Burak and Fiko try to get Sener to betray Galip. Sener doesn’t want anything to do with Burak and tells him that he will not go against Galip. Burak tries to get him to change his mind by having Numan make a hit on the casino that evening.

Burak knows the system and knows that it won’t be long before Galip calls for Ali Riza to take revenge for what Numan has done. Burak is right, the Syndicate orders Ali Riza to find Numan and who it is who gives him his orders.

Meanwhile, Derya and Burak draw closer together. Derya has told Burak that she loves him and they share a kiss and embrace. They even spend the night together in each others arms, the only problem is Burak calls Halide’s name in his sleep. After his obsessive desire for Halide he now finds that he has complicated his life by sleeping with Derya,

Yavuz is Hasmet’s man and he is brought to face Ali Riza. They didn’t like each other. Yavuz is a loyal servant to Hasmet and Erol and Ahmed have been trying to persuade Yavuz to join them. Ali Riza believes that Yavuz will be betrayed by Erol and Ahmed and they will try to kill him and blame his death on Ali Riza. It turns out that Ali Riza is right and a hit on Yavuz is organised for that very same night.

Meanwhile, Fuat entertains Melek who is Mithat’s wife and Halide’s aunt. Mithat has gone overseas and has not been seen for a while. Mithat has told her to record any meetings that she has with Fuat for when he gets back. Melek sets her mobile phone to record as their conversation begins.

They are disturbed by an angry Murat who enters the room and demands to speak with his father. Melek has to leave the room and leaves her phone continues to record. Murat is angry with his father for wanting a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up for Fusun. To show his son that he means what he says Fuat has a contract drawn up and gives it to his son. Murat’s response is to tear the contract up in front of his father. Fuat threatens to disinherit him if he gets married without a contract.

Fuat has pushed his son too far. Murat tells him that he does not want his money. Murat raises his voice and accuses his father of making his son’s murder for money. One such example was when they murdered Halide’s mother and her siblings. Murat looks his father in the eyes and tells him that he made him murder his best friend. He also made Burak murder the mother and brother of the woman he loved.

Fuat tels him to shut up and even threatens his own son with death if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. Murat tells his father that he wakes up with the same nightmare each night and he cannot hurt him any more than he has. He walks out of the house.

Fuat finishes his meeting with Melek. Melek herad the raised voices and can see that Fuat is very agitated. She hurriedly goes to her purse and takes out her mobile phone and listens to the recording. What she hears is devastating. She hears Murat accuse his father of having Melek’s sister and Halide’s mother and siblings murdered. Melek falls to the ground in shock.

Meanwhile, Yavuz is in his car and being followed by Ali Riza. Numan and his gang try to ambush him but Ali Riza saves his life. Numan makes a run for it on foot with Ali Riza chasing after him.

Ali Riza shoots Numan in the leg but before he can do anything else he is captured by a group of men who look like armed forces.

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