Welcome to Episode 12 of Ariza.

Ali Riza is caught setting fire to the drugs. The drugs belonging to Sehmuz and were destroyed.
Sehmuz is mighty angry to see 20 Million Lire go up in smoke. Ali Riza tells him that he will explain the reason why he did what he did at the Syndicate meeting.

Numan is in partnership with Burak. Burak is using Numan to help him get back at the Syndicate for firing him. Numan works only for money but Burak is deep into revenge for what the Syndicate and Ali Riza have done to him. Burak sends Numan into hiding as Ali Riza is after him.

The Syndicate gather to hear what Ali Riza has to say. He tells them that he had no choice as the police were coming and he and Sehmuz would have been caught. He blames Numan for stealing the drugs. The Syndicate order Ali Riza to find Numan and bring him to the Syndicate for punishment. Sehmuz is ordered to find out who the buyer was. The Syndicate thought they knew every buyer and seller but now they think they must have new competition.

Luckily this time Ali Riza gets out of trouble. Hasmet tells him that the road he has taken is a dirty road and the Syndicate will be unforgiving if he makes a mistake. Ali Riza cannot give up on the standards he holds that makes him who he is. Hasmet makes sure he understands that the Syndicate will always test his loyalty and try to find his weakness. That is why he does not want Ali Riza to be involved with Halide as she will become his weakness.

It has become obvious that Halide has fallen in love with Ali Riza and he with her. Halide’s face beams with happiness. The only thing or person who could change this happiness is her father.
Halide wants to tell him that she and Ali Riza love each other but selecting the right time is awkward.

That evening Ali Riza sits with Hasan. Hasan can see that Ali Riza is quiet and thoughtful.

He asks him to share his problem. Ali Riza responds and tells him that it is Hasmet Aga.
Ali understands that Hasmet loves his daughter and she is all he has in the world but Ali Riza’s heart does not understand when he is told not to get involved with Halide and to leave her alone. If he doesn’t back off Hasmet has told him that he will remove his support with regard to getting revenge for his sister death.

Hasan advises him to speak to Halide and tell her the trouble he is having with Hasmet even if it makes her upset. At least they can solve the problem together.

Meanwhile at home with her father, Halide can see that he is sad and asks him to sit down with her.

Halide can see that her father is not excited about her new venture in the Medical Clinic. She tells him that for the first time since her mother and siblings died she is excited about the future, but when she sees her father she feels like she is doing something wrong.

Hasmet tells her that he only wants her happiness. What he doesn’t tell her is that he wants that happiness to be without Ali Riza as being with him could place her life in danger.

Out on the street Ali Riza meets up with Uncle Muzaffer. Ali Riza is told that Fuat is investigating his military records. Since the burning of the drugs Fuat has been suspicious of Ali Riza. Uncle Muzaffer wants Ali Riza not to draw too much attention to himself. Burak has moved into his neighbourhood and will try to provoke him.

Ali Riza is trying to find Numan but he finds he has gone underground. He takes a drive into Numan’s neighbourhood and raids his headquarters. He tells his men that Numan had better meet with him by the end of the day or he will return and burn down his neighbourhood. He sets up surveillance outside Numan’s headquarters.

Melek tells Hasmet that she wants to divorce Mithat. She has been staying at Hasmet’s house since Derya was kidnapped. Melek really does not want to divorce her husband but is using the situation to weave her way into Hasmet’s household. Melek confides with her husband that Halide is madly in love with Ali Riza and Hasmet is not happy about it.

Burak unselfishly offers Fusun and Murat the engagement ring that he was going to give to Halide. Murat asks Fusun if she will marry him and she accepts.

Burak is making himself known to the inhabitants of Ali riza’s neighbourhood. He has bought football jerseys and footballs for the local children’s football team. He is ordered by Ali Riza to stay away from the children. This warning is not taken lightly by Burak.

At the Medical Clinic, Halide is ready to open the doors. She has the named the Clinic in honour of Ali Riza’s dead sister, The Nihan Altay Solidarity Organisation taking into consideration that the clinic is a non-profit organisation. This decision is deeply moving for Ali Riza. He is drawn even closer to Halide for her thoughtfulness and consideration to him and his family.

Mithat decides to use the information he has about Halide and Ali Riza and stir up Hasmet. Mithat tells him that gossip has reached him that Ali Riza will soon be his son-in-law. This information raises the hairs on the back of Hasmet’s neck. He calls for Hasan to be brought to him.

Meanwhile, Burak visits Erol and asks him to join him against his father and the Syndicate. He produces Numan who has been in hiding and tells him that they will have Numan joining them. The offer is accepted and they will join Burak in fighting against Ali Riza.

Fuat has a meeting with Ali Riza. He asks Ali Riza to watch over Burak seeing he is living in his neighbourhood. This is a big ask for Ali Riza seeing he has promised Burak that he will put a bullet between his eyes.

At the Hasmet residence Hasan has arrived for his meeting with Hasmet about Ali Riza and Halide. Hasmet tells Hasan that Ali Riza nearly exposed himself at the last Syndicate meeting and he has begun not to do as he tells him. Hasmet knows that he is also working for the State. Hasmet tells him that he will not be able to support him if he continues.

He asks Hasan to go back and tell Ali Riza in plain language he is in danger of being exposed and Hasmet might just be the man to expose him.

The family of Ali Riza is oblivious to that fact that Rasim, Ali Riza’s brother is being interviewed by Erol after he partnered up with Burak and Numan. Erol employs Rasim to launder illegal money for his business and Rasim will get 3% of the money he launders. Not knowing who Erol is in association with Ali Riza and the Syndicate he accepts the job.

Ali Riza is waiting for Numan to contact him as he asked but he doesn’t show. He has Ramco follow his men. They stop at a transport depot. Ali Riza goes in and finds Numan there. It is hoped that it isn’t a trap. As he gets deeper into the depot he can hear Numan telling his men that Ali Riza thought he burnt the drugs but it was only packages of flour.

Ali Riza can see that Numan has Ramco as his hostage. A gun fight breaks out and the trap backfires on Numan and he has to run for his life.

Meanwhile, Hasan has returned from seeing Hasmet Aga and he is not a happy man. He asks to speak with Ali Riza alone. Hasan wants to know who he is working with. Ali Riza won’t tell him as he tells him he is nobody’s snitch nor is he anybodies servant. He explains that he has been given the opportunity to clean up the swamp of drugs and dirty money that is organised through the Syndicate and at the same time taking his revenge for his sister’s murder.

Ali Riza tells Hasan that he is still the same Ali Riza that he has always known. He hasn’t changed. Hasan tells him that it is not him that he has to convince but rather Hasmet Aga. After losing his wife and two children Hasmet will not let his only child go easily. Hasmet threatened Ali Riza today by telling Hasan that he would sell Ali Riza out to protect his daughter.

Ali Riza leaves Hasan and arrives at Hasmet home. He tells Hasmet that he has asked Halide to join him and they will speak with him together.

Fuat continues his investigation of Ali Riza. He now concentrates on who could be helping him with inside information. He decides to look for the cook who worked inside the prison and poisoned Cadir’s brother. Rifki is asked to find him.

It is not long before Rifki finds the cook. Fuat joins him at the front door of his house. They knock on the door and step inside. Fuat is direct and asks how he knows Ali Riza. Rifki holds a gun to his head to help him provide the right answer. The cook tells him that he doesn’t know anyone called Ali Riza. Fuat then asks him who it was who asked him to poison Cadir’s brother. (We will have to wait to next week to see what his answer is.)

Meanwhile, Halide joins Hasmet and Ali Riza. Ali Riza tells Halide in front of her father that Hasan had told him that there is nothing that Hasmet Aga would not do for his daughter so he takes Halide’s hand in his and they stand together and face Hasmet and tell him that they love each other and they want his blessing.

There will be no blessing from Hasmet. He stands up and threateningly looks Ali Riza in the eyes.
Hasmet had warned him not to get involved with Halide. He tells Ali Riza that he is now responsible for whatever happens from now on.

Halide can see her father’s anger in his face as he looks at Ali Riza. It is a look that could kill!




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