Welcome to Episode 10 of Ariza.

Ali Riza has arrived just in time to stop Cadir killing his brother.

Surprisingly Burak turns up with machine guns. He has had a whisper of hope from Halide that she would consider marrying him if he saved Ali Riza’s life. Unfortunately Burak arrives as Ali Riza is leaving with his critically injured brother who he takes immediately to hospital.

Cadir is not finished yet with young Mert. He plans to turn up at the hospital and finish what he started.

Burak calls Halide and tells her that he kept his promise and saved Ali Riza life. He also expects her to keep her bargain. He has an expensive set of jewellery to give her complete with engagement ring.

Ali Riza has no idea that Halide had approached Burak and asked him to protect Ali Riza. He has noticed a change in character in Burak. Halide has not been able to gather the strength to tell Ali Riza that she was the reason that Burak was being so kind to him.

Ali Riza finds out that Uncle Muzaffer is also in the same hospital. He tells Ali Riza that Cadir will not stop looking for them and to be prepared that he will turn up at the hospital soon. The Secret Service has been trying to capture Cadir for many years and he sees this as the perfect opportunity to get him.

Just as Uncle Muzaffer predicted Cadir enters the hospital dressed as a doctor. He doesn’t get very far and is captured by Ali Riza. Ali Riza gets great satisfaction in beating Cadir.

Cadir is interrogated by Ali Riza and told that if he helps Ali Riza take down Burak Ersoylu then he will be offered imprisonment in Turkey rather than the USA.

At the Syndicate meeting Sehmuz and Galip arrive agitated at having attempts made on their lives by Cadir. By the look on Ali Riza’s face you are led to believe that it has all been part of his plan.

There is pressure on Mithat and Fuat to get rid of Cadir .

Cadir tells the Syndicate that he wants the man who killed Salman Aga. If they turn over this man to him then he tells them he will back off. We know that Burak killed Salman Aga and stole his guns but whether Fuat will give him his son as compensation is another thing.

Burak waits for Halide on the street outside her house. He lights her name up in flames in the middle of the street. He gets down on one knee and presents her with an engagement ring.

Halide quickly douses his burning fire with a fire extinguisher. She will not accept his proposal.

Meanwhile at the Syndicate meeting, Sehmuz and Galip are not happy with Burak. They are told that Burak has been operating without permission of the Syndicate. They become suspicious that Burak may also have been responsible for the destruction of Cadir’s guns. If this is the case it would be seen as a betrayal of the partnership and this would not be forgiven. Little do any of them know that Fuat and Burak were both involved.

On the way home from the meeting, Hasmet tells Ali Riza that the situation they find themselves in is very dangerous. The syndicate is disintegrating and its members will turn into enemies and will attack each other.

Burak tells his father that the only way they can get out of trouble is to kill both Sehmuz and Galip. He begs his father to let him do it.

Sehmuz and Galip on the other hand want to put the pressure on Burak to own up to destroying the guns. Then they can punish him.
Ali Riza and Uncle Muzaffer can see that their plan is working to split the Syndicate down the middle but there is still some way to go.

Meanwhile, Ali Riza and Halide take a moment to sit together at the waters edge. Halide tells Ali Riza that she will not be taking up the new medical position in Geneva. She tells him that she has already made up her mind to open a clinic in Ali Riza’s neighbourhood instead. This news makes him very happy.

Prior to leaving on his mission to give himself up to Cadir, Ali Riza had promised Halide that he would share his feelings for her after she declared her love for him. At this moment they both feel shy as if they were teenagers on a first date.

As fate would have it, just as the conversation was getting personal and meaningful, Halide’s phone rings and the call is from Burak. Ali Riza is quick to pick up her phone and tell him that Halide will not be speaking with him any more. Burak is just as quick to tell Ali Riza that Halide will be marrying him because she made a deal with him to save his life.

This is the worst news that Ali Riza could have received. He pictures in his mind Halide begging Burak to save his life. His pride is hurt. He does not see that Halide had sacrificed herself to try and save his life. In a way she has now placed both their lives in danger as Burak will not back down and neither will Ali Riza. Their raised emotions lead to a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile two beauticians arrive at Mithat’s heavily guarded home. Unfortunately for Derya they were not there to give her a manicure but to kidnap her. Derya is folded into a suitcase and under the noses of the security guards she is wheeled out of the house.

Mithat points the blame at Fuat and Burak for his daughter’s kidnapping. If burak had not destryed the guns they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in.

When Murat finds out about the kidnapping he panics as Fusun has left the house without him. He knows that Cadir is out there just waiting to grab her. He leaves the house also to go after her and places himself in even greater danger. Fusun turns up at the Taxi Stand at the same time Murat does. A black van approaches and armed men drag Murat into their van. Fusun is left watching as the car speeds away. She blames herself for placing him in danger.

Tension builds between Burak and Ali Riza. Burak can feel that Ali Riza just might win the hand of the woman he loves. He is moved to tears with frustration over the thought of it.

Fuat meanwhile has found the location of Cadir’s hideout and hopes he is not too late to save Derya and Murat. As they arrive gunshots and calls for help are heard from deep within the woods. They find Murat and Derya tied hand and foot.

Murat tells the story that as they were about to be killed Ali Riza turns up and saves their lives. Ali Riza then chases Cadir as he makes his escape to the ocean.

As they arrive at the boat ramp they can see Ali Riza chasing Cadir with a gun in his hand. Cadir gets into the getaway boat . Fuat, Mithat and Burak watch as Ali Riza shoots him and he falls into the ocean.

Later that afternoon Uncle Muzaffer gets a call from the Secret Service confirming that they had picked Cadir up out of the water. The whole kidnapping event was only a trick. Cadir had played a game for them all. He will now be spending time as a guest of the Turkish government.

Mithat has had a lesson on fear. He feels lucky to have his daughter back safe and sound and the threat of Cadir is over. Burak had placed all their lives in danger. Mithat believes that if it wasn’t for Ali Riza they would all have been killed by Cadir. He doesn’t feel that Burak should be viewed as the future head of the Syndicate.

In their car on the way to the Syndicate meeting, Hasmet and Ali Riza discuss the outcome of today’s events. Hasmet tells Ali Riza that Fuat and Mithat will show their great appreciation for what Ali Riza has done and they will honour him but because they cannot prove that Burak was involved in the destruction of the guns, he will get away with it and nothing will change.

Just as Hasmet anticipated, Ali Riza was praised for his actions in killing Cadir. Fuat sticks up for his son and tells them there is no proof that Burak was to blame for the destruction of the guns.
Unfortunately , Sehmuz has a personal recording of Burak’s telling him that he responsible for destroying his guns.

Fuat has nowhere to turn now, he has his back against the wall. The Syndicate now has to deliver his punishment. Fuat knows only too well that betrayal of the partnership carries a heavy penalty, even if it is his own son. He asks the Syndicate to be aware that Burak did make a mistake but he did not betray the Syndicate. Betrayal means death.

Fuat places the decision on Hasmet. Hasmet believes that it was a lack of discipline, stupidity, ambition and arrogance by Burak but he cannot say that it was treason.

Mithat believes that Ali Riza’s reward for saving his daughter should be as important as Burak’s punishment.

Fuat casts his son’s punishment down upon him. He is to be stripped of all duties and ties with the powerful Syndicate.

Burak accepts his punishment he looks at Ali Riza. He believes that Ali Riza has set him up. He looks at Ali Riza and tells him that he will make him pay for what he has done. He turns to the Syndicate and tells them that he will make them eat their words.

Burak is escorted from the meeting. His head is lowered with embarrassment and shame.

The Syndicate supports a motion that Ali Riza will be rewarded and given Burak’s position and asked if he can do the job.

Ali Riza and Hasmet gaze at each other. They have been successful in what they set out to do. Ali Riza has risen to the top of the Syndicate. His words to them are, “I’ll show you all how sharp the sword is very soon”.




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