Welcome to Episode 10 of Ariza.

This week commences with Burak who has been stripped of his duties representing the Syndicate. He is made to leave his fathers house. He and Fiko hits the streets having to find somewhere to live. They are free to do whatever they want. Burak has sworn he is going to get back at Ali Riza and the Syndicate. He heads for the criminal neighbourhood belonging to Numan.

Ali Riza has been given Burak’s job and he accepts this happily after seeing the demise of Burak.
Fuat tells Ali Riza that they will be having a social event that evening introducing him to the wider mafia underground.

Derya clings to Burak and will support him whenever he needs it. She feels sorry for him now that he has been kicked out of home.

Uncle Muzaffer has been discharge from hospital. He is proud of Ali Riza for taking care of Cadir.

Burak arrives at Numans neighbourhood. He has to fight his way in his way through his men to be able to talk to him.

Numan doesn’t like Burak. He shot his brother. He has heard on the grapevine that Burak has been kicked out of the Syndicate. He wants to know why all of a sudden he has turned up on his doorstep. Burak tells him he wants to do business with him and he will pay him. To show him that he means what he says, Burak shoots himself in the hand.

In Ali Riza’s neighbourhood, his mother meets up with Halide. They have chosen to rent rooms for Halide to set a medical clinic. Ali Riza asks Halide for her choice of paint for the walls. She selects blue.

Halide is very excited about the opportunity to practice medicine again in an area that really needs her services. Ali Riza holds her close when she tells him she wants him always by her side.

Meanwhile, Fuat pays Murat a visit. He tells Murat that he feels there is something wrong with the way that Murat was kidnapped and how Ali Riza found him. He believes that Ali Riza may have planned the whole thing just to get his brother kicked out of the Syndicate. He wants him to use Fusun as a means to obtaining information about Ali Riza. Fuat asks Murat to look into who is behind Ali Riza. He believes he could not do what he does without secret help.

That evening the members of the Syndicate and mafia underground gather for the planned event. Halide looks beautiful in a long cream gown and Ali Riza cannot take his eyes off her.

All the guests have arrived and are welcomed by Fuat. Burak was not invited but Derya invites him. For the sake of family peace he is allowed to stay.

Dogun is one of the mafia underground guests, he tells Ali Riza that he will be loyal to him. Burak is filled with jealousy. Burak gives Dogan one of his evil glares which tells you that he hasn’t finished with Dogan yet.

Ali Riza is introduced into the Syndicate family and presented with gifts by each member. Fuat gives him a pen. The pen can be used as a death warrant or as protection for the person who’s name is written. Hasmet gives him a rosary of stone. This rosary indicates that Hasmet will stand behind him like a rock. Sehmuz gives him a watch and tells him that he can call him 24 hrs a day and he will be there. Galip gives him two dice and tells him that whichever table he sits at to gamble that he will never lose. Mithat gives him a ring. The ring is powerful. As long as he has the ring on his finger he will have enough money to buy whoever he wants and the power that comes with it.

The guests raise their glasses to Ali riza. Burak is eaten up with jealousy.

Halide is the only guest who doesn’t raise her glass to Ali Riza. She leaves the room instead. Ali Riza follows her as he can see she is angry. She is scared that he will change. He promises her he will remain the same.

Meanwhile, at the same time as the social event is taking place, a truck belonging to Sehmuz is seized on the road by a group of thugs. The truck heist has damaged Sehmuz’s reputation as a safe transporter of illegal goods. He is very worried about this.
Ali Riza is given the mission to find out who is behind the truck attack. He first visits Erol and Ahmet as they did not attend the expected mafia event in Ali Riza’s honour. If his investigations lead to Burak being involved he has the Syndicate permission to deal with him also.

Meanwhile, we return to Dogan who has left the event and is returning home in his car. He finds Burak waiting for him. He is attacked and killed and his body is taken into the woods.

Before Ali Riza can sort out the problem of the stolen truck he concentrates on the one face that warms his heart, Halide. He wants to show her that she is everything to him so he buys blue paint and goes to her clinic in the middle of the night and begins painting the walls.

When the painting is complete he takes Hasan and goes to find Erol and Ahmet. As he expected both men are mafia punks. They get pleasure out of tearing strips off a young girl. Ali sees the young girl running from the room crying. Ali Riza comes down heavily on them. He finds out they know nothing about the truck heist.

Burak and Fiko on purpose find accommodation in Ali Riza’s neighbourhood. Burak is in a bad way, he sees his reputation as being sullied. He tells Fiko that he has lost everything and Ali Riza has taken everything, even his woman. As a punishment Ali Riza and his family will be seeing him every day.

Halide is given a wonderful surprise when she opens the door to her new clinic that morning. Overnight Ali Riza has painted the entire place blue as she requested. A sign that he loves her and cares about what she is doing. A truck full of clinical furniture is also delivered to Halide as a gift from Ali Riza. Her clinic is fast becoming a reality. He completes the delivery with a potted orchid for her desk, a sign of his love.

Hasmet and Halide’s sister Melek check out the clinic and Hasmet eyes do not miss the potted orchid sent by Ali Riza. He can see that Ali Riza has gone to a lot of trouble getting the clinic ready for Halide. You can see that he begins to think that there is an attraction there between the two.

Hasmet calls for Ali Riza to meet him at home. Hasmet has been agitated after leaving Halide at the clinic. He tells Ali Riza that he has done a lot for his daughter without asking him first. The word will get around and his closeness to Halide is enough to place her life in danger. He tells Ali Riza that he does not want him around Halide any more and if he wants to continue he will have to stop his ascent to the top of the Syndicate. This is nearly an impossible decision for Ali Riza.

His conversation with Hasmet leaves Ali Riza emotional and upset. The choice is too hard .

Burak meets with Numan who tells him that the drugs from the truck were worth 20 Million Lire. Burak wants Numan to help him bring down Sehmuz. Burak also wants to let Ali Riza’s neighbourhood know that their respected Ali Riza is a hit man for the mafia.

At the medical clinic Halide gets a visit from Burak. She tells him to leave her alone but he is not going to do that in a hurry. He tells her that she has left him with a broken heart. She treats an injury on his hand and at the same time tells him he should take the opportunity now that he is out of the Syndicate to start a new life.

Numan’s men begin the job of destroying Ali Riza’s reputation his neighbourhood. Drugs are distributed as a gift to young people with a message telling them that Ali Riza has now joined the mafia. After capturing two of Numan’s men and beating them Ali Riza finds out that the drugs came from Numan.

Burak makes sure that he turns up at the Taxi Stand to rub into Ali Riza that he now lives in his neighbourhood.

The two men who distributed the drugs were placed in the boot of Ali Riza’s car. He leaves Burak and his big mouth and drives to Numan’s neighbourhood.

Ali Riza sits across the table from Numan. Ali Riza tells Numan that he will only speak with him once. He is to stop distributing drugs in his neighbourhood and he either kisses his hand or he dies. The choice is his.

Ali walks away and tells Hasan that Numan will immediately be on the telephone telling the person who is paying Numan that Ali Riza has paid him a visit. As he suspected Numan gets straight on the phone to Burak. It is not going to be easy convincing Fuat that his son attacked the truck.

Meanwhile, Halide turns up at the Taxi Stand to thank Ali for painting her clinic. She can tell that something is bothering him. She takes a guess it is her father. She wants to go to her father and tell him that she loves Ali Riza but he begs her to give him a little more time so that they can go together. He tells her that he only wished the problem was only her father but there are others.

Meanwhile, Murat tells his brother that he is going to meet with Ali Riza in the morning.

Numan leaves his neighbourhood and is followed to a depot by Fatih in his taxi. Ali Riza is notified. Numan has been told by Burak that buyers for the drugs are coming and they will be there soon.

Sehmuz has contacted Ali Riza and he tells him that he knows where the drugs are being held. Ali Riza tells him that he also has found the location and he will handle it . Sehmuz tells Ali Riza that he will meet him at the location and they will retrieve the drugs together and punish the offenders.

Ali Riza cannot wait for Sehmuz as he wants to destroy the drugs. While Fatih keep the guards occupied at the front door, Ali Riza comes in the back door. There is a gun fight as Numan’s men and Ali Riza’s shoot it out. Numan escapes.

Before Sehmuz arrives Ali Riza wants to set fire to the drugs.

Ali Riza holds a lighter over the barrels of drugs just as Sehmuz walks into the warehouse.

Sehmuz and his men draw their guns aiming at Ali Riza. Ali Riza stands with the lighter in his hand. He looks at them directly in the face and drops the lighter. The barrel goes up in flames.




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