Welcome to the brand new series of Ariza.

The series is Directed by Recal Karagoz with Producers Erdal Bali and Cengiz Cagatay. The main actors include Tolga Saritas who plays Ali Riza, Ayca Aysin Turan who is Halide and the wonderful actor Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan taking on the character of Hasmet Gurkan, Halide’s father.

Our first episode begins with Ali Riza driving in the rain. It is dark and as he drives you can hear his voice as he quotes, “The one who wants to get revenge should dig two graves. One for his enemy and one for himself,” and “Until this fire was lit in my heart, I was an ordinary taxi driver.”

Ali Riza alites at a large home surrounded by security guards. After attacking and disabling the guards and relieving them of their weapons, Ali makes his way into the house where he finds Burak Ersoylu. Ali takes his pistol and places it in the face of Burak. His voice echoes words going around in his mind, “I am Ali Riza and today I am going to kill the son of the biggest mafia boss in Istanbul.”

Our episode then goes back in time to 15 days earlier. It is a time when Ali Riza’s family are happily preparing for the wedding of Ali’s sister Nihan to her long time boyfriend Ferit . The family is happy and Ali is very devoted to his younger sister and mother.

The family also prepares to welcome Mert who is Ali’s younger brother who has recently been discharged from the army.

Ali Riza works as a Taxi Driver for his close family friend Hasan who also owns the taxi service. Ali’s sisters wedding will be held across the road from the Taxi Stand and right on the ocean esplanade. Uncle Muzaffer who is like a father to Ali has donated chairs and tables for the event. Ali holds him in great respect as an old friend of his dead father.

Fuat Ersoylu (who is a mafia boss in Istanbul) invites Hasmet Gurkan (who was once his right hand man before he retired) and his daughter Halide, to a birthday function for Hasmet. The function is to be held at his home. Hasmet is ageing and truely adores his daughter Halide. Halide is a doctor and has worked outside of Istanbul for the past few years but now has returned to visit her father on his birthday.

Earlier in Halide’s life she was involved in a car incident which killed her mother and her two brothers. Halide has trauma associated with that incident and the infinity sign has a strong impact on her memory of her mother and the incident. She was wearing the necklace the day of the incident and has not seen it since that day.

Fuat Ersoylu has two sons, both are violent. The elder son is Murat a traumatised man who drinks heavily and lives on the edge. Fuat’s youngest son is Burak who also behaves in a psychopathic manner. Murat and Burak are protected by Fikret as their body guard. Burak has been in love with Halide for some time and is going to use the birthday function as a means to propose to her.

Ali has a female interest in the form of Fusun. Fusun’s character is played by Dilara Aksuyek from Istanbullu Gelin fame. Fusun makes no apologies for liking Ali and hopes to share his future.

Halide is met at the airport by her father Hasmet Gurkan. He clearly adores his daughter. Halide has flown to Istanbul to join her father in celebrating his birthday and to attend the function to be given by Fuat Ersoylu.

That evening all the guests gather at Fuat’s mansion. Burak has his eyes on Halide and corners her in the lounge room privately. The party so far had been uneventful but it now takes a turn for the worst when Burak makes his play for Halide. He firstly presents her with floor plans of a major medical centre he is building and which he wants Halide to direct. He also goes further reaching for the engagement ring in his pocket. Halide can see that Burak is about to declare his feelings for her and quickly stops him from continuing. She declines his offer of being the Director of his new medical centre and tells him, “No thanks.”

Halide overhears a conversation Burak has with his brother Murat. She hears that Burak has had her followed and has even scared off a doctor who was in love with her. Halide cannot believe what she hears. She tells Burak that he has lost any chance of being with her and hurriedly leaves the party.

Burak does not take Halide’s rebuff easily. He switches from his pleasant demeanour to his other schizophrenic nature. He is uncontrolled and hits himself in the head many times in his anger.

Halide makes her way out of the mansion gates and walks over to Ali Riza and his taxi. Halide makes her way over to his taxi to make her escape. Burak, who is not going to take “NO” for an answer , chases her and tries to drag her out of the taxi. Ali steps in and protects her and a violent fight breaks out resulting in Burak and his body guards being soundly beaten by Ali.

Ali Riza drives Halide to the Taxi Stand where he treats her wounds. Hasan serves them tea. Halide is most grateful for Ali Riza’s help but she is honest with him and tells him that Burak has probably never been beaten before and he is not the type of person to let it go. She warns him that he will find out where he lives and come after him.

Meanwhile Burak sits at home and broods on the embarrassment of being beaten by Ali Riza and Halide’s rejection of his proposal. The more he thinks about it the angrier he becomes. He certainly is not going to let the incident rest.

A video showing Burak being slapped and beaten by Ali Riza is spread on social media. The video finds its way to Burak’s mobile phone where he realises that his embarrassing beating is being openly viewed by all. He gets Fikret to find out where Burak lives. He wants revenge. He wants Ali Riza dead.

Ali Riza is told by his friend Hasan that beating the son of Fuat Ersoylu can mean that there is trouble heading his way. He warns Ali not to walk around by himself. Ali tells him that the only thing on his mind at present is his sisters wedding.

Ali Riza’s home is buzzing. At Ali Riza’s home, the family welcome Mert home after his time in the army. Ali does not share with his family about what happened on the road that evening but rather joins his family in the excitement of the upcoming wedding. The wedding festivities continue for Nihan and Ferit and Ali proudly gives his sister into the care and protection of his friend Ferit, just as a father would do.

The fight video also reaches Halide and as soon as she sees its content she leaves to find Ali and to warn him of the coming danger. She finds him happily waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at a wedding reception. Halide is invited to stay.

Halide is not the only person to hear about the wedding taking place that evening. Burak has come to know where Ali Riza works as a taxi driver. He has also heard that a family wedding is about to take place and he has plans to gate crash the wedding. His goal is to grab or kill Ali Riza.

Ali happily enjoys his sisters wedding with Halide by his side as his guest. Halide can see how very close Ali is to his sister. She watches while he dances with Nihan cherishing every moment. Nihan thanks her brother for taking care of the family all these years since their father died.

As the bride and groom celebrate on the dance floor Burak arrives in two black cars. Ali Riza sees Burak and his men get out of the cars. He has no fear and confronts Burak as to his intentions. Burak is not going to be put off. He warns Ali that he should not have got involved.

Hasan the owner of the taxi stand backs up Ali and Halide with men from the wedding. They come armed with wooden bats except Hasan who draws his flick knife. A fight breaks out and Burak draws his gun and fires into the wedding party. The bullet misses Ali Riza and strays into the wedding party hitting Nihan on the dance floor.

The first Ali knows about the incident is when he hears screaming coming from the wedding. Ali turns to see his sister with a bullet hole in her chest. The red stain of blood building against the pure white of her wedding dress.

Although Halide is a doctor there could be nothing she could do for Nihan. She dies on the dance floor surrounded by her loved ones.

Nihan is buried in a solemn funeral service. Her brothers, her husband and Hasan carry her casket to her resting place.

A meeting with Hasmet Gurkan (Halide’s father), Fuat Ersoylu (Burak’s father) and Fuat’s brother s is held to discuss the unfortunate event and the killing of Nihan. Burak has been arrested for the murder.

Hasmet Gurkan lost the lives of not only his wife but his two sons in a car shooting that so traumatised Halide. Fuat tells Hasmet that the son of a man that he killed has returned to Istanbul. Hasmet at the time of the shooting spared the life of his son. The name of the dead man was Recep. The son of Recep is Sadi who has vowed to claim his inheritance back from Hasmet. Hasmet reminds Fuat that he did not take his inheritance from him but in fact Fuat was the one who benefitted from taking his money and company after Recep’s death. Hasmet declares that unless Sadi wants blood then the issue is none of his business and does not concern him any more.

Later that day Ali Riza Altay arrives at the office of Fuat Ersoylu. Fuat is planning to plead not guilty in Court.

Ali enters his office to strongly question Fuat as to how much does he love his son. He tells Fuat that he loved his sister. He raised her. He was a father to her and he is not grieving as a brother. He warns Fuat that if his son does not pay the penalty for killing Nihan amd go to jail, then he will take the matter into his own hands.

Ali Riza warns Fuat that he isn’t there to threaten him but to give him a chance to save his son’s life and for Burak to pay for his crime. He tells him that if he wants Burak to live then he has to pay the price for his sister’s life.

Halide tries to show her sorrow with regard to Nihan’s murder. She shows up at Ali’s home only to be turned away by his family who blame her for the whole thing. Halide then makes her way to Hasan’s taxi stand consumed by guilt at what has happened. Hasan helps her guilty conscience by helping her to see you can’t stop destiny. A necklace in the shape of an infinity sign was found in the street and Hasan hangs it up on his key case not knowing who it belonged to.

In court Burak does not pay for his crime. He is set free and returns to his fathers home a free man. Fuat tells him that he is to remain at the house until the situation quietens down. He leaves Fikret and his guards to watch over him. Burak questions Fikret as to whether he was able to find a diamond necklace in the shape of the infinity sign which he lost at the shooting. His answer was no!

Burak cannot help himself. That evening Ali receives a phone call from him in a threatening voice. Burak tells Ali once more that he should have stayed out of the conflict and it wasn’t worth it and teases that he is a free man.

Ali cannot hold back any longer. He goes looking for Burak. Uncle Muzaffer helps him track down the address where the telephone call came from. Ali Riza understands that Uncle Muzaffer has an underworld history and knows that he will help him.

At the taxi stand Halide sees the infinity diamond necklace hanging on the key rack. She wonders how the necklace came to be hanging there. This was the same necklace that Burak was looking for at the wedding site. No one is aware that Burak dropped the necklace showing that he must have had some involvement in the shooting of her family. The last time she saw that necklace was at the time of the shooting. At this time Halide was sitting in the back seat of the car with her mother and she was wearing the necklace. Their car was attacked by masked and armed men and her mother and brothers were assassinated before her eyes but she was left alive. The assailant ripped Halide’s necklace from her neck. The trauma and memories are still haunting her every day.

Our episode now has moved forward 15 days. Ali Riza has now found out the address that Burak resides in. He breaks into his home and systematically takes down each and every security guard including Fikret. He does not kill them but wounds them, especially those who were at the wedding and who were directly involved in giving evidence for Burak.

He then makes his way into the house and confronts Burak. Ali holds a gun to his face and tells him that he should have settled for the prison. You hear a gun shot!




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