Successful footballer was born in 1987  in Istanbul and originally was from Edirne, his mother is Yuksel Turan his father is Adnan Turan, he has a brother Okan Turan. He started playing football at the age of 8 where his father was the club chairman “Altintepsi Makelspor”.His passion to football made him became a famous footballer at a very young age.

Arda Turan first played in Galatasaray’s youth team for 4-5 years and eventhough he was so young he managed to play in national team. He made a huge success and score 19 goals within 77 matches he was played in. He score his first goal againts Uruguay. The footballer managed to play in Galatasaray’s main team but however he couldn’t play for so long beacuse lack of experience and played in Manisa sport. Next season he was experienced enough so he got back to Galatasaray. In 2011 Arda Turan transferred to  one of the best teams of Spain which is Atletico Madrid for 13 million Euros.

Arda Turan’s love life was full of controversy , he had a relationship in 2009 with Sinem Kobal (actrees) and got engaged in 2011 with her but unfortunately they broke up in 2012. Arda Turan also known for his fierce behaviour as a matter of fact he once threw his crampon to the first referee. In total he scored 83 goals in 436 matches.

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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