Born April 30th 1994
Engaged to Mesut Ozil

Amine was born in Sweden, her Mum is Turkish and her Dad is Iraqi. He was a discus thrower for Galatasaray Sports but then transferred to another club in Sweden. She has a brother Şahan, who also shares his sisters beautiful features.

She remained in Sweden until 2013, then moved to Turkey where she started modelling. Her break came when she entered Miss Turkey competition in 2014 and won. Her first big series was starring opposite Tolgahan Sayışman on the excellent series Asla Vazgecmem, it was a hit in its first season making her very popular. Her childhood dream was to become an air stewardess, but sadly at school she says she was excluded by her peer’s for her beauty. She has a tattoo with Ataturk’s words ” How happy is he who says Im a Turk ” She is engaged to German and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil, and has plans to soon marry. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, where she uploads photo’s regularly and its obvious she loves her brother and family and they are close. Her modelling shots are stunning.

I hope after she marries she continues to act in Turkey I loved her in Asla Vazgecmem, very beautiful and talented, lets hope we see her in future roles.

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Written By Rachel Labidi


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