Born: September 12th, 1965

Status: Single

Ahmet was born in Ankara. After completing his primary and secondary school education he attended the Dept of Theatre at the Hacettepe University in 1989. He then worked at the Diyarbakir State Theatre from 1989 to 1993,  then went on to the roles of assistant director, art director, and consultant general manager in several State Theatres.
He mainly started acting on TV and in films from 1996. He was a founding member of the State Theatre Association ( DETIS ) he was the first elected President of DETIS and then went on to be the General Secretary. In 2006 he resigned from State Theatre.

In the grave of Nâzım Hikmet in Moscow ...

In his screen career, he has had many roles, in Soniz, Adini Sen Koy, but the first role in which he received recognition in Turkey was his role of Alexander in Leyla ile Mecnin. More recently he starred in Hayat Sirlari and of course Hayat Sarkisi, which is by far my favourite dizi ever, and a large part of this is Ahmet’s role in the series. His facial expressions, his delivery, his comic timing and his serious parts too were perfect. Even when reading some interviews he has given its hard not to laugh at the answers he gives.

Ahmet while collecting an award last month was asked about the future of films and series, he said that he thought the day will be coming when the internet will take over from TV.  He was also asked if he felt that Turkish people believe what they watch in series and movies…his reply “watching a drama, a documentary we need to know we’re watching. We’re not talking about a documentary, we’re talking about fiction. Of course, seriousness and responsibility is an entertainment product that you have to watch without forgetting. There is no new argument, a new historical truth; just drama and want to have a good time. You have history books if you want the full truth. There are documentaries. Look there. The adventure of cinema and television in certain processes goes with the conjunctions of the country. A need arises and he responds to the need sector. We’re imitating life. We put a magnifying glass on a section of life, we’re exaggerating it; cheering, saddening and presenting as a product. That’s the difference between reality. It is directly proportional to the adventure of the world or country. ” Great words!

Ahmet married Aycin Inci in 2007 and they have one daughter, Ayse, they divorced in 2012. In his spare time, he loves to listen to music, including pop. classical and folk music. He is active on social media with both Twitter and Instagram accounts, he has 103k Instagram followers..including me of course. He posts great images although not very often, mainly of what he likes with regards to art.

Ahmet is up there in my all-time favourite actors. He is amazing, extremely talented, and that cute face could get away with anything. I am so excited to see that he will be back on TV soon in the new series Halka. He will act alongside Serkan Cayoglu, Kaan Yildirim, Hande Ercel and Nezan Kesal. Promotional trailers for the series look great.


Written By – Rachel Labidi


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